About Me

Hello, name is _4_ , also known as "5j" "4__" and "Geniside"

Started playing minecraft cracked/unpaid yeaaaarssss ago. Finally bought premium after a couple years

I generally play on the Blocktopia (Now called "escaperestart") community servers

TycerX's server and a few others

Big MC Classic Fan. Been playing it since it was in its hayday mostly just "The-Golden-Apple" on classic, it's one of the oldest, if not THE oldest Classic server still up. Since Mojang doesnt care about classic most of the community is dead but there are still a few of us left!

Also played on the server "CerealCraft" which was also a classic server. Went by the username of "Geniside".

Many other servers....Most shutdown Lol

Location Numberland

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Minecraft _4_

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Skype thelifeofchrisg