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    Name (IGN/GT):Zyluss Hobbs
    Age: 15
    Location (timezone): PST
    Minecraft experience: Working on getting all achievements and have 3 survival worlds where I have slayed the ender dragon on my own
    Why you want to join: This server seems more professinal then most of the servers I have played on
    How you'd contribute I have a few tricks with interior decorating

    How often will u be on About every weekend

    Also please pick 2 jobs you would like. Adventurer or Builder

    (P.s.) No mic

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    posted a message on The3rd *Accepting all players*

    About: I'm starting a clan that will cleanse all MCPE servers of good builds without hesitation.

    Why: I just want to grief.

    Rules 1. Be friendly to other 3rd memebers 2. Any memeber who is not listed on the memebers list but claims to be a memeber KOS 3.If you kill a commrade you will be kicked out and KOS (more rules to come)

    Application (copy and paste)

    MCPE name:

    oovoo name(we are not using skype for confidential reasons):

    Are you willing to grief any sever on MCPE?

    Are you 13 or older if so what is your age?

    Are you willing to die for our cause?

    Will you be loyal to your leader?

    Will you be able to go on PC if we expand to it?

    One you have been accepted you will be messaged on oovoo for confirmation if you don't respond in 24 hours your confirmation will be expired and you will have to wait a week to apply again thank you for your time -Zyluss

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    posted a message on Minecraft Pocket Edition Clan- MinerZ ***ACCEPTING ALL JOIN NOW******

    My fourm name is Zyluss_Hobbs my MCPE name is Zyluss

    I live and the USA

    (p.s. I have a pretty good editing program that can be used for the YT videos we put out)

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    posted a message on Make Your Minecraft Government Here. RULE MINECRAFT!!!! (Anyone want a cookie, or rule a gigantic empire?)

    My GT is Zyluss Hobbs and my I have friend is GT is EngimaTD.

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