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    posted a message on [TOOL] Minecraft Sound Swapper
    I was a bit annoyed at how sound modding was so annoying to do, so I created a little app that would speed things up by sort of "automating" the process as best as I could. The application is Windows only and written in VisualBasic, I know what you're thinking "EW NO CROSS COMPATABILITY AND ITS VB!!" well I have reasons:
    1. I don't use any other OS, therefore I can't program anything for them
    2. VB.NET allows me to quickly create what I want, and to be honest I made this mostly just for myself so I don't really care what it's written in

    So don't whine about it.

    - Disable Sounds outside of Minecraft (pretty much a requirement)
    - Launch Minecraft from within the application (prerequisites listed in README)
    - 2-click sound swap (select sound pack + click swap sounds)
    - 1 simple example pack
    - Nice little GUI ;D

    -Link removed-

    Mod edit: The main download link was removed as the domain was dead and someone was squatting on it. Please use the mirror to download this.
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    posted a message on the most awesome head evah? [Request]
    One simple google image search later:
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    posted a message on Minecraft ripoff? I think so.
    Minecraft and Infiniminer are nothing alike other than that they have terraformable worlds made of blocks, though Minecraft is INSPIRED by Infiniminer, this is just a blatent rip off. I mean, if you look at the other video, even the TNT has a remarkably "IDENTICAL" texture to Minecraft's. In addition all of the blocks are the same, he has Minecarts (implementation varies but it's Minecarts nonetheless). I'm sorry the name he's given them even scream IM RIPPING YOU OFF LOL.

    Infdev, devinf, sorry that is more than coincidence. This entire thing is like a punch in the gut.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Wii Title Screen preview
    Quote from Iguana »
    I BET THAT'S ON THE XBOX. >:sad.gif:


    Mod edit: Warning issued for flaming.
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    posted a message on The ______ Game
    When my mum died I masturbated, I then ate a monkey shrimp cocktail it was putrid I decided to atone
    then i was raped by priest.

    When I suck on their _____, my _____ generally end up spraying _____ on my _____, which I then _____.
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    posted a message on space skin contest

    Quick job doing an alien.
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    posted a message on How to fly in Minecraft ?! [NO HACKS!]
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    posted a message on SkinEdit - New version 13 April (Alpha 3 pre 7!)
    Quote from A.I. »
    I don't like it because it undermines the importance of experienced skinners, like anything that helps people make skins.
    I guess it's good as far as the program itself goes. *sigh*

    What "importance" is this? The ability to prance about like a king amongst kings? Pretend you're better than those lowly begging peasants with their need for a skin-fix?
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    posted a message on Q-BLOCK

    http://kyucon.com/qblock/#/318 EPIC WIN :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on How to use extra head textures
    Note, at least one pixel must be transparent else it doesn't show.
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