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    posted a message on Lice
    I c wut u did thar!

    Lol, funny reference to Notch.
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    posted a message on Lets see your characters!

    Sheik - Made this beut for myself, it's Sheik from The Legend of Zelda (if you couldn't guess)

    Troll - Made this for fun sota, trying to imagine the survival mode.

    Demon - Liked the idea, and it was easy to do. Sorry poor quality picture.

    Anonymous - ChanCraft anyone?

    I make many skins.
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    posted a message on Joining Your Own Server
    Wouldn't a web proxy work just as well?
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    posted a message on Any hope for my computer?
    Aha, 400Mhz is LESS powerful than an iPhone.
    Yes, 1.6GHz is MINIMUM for playing games.

    2GHz is recommended.

    I'm hoping to improve my 2GHz to a 3Ghz+ and my 756MB GFX card for a 1700MB+ I can't remember the exact mem capacity...
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    posted a message on You know you play too much Minecraft when...
    You jump up and down looking at the floor hoping that you can build underneath you.

    You paint your entire body thinking people will think it looks cool.
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    Agreed on IMG tags. I put that in my Signature too.
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    posted a message on Are these the new offical forums?
    Quote from Quatroking »
    Quote from citricsquid »
    Quote from Quatroking »
    phpBB isn't that bad, it's just raperific when it's broken.

    I don't mind phpbb, I just dislike the overly complicatedness of it. The forums for minecraft don't really need that much functionality, they're just basic... forums. phpbb3 is designed more for 'advanced' needs, they have an exponential amount of useless permissions that are a huge pain to set up, especially when it's just a matter of post topics and reply, nothing more is needed. I chose fluxbb because of the huge amount of customisability, it's only a base system, so if the forums do take off I could quite easily integrate player skins into profiles and things like that.

    True true, phpBB really takes a load of time to set up. It's the reason I didn't open my own forum yet, I'm simply too lazy :tongue.gif:

    No it doesn't? It takes like 2 minutes so long as you know what you're doing.
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    posted a message on Snow blocks, Defense Mode, etc
    Heh, I have a snow tileset. It looks alright actually. No ice in it though XD I tried but alpha doesn't work.
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