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    EDIT: I'm also creating a custom music pack just for the server.
    Check out on my sample tracks on the Harrowcraft blog:

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    posted a message on Work Bench: an Entity Builder. -Suggestions welcome. :)
    Quote from flaminghawk83»

    That logic is...illogical...
    You're saying that because you didn't post the suggestion, you don't like it?

    Thats funny.

    Well even if he didn't post the idea, I'm sorry if I upstaged his genius.

    Sorry 12345 Miner. -Your idea is fabulous.

    Quote from Hex_27»

    Nope, that isn't possible with spigot.

    As for the idea, amazing. I would love to have this in game, it would create many different possibilities. But would the game render these "new creations" as whole blocks, or just entities like itemframes?

    I was originally thinking that they would just be entities, -but you bring up a great point in the way of designing whole new blocks in-game. The only problem is that things start to get complex. -Here's one possible way of doing it:

    The creation of entirely new blocks should really be available via a Modding-API feature. But I doubt Microsoft/Mojang sees Minecraft as an 'engine' anymore. The capability then, would have to become a part of the game. -Perhaps it could be done with a new decoration block, found only on a quest through a dungeon or stronghold.

    They could call it something like the "Philosopher's Stone", which basically gives the user access to creating their own block-types via alchemy. You could sample a current 'block type': Basic, Falling, Liquid, or Decoration, and then add mathematical settings which changes the way the block acts as well as paint new textures for them.

    For instance: Lets say you'd like to add a block called 'Quicksand'. You could start out by sampling the 'Water' block then mess with settings until it pulls you down and it constricts movement... then when your head is under the water, it just acts the way water does... kills you when you run out of oxygen. Then you could add a dark-brownish sand texture, and VIOLA: You have a whole new block in the creative mode inventory.

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    posted a message on Work Bench: an Entity Builder. -Suggestions welcome. :)

    Resource packs may take care of this in the future, but what about creating your own entities using blocks?

    We have things like the armor stand and chests and boats, -which are all entities... but what if you wanted an actual chair or table of unique design? Here's how I would do it:

    NOTE: This is liable to evolve as I get constructive opinions of others.

    1.) We start with a Crafting Table... but then we add a second one next to it. -That's what turns it into a Work Bench.

    2.) The Work Bench, in contrast to the Crafting Table, would not only have a grid for placing a group of blocks, but also layers, giving it 3 dimensions. You could increase the number of slots in the grid by adding more crafting tables to the group.

    3.) Each layer would contain a set of blocks that make a layer, adding the layers together and you'd get something like this:

    Perhaps with some ultra-refining, the concept could really prove to be quite useful.

    There is, of course, still the problem of being able to sit in something like a chair.

    -I wonder if the saddle could be used somehow in the recipe to indicate a layer is sit-able.

    Also, the use of crafted hinges would be good for indicating a way to flip the entity... like doors and tops to chests.

    Be sure to cast your vote at the top.

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    posted a message on Work Bench: an Entity Builder. -Suggestions welcome. :)


    Yes. This. Perhaps we should be able to determine the size of it, so we can have a 2x2 gui, 3x3, etc.

    Yes, this could be easily added to the GUI, but originally I was thinking a person would just increase the size of the grid by putting down more crafting tables. Perhaps one way would be better than the other.

    There is, of course, also the problem of being able to sit in something like a chair. -I wonder if the saddle could be used somehow in the recipe to indicate a layer is sit-able.

    Also, the use of crafted hinges would be good for indicating a way to flip the entity... like doors and tops to chests.

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    posted a message on Potion of Vision: See ores through the walls of your mine!

    I like the idea, especially when you've gotten to a stage in the game where you have resources already. But yeah, it would make the game too easy.

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    posted a message on THE GRIMWEST HORROR: A horror-themed resource pack.

    Hey everyone reading this thread. You've stumbled in quite on accident. Don't worry, those tripwires were purposeful. Now let me tie you up and show you my resource pack in the making:

    This is going to be for my Roleplay server: The Grimwest Horror... currently for which, I am looking for builders.

    What about it? Got any constructive criticisms and or compliments???


    (I'm so weird...)

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    posted a message on THE GRIMWEST HORROR: A horror-themed resource pack.
    Hey Everyone, here's a witto' update on stone bricks and various blocks!

    More is on the way... keep an eye out.
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    posted a message on The Grimwest Horror - Needing Builders

    The dark, post-apocalyptic Roleplay, PVP & Survival Server.

    Got my own resource pack going.. check out the new server images:

    Hey everyone, Scarecrowman here. I'm designing a new server with a dark, post-apocalyptic, steampunk theme.

    Here are the Server Details:
    Think of it as a bit of a Cops & Robbers style PVP... with a roleplay/survival twist. This is a Roleplay server where you do both a lot of Surviving and a lot of PVP-ing. Bounty Hunters (aka Enforcers,) go looking for the Outlaws or (Brutes,) and both factions make money off of defeating their enemies. Meanwhile, a mysterious conspiracy lies dormant on the server map, its an awful truth that though hidden, must be uncovered by the players. The setting is a Steampunk style world... something like the Old American West anywhere during the 1890s - 1920s... but then add the 1950's Atomic era to that and then mix it all down with an overall Horror Fantasy theme. Basically its Fallout -meets Wild Wild West -meets Howl's Moving Castle -meets The Nightmare Before Christmas.

    Here's a FREE comprensive PDF of everything.

    We're looking to enlist THREE Moderator Staff with these few prerequisites:
    1.) You must be 16 or older. (You must be mature enough for this Moderator role.)
    2.) You must have passion for horror films, anime, mystery themes, conspiracy theories, steampunk fantasy and straight-up Halloween.
    3.) You must be in the TOP 5-percentile for maturity in your peer-group.
    I'm not looking for kids who want OP privileges. -I'm looking for young adults ready to resolve problems.
    4.) You must be an accomplished Minecraft builder. (THERE MAY BE SOME TRYOUTS)
    5.) You should have a love for role-play. (Recommended but not required.)

    TO apply, Please fill out this form:

    1.) Name

    2.) Minecraft Username

    3.) Age

    4.) Favorite Fiction: Movie, Book, TV series or Manga.

    5.) Email or Skype contact, (For notifications of acceptance.)

    (If you have any questions you may contact Scarecrowman at [email protected])

    -The Scarecrowman
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    posted a message on Sky Color and Fog Color
    I'm planning on beginning a very serious Minecraft PVP RP Server with an Post-Apocalyptic, Halloween, Western feel.

    - I'm going to amp it up with its own Resource pack, with fresh textures and sounds. I wanted to make the Sky Orange and the Nether Fog Green. Is anyone familiar with any sky or fog color changing resources... or would it be easy enough to make a mod for that, -something lightweight? I'm not too fond on mods, but if it was a simple addition I would love to advertise it with my Server.

    I've heared MCPatcher can help me with what I'm trying to do, but I don't know much about it and as far as getting all the colors to work, info on the web is sparse and hard to understand. Does anyone know how all that works?

    Any info or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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    posted a message on Upcoming Emerald textures need work. Do it like this:

    As you all know... in 1.3 there will be a new ore/mineral called the Emerald.
    I was so glad they decided to add this element and its a great idea.

    HOWEVER. I find the textures they're using are quite flat and don't seem uniform to the game.
    Of course anyone can alter their textures... but to be honest, this should look uniform to the rest of the game.

    These are the textures being used:

    1.) This seems kinda flat to me.
    2.) It is a little too geometrically perfect.

    1.) Likewise, the emerald blocks do not dazzle and shine.
    They stray from the appearance of the other solid blocks with a decorative design???

    2.) Why do they always have to alter the ORIGINAL appearance of a raw ore block?
    Its good enough for diamond... why is Emerald any more special?

    Personally I think there should be a closer uniformity to diamonds.

    Plain and simple. How I would prefer they look:

    The Item:

    The Ore:

    The Block:

    Enough said. You guys decide.
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