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    I know, it is something new, correct?

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    Alright, So Me and a few of my friends have started recording A series for Youtube. We have builders, editors and writers but It seems we our short on actors. . We don't really need a lot of parts that need played at the moment. If you are interested then read below and watch the video to see if it's right for you.

    The story is the backbone of every series but in this one we've decided to take it over the top and I can say that It's the best thing about the series so far. Basically World war III happened and everybody nuked each other. The two main characters are apart of the squad that went down with the president to his bunker and now 20 years later they get a distress signal calling for help, So now they return to the surface after 20 years. If you want to go more in-depth you'd have to watch the 1st episode.

    The "set" or world is good in my opinion, it's mostly inspired by The Last Of Us, can't really tell you much about it. It set in Washington D.C. We have the White House and a few iconic memorials and buildings. There is also the central city but that is kept a secret for now. We work a lot on the set and hope to make more locations for our advanced story.

    The Editing in the video are pretty good. I'd know since I'm the one who edits them. And for episode 1 it took 48+ hours to edit a 1 hour video. I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 and Photoshop, I also am a perfectionist and will keep doing something over and over until it looks right to me and my friends. Now our Youtube channel on the other hand. I'm not trying to be selfish in anyway here, so don't take it in a bad way. We are not getting what I think we should get. If you take this into consideration I've work 48+ on episode 1 and it took 11 hours (image below for proof) to render. Then 4 hours to Upload to Youtube. To me that is a lot of time for me to get done in one week (we try to get new ep out every friday at 3 pm est) And in two days we've gotten 58 views. Now I'm saying that not a lot of people. It is when you put them in a room, but when you look at SCGBarbarians (Semi-Famous Channel) Crafting Dead Channel he's gotten 1,169,299 views on the moment of writing this.

    I wrote a Rant below and if you are a fan of Barbarian don't open the spoiler

    1st off I'm not dissing him and his series in anyway, I am just pointing out the facts. I'm going to list a few reasons why I think that we should at least get over 1k views on episode 1.

    1. Barbarian didn't make the maps while we made ours.

    2. We don't have mods like world edit or guns on PS4, making our job much harder

    3. Barbarian's story isn't very unique, a lot of people start out in these zombie of roleplays not know what is going on, then they try to talk to someone and that someone tries to attack them then they're look oh no zombies! While ours is very Unique. We're not even using zombies, we're using mutants that are played by real people and our people use common sense.

    4. Barbarian's video's aren't really edited. Sure he cuts out bloopers and adds a few effects but we have more, so many more things that my Vegas Pro Crashes nearly every 20 minutes (thank god for autosave). I also try to pick out the best music that is royalty free. If I don't like a part of a song I pick I either go into FL Studio (mixing software) and remix it or look for a different song.

    5. Barbarian makes a lot of money every episode. While we make nothing, this doesn't affect us at all because we don't care about the money.. and if you start making more money then we'll donate almost all of it to charity and save up the rest to continue the series.

    6. They have good hardware. We don't. Barbarian has something like a 2000 dollar computer while I have a 300 dollar one. This makes it SO much harder for me to edit these videos. Multiple crashes, The slowest rendering times and it really gives me a pain to the point where I wanna give up.. and with the view counts low I feel there is no point with the effort, but I don't give up, instead I push forward because I believe that one day it will get better.

    Again, I am not hating on Barbarian, I'm just comparing the effort we put into our series.

    Render Time for Episode One

    Now for the Acting part. We have our two main characters John And Rico who both have mature voices. They aren't the best (showing that you don't need to be the best) actors, but I can call them good. Then we have The Doctor and to me he is the one who makes the series unique. He doesn't just say what needs to be said but instead he adds personality, this is what we are looking for most. Our story is our main focus and with story people need interesting and intriguing backstories. Now that I'm done with that I'll talk about what kind of actors that I'm looking for.


    • Someone with a Mic
    • Someone who follows rules / script
    • Someone who can still follow the script but give it personality
    • Someone who has a deep voice (sorry but we need it as realistic as possible)
    • Someone with Patients (we do some scenes over)
    • Someone who can take things seriously
    • Someone who can atleast act okay
    • And some spare time
    • (optional) Creativity

    To Join the Series reply to this post with the following



    How much time can you be on:

    Acting level on a scale of 1 - 10:

    Preferred Role (ex: Bandit, Sniper):

    Anything extra you need to say:

    It would help if you have a Twitter account then it will help out a ton, if so tell me that too. (we discuss a lot in dms)


    We really don't need more builders but it would help. We need someone that can design the basic building (make the layout look good) because Me and the Other main builder are good at making the things look abandoned while not being the best and design.

    If you would like to build all you need to do is send: daveman342 a friend request and a message that you want to build for the roleplay, I'll respond to you there

    Thank you for taking the time to read this-

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    Thanks to everyone who found this helpful :)

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    I've found a neat way to hide the entrance for my base. It worked so well for me that I wanted to share this idea with others. If you wanna know how to build this awesome Redstone entrance that I guaranteed you that if you're careful with it no one will ever find your base! Just wanted to share this ^_^

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    Minecraft Username: Daveman_Caveman

    Age: 16

    Time Zone: central

    Position Applying for: Builder / Part-time mod

    Building Experience: Good.. was building on the playstation platforms for the past 2 or so years. I haven't been building lately but I'm sure when I get back into it I'll be good. I like medieval builds and this server sounds perfect for me! I have a "Creative" mind. I think of good ideas a lot.

    Experience with mods: Barely any, I haven't been able to run minecraft on the pc until now.

    If accepted, how long can you play each week?: I'm available pretty much every day that you'll need me. So 40 hours at least.

    Tell me about yourself: Hmm.. where do I begin? I do have a mic, but unfortunately I have a medical problem where a virus infects the vocal cords that of course disables my ability to talk. I still listen perfectly It's just that I'll have have to talk with text. Can't get a job because of that so I'm stuck all day doing nothing.. Yeah...

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    Well, Me and my friend have had this problem a few times in the past. Put it doesn't happen constantly like you described. I'm 85% sure it's your connection to the 4J servers. Depending where you live. Or it could be a bug or glitch with your ISP. Try resetting your router?

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    Server will be up early tomorrow, @Tonster306

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    posted a message on W.P.M Factions Server -OPEN DAILY- Ranks / Mystery box / Events / Shop TP / PvP Arena / No Mic Needed!!

    The W.P.M Factions server is advanced server with plenty of features you won't see on any other servers for PS4! You don't need a mic and you don't need to be a certain age! Team up with your friends and dominate the world! Events will occur occasionally, such as the Zombie Boss has set up a fortress and his treasures are being guarded or the skeletons roam the dark dungeons with epic loot awaiting you!

    We have anti-cheat system in place so everybody can play fairly and have fun! Simple rules and awesome trades! You can go from your faction base to the shop and then back to your base without needing to walk or lose your stuff! Try your luck on the mystery box or battle in the PvP arena. Build your epic base and destroy your enemies! Add Wolfpack2437 on PSN and include in your friend request that you want to join! The server will be open daily and will welcome you in!

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    Hello, I'm looking for a few builders to help me and my friend build a new server. The server is based around PvP and control over land in the middle ages. There is 3 teams, each team is unique and is fighting for different causes. The map layout is a bunch of castles, small villages, farms, lumbermills etc. The team that has the most property value gets bonuses such as currency, weapons or buffs. We are just starting this world up and we need a lot of help. The castles should look good, so we're looking the medieval type of builders that build amazingly. If you want to learn more, go to the video bellow.

    If you want to help us send daveman342 a friend request with a message saying why you are adding me. And I'll add you as soon as I can.

    Thanks for reading! :D

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    I took a break from building this for awhile and soon forgot about it.. but recently I started to work on it again. Pretty much none of the builders are helping or online anymore )= So I'm doing this alone at the moment.. All I need is a few active builders. One for terrain and a few for Country & City. So if you could build decently, then I'm begging you to fill out this form:


    Thank you for reading this thread and I hope to see you there!

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    Hey! Me and my friend made a new build team and we are looking for Pro builders to join! Join today!


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    Ok, then! Hope to see you soon!

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    Age - 22

    PSN - daveman342

    Experience - Been here since beta :Diamond:

    Skills - Professional builder :IPA:
    Mic - No :(

    I will play on this server long term...

    Just because I don't have a mic doesn't mean I don't listen~ :blink:

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    *Still online*

    Just a quick update because I have not received help for the last 14 days..

    please help me

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    What is your twitch?

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