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Hello whoever is unfortunate enough to stumble upon this shitty account, I am Zoropie5 (pumpkinpie5 was taken... so yea.) and this is my about me page! (If you haven't noticed already.) I have been playing Minecraft and been using this forum account for about a year now, and I have made a couple custom maps. I am a pretty dedicated Minecraft player. I found Minecraft when my brother found me playing Roblox, and after he insulted me for playing that shitty game, he told me about Minecraft. Since then, I have become a veteran builder, a novice map maker, and a wannabe modmaker. But I haven't wasted my entire ten year old life playing Minecraft. I play and love many games such as Halo, inFamous, Starhawk, Assassins Creed, and more. I also aspire to be either an astrophysicist or a racer when I get the choice. I also have a youtube channel, and once I get Fraps and a mic, I will do Minecraft commentary. My account is called HoneyBadger205 so check that out too. That is pretty much all. I hope you did (not) like this one paragraph speech about myself, and see you later.
Interests Anything that has to do with video games, Astrophysics, and pie.

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Minecraft pumpkinpie5 Xbox Isn't a damn PS3 enough?