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    posted a message on ✷ ✷ Legion Heroes is back! | Major Upcoming TIME TRAVEL RPG Server | Dragons AND spaceships? | NO DATES CONFIRMED YET ✷ ✷
    1. Age: 15 (Apparently sound 20 :o :P)
    2. IGN: Zorclaud
    3. Timezone: PST
    4. Skype: zorclaudxd
    5. Position: (Builder, lore writer, web designer, moderator, or developer.) Moderator
    6. Experience for your position. (1-10) Generally wouldn't rate myself in this position, but i would like to say 8/10. Solid people skills, friendly
    7. If builder, please provide screenshots here. If other position, please try to provide evidence.
    8. Experience with plugins: Able to set up basic-slightly advanced plugins, little experience with pex and permission plugins.
    9. Why do you want the position you are applying for? I'd like to meet a new community of people and i feel like i would be a good addition based on my answer to question 10. The idea you have came up with blows my mind. (I've been looking for a server like this for a while)
    10. What can you contribute to the project? The biggest thing i think would be advertising. My youtube channel has over 3.5k subs and i would be able to advertise on that. I would also be able to bring multiple other youtubers on the server which would give more popularity. I can also build fairly well and have lots of experience with graphics design (if that would be needed :P)
    11. How much time can you contribute each day? On a great day up to 12 but i would be able to put at least 3 in per day
    12. How's your day been so far? :) I'm going great, hows yours going? :D
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    posted a message on Plugin Creator Needed [Will Pay]
    I am in need of someone who can create a new plugin to do with PVP Arenas and kits. Each user should be able to access different pvp maps and picking which class they want. The classes should be set by permissions if they choose to buy classes in the future.

    Now for the good part
    ​If done successfully I will pay for your work!

    If interested please contact me on skype (zorclaudxd)
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    posted a message on Builders for Royalty Craft
    Royalty Craft
    Staff Wanted!

    Positions Available
    -GFX Artist
    -Permission Writer

    Possible Pay :D
    Depending on amount of work done

    Add (zorclaudxd) on skype and we will talk from there!

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    posted a message on [GoldenCraft][24/7][PvP Faction] In need of staff! (Mod, Advertisers, Youtubers)
    InGame Name: Zorclaud
    Age(12+): 15
    Mature: Yes
    Experience: Playing minecraft for over a year now. Completed lots of buildings and helped on many different servers.
    Skype?: zorclaudxd
    What is your profession?: Mod
    What can you do for us? Create a good community and help build. I can also code HTML so if you end up making a website or something along those terms i would be the guy.
    Can you donate?: I might be able to if its paypal, and if it becomes a good server it will definitely be in consideration.
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Server 24/7 [Whitelisted] 15-20 Slots
    Hello guys and girls, today im posting my new mindcrack server to the public to give people a chance to get in. This time my expectations are high but dont worry =P. Below you will fill out an application to see if your capable to making it on the server, but heres the catch. Most servers will give you an application to fill out, but here im not going to do that. If you truly want to get on the server you are going to have to make your own application form. Something that it might include are Name, IGN, Skype, Whats good about you, Why i should except you... etc. So everything you want me to know that will change my mind in adding you to the list. If accepted i will pm you. NOT reply. In the PM i will give you the server IP, When the servers release date is and other information. There is no point of giving out the server IP once you get it because again the server is whitelisted. So after saying that i wish you guys the best of luck in posting the best applications. DO NOT Pm me applications because it will be an automatic decline. If you need any extra information then feel free to pm me. If you post an application after Friday 12 PM Pacific Time, it will also not be accepted. You guys have one week to put out your best application. Good Luck! If i dont reply before sunday at 5 PM Pacific Time then the chances are you havent been accepted. =P
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    posted a message on Kit Plugin?
    Hi guys, does anyone know of a reliable kit plugin that works with 1.4? It also has to work with PermissionsEX! If someone does know of one please link me to it :D
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    posted a message on WOM [Wave of the Mobs] - Custom Plugin - Custom Gameplay - Staff needed
    I dont want help build it because im working on my own servers, but when it comes out make sure to send me the ip, me and some friends wanna try it out.
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    posted a message on Looking For Permissions Writer
    Hey guys i was wondering if someone wanted to write the permissions for my Survival Games server. In return i will give you all kits and certain permissions. Most of the server is ready but i need to finish spawn then get the permissions done. So if anyone can help it would be good.
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    posted a message on Looking for Co owner and Head admin for new server.
    woops i forgot the last two
    If a tree falls down in a forest and know ones around to hear it does it make a sound: It does make a sound but know one can hear it
    WHy does blue look red when you look at a red sign that is also blue: imm idk

    Xbox Gamer Tag

    1: Magical Skills

    2: Itchycorn

    3: SurefireRapier9 ( Might be Zorclaud by the time you add me)

    add magical skills though

    and if you havent started building i have a map already
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    posted a message on Looking for Co owner and Head admin for new server.
    Name: Jesse
    IGN: Zorclaud
    How long have you played minecraft for: Over a year
    Age: 14
    Location: Canada/ Pacific Time
    How long can you be on and what days: I will atleast be one once a day and most likely 3-5 hours average.
    Why do you want to be Co Owner: To Help out the server, build things, and make a good minecraft community.
    What is cheese: Cheese could be alot of things depending who you are, if you farted alot you could be called a cheese cutter :P, cheese could also come from the moon but who knows.
    Why is the sky blue: The sky being blue is due to rayleigh scattering. so when the light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wave lengths pass through yellow red and orange rayleighs are affected by the air. Shorter wave lengths are absorbed by gas molecules. The blue light from that is then scattered into different directions which goes all around the sky. It doesnt matter the direction that you look some of the blue light always reaches you. That is makes the sky blue :D
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    posted a message on =||= Need someone to build with =||-
    i will
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    posted a message on Looking for a bud to co-star with me on youtube.
    Im 13 i have premium, i am quite experienced. I CAN host a server for us, or more, and I do have a mic and skype. My Severs all ready and port forwarded! Just PM me.
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    posted a message on Looking for a Spawn Builder.
    Minecraft Name: Zorclaud (Zor)
    Building Skills: 100 Well it depends how high mlg pro is. If its 9999999 Then that 100 is way higher.
    Building Specialties: Spawns, PVP Arenas, Houses, Shops.
    Contact: If Accepted i will give it.
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