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    Oh dang! This looks pretty good. You know what you could do to make my... no EVERYONES day? Make arrows water arrows.
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    [b]Age (Optional): 13
    [b]Gender (Optional):male
    [b]Pirate Lingo Known:I tell you HWWWWHAAAT I outta make you scrub the ocean you dang ol' dingus! I bet you like to eat raisins!
    [b]Interest in Joining a Crew (1-10):8 I'd like to be in a crew as long as they aren't meany heads
    [b]Other Clans:nope
    [b]Are you a P.o.t.I.H Veteran:nope
    [b]Current kills:sorry dont keep track, was gonna say over 9000 but someone beat me to it > :( *deathglare*
    [b]Why do you want to join? I like to raid stuff and have fun with other people, and this clan looks cool so far
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    Location: United States
    What are you good at in minecraft:Stealth, strategy planning
    Why should we pick you:Well... I could be useful for infiltration and stuff
    How long have you been playing minecraft:Since 1.7.3
    Have you been in any other clans: nope
    How much to you play minecraft? every day. ill stay on as long as something is happening
    Special skills: infiltration I have a good knoledge of redstone contraptions and stuff

    How well can you handle responsibility? pretty good, I dont like to let people down
    Steam Name: Mr.Dr. professor batman P.H.D
    Do you have Skype!?!? yes
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    IGN: Bradleyx24

    Character request: Batman or hush (i have batman skin)

    Bio:I... I..... am.. uh...hold on....i AM THE NIGHT!



    Activity: everyday

    I would rather be batman than hush
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