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    posted a message on 77th Combine Season 4 is closing - Find season 5 thread

    Hello 77th Combine!

    Allow me to introduce myself. I go by Ziukeal in the gaming world, but my real name is Sam. I'm a 32-year-old male from Cleveland, Ohio. I came across your forum post while browsing and thought I'd give the application process a go. :) I've been playing Minecraft since Beta and was looking for a community of players that I could play regularly with, become part of an active community, and generally have fun. I used to play on the Colossus SMP server and since they disbanded, have been searching for a similar community environment to play in and looking at the original post of this thread, I believe I can find it with the 77th Combine.

    Also, I like words that begin with X (like Xanthos) and Z (like my name, Ziukeal). There are so few words that begin with those letters that I like making character names that begin with them.

    In my years playing Minecraft, I've taken a fondness to building and exploring the landscape. I have examples of my work available if you'd like to check them out. When I'm not playing, I like taking on creative ventures like drawing and singing, and I also love playing video games in my spare time.

    If accepted into the community, I would like to build a town that players could engage themselves in and interact with one another. I'm also a helpful person so if anyone needs assistance on a project, I'm more than willing to do whatever I can to help out!

    I also have some social activity, though I'm a bit shy so honestly, I don't have a large presence. But here's where you can look me up:

    YouTube: Ziukeal

    Discord: Ziukeal#8098

    In-Game: Ziukeal85

    Anyway, I hope to hear from you guys! Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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    posted a message on New Simple Survival Community!

    In-Game-Name: Ziukeal85

    Name or Nickname: Ziukeal

    Tell us something about yourself: I've been playing Minecraft since Beta, and I really enjoy building and mining in the game.

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    posted a message on NEED ACTIVE PLAYERS FOR NEW REALM START!!!! (PE /XBOX/ WIN 10) 18+ PLZ


    I'm 32

    From Ohio

    I spend a lot of time playing MC and also have a wish to build my own kingdom on a multiplayer world.

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    posted a message on ▁▂▃♖Aurafall♖▃▂▁ (WIP RPG/Survival Medieval Realm!)

    Sure do! Discord tag is Ziukeal.

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    posted a message on ▁▂▃♖Aurafall♖▃▂▁ (WIP RPG/Survival Medieval Realm!)
    • Gamertag? [/b]Ziukeal85
    • [/b]
    • Country/Nationality? [/b]USA
    • Age?[/b] 32
    • Do you have a mic?[/b] Not a really good one, no.
    • Why are you interested? What building styles are you good at? [/b]I'm looking for an active server that has mature players on it to play on a regular basis. I don't like playing Minecraft alone, however, when I do, I am really good at building. I love building castles and farms and have even attempted a full-on kingdom or two.
    • If you owned this server for a week, what would you do with it and why?
    • What are the goals? What would be the theme? And finally, what sort of
      players would you be looking for to play your server and how would you
      keep these players interested?[/b] I probably would do something similar to what you guys are doing, actually. Roleplaying in a medieval/fantasy survival-based environment. I would probably also have some sort of faction arrangement as well so that people could PVP in assigned territory that would reset every week or so (if that's possible). Of course, I know to do so, we would definitely need mature, active players to work together and enjoy the game.
    • Have you read the rules? MR. SHADY LIVES!
    • [/b]
    • Comments, questions, or concerns?
    • [/b]I can't think of any at the moment. Thank you for your consideration in advance though! :)
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    posted a message on 🌲 TimberCraft Realm 🌲 100% Survival ♦ (17+) Medieval, Economy, Builders ♦

    IGN: Ziukeal85

    Age: 32

    Skills:Good at building

    I work nights on the weekends and evenings during the week so my schedule is fairly flexible. I'm looking for a community to have fun playing Minecraft with with mature, friendly people who are just playing for fun.

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    posted a message on Epic mountain seed for 1.8

    Hey guys! I found this when I spawned at the foot of a mountain, traveled out for a few blocks, and turned around.

    Pictures under the spoiler. :P

    Here's the seed: 6828636582915063167


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    posted a message on [1.7] -=YouCraft=- Mature Community -=Enhanced Vanilla=- Like Mindcrack
    IGN: Ziukeal
    Age: 28
    How will you benefit the server?: I enjoy building things and like to observe different architectures while doing so.
    How will you benefit from the server ?: I am looking for an active community to be involved in when I play Minecraft.
    Favorite Minecraft feature and why?: Railcars! Riding on them is a lot of fun.

    Preferred though optional, Show me a build or two (Post images. Viewing links ONLY from imgur):
    I would like to post some pictures of the work I'm currently doing but have no access to those images on this computer. I will upload when I access the correct computer.
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    posted a message on ARBORLEA - A Minecraft Adventure

    Something terrible has been unleashed.

    I heard a soft noise. Was it a cat? Was it a scared child?

    What have we done…?

    No, that wasn’t the sound of either. I couldn’t tell what it was.


    Oh, God, what’ve we done?!

    You’ve got to reverse it!

    I can’t! It’s out of control!


    You HAVE to reverse it! Hurry! Send it back!

    The soft noise sounds more pressing, angrier. It’s getting worse. It feels pain. No. Not pain. Agony.



    Explosions! Screams!

    My vision lights up. Fire, bright fire clouds my vision. The heat is intense, explosive, scathing.

    And through the heat, I see it. Something I’d never seen before. A horrid evil, a putrid smell of burning flesh and the deafening throes of anguish, affliction and torment creeps through the flames. The creature has these. The creature PERSONIFIES these. A roar shatters through my ears, my vision blurs, and everything falls into the blessed serenity of darkness.

    Entry #001

    I have decided it best to keep a diary so that I can clear my mind and grasp my situation.

    I awoke in the snows of an unknown land this morning. No idea where I am, or who I am. Fear gripped my heart as I awoke from the nightmare haunting my mind. Yet, my first instinct is to look up in front of where I lay. As I do, my mind is drawn away from chaos and a sense of calm washes over me as I read the following on a sign:

    Arborlea. Somehow, through an understanding not of my own, I suddenly feel safe, if only on the surface.
    I had merely been dreaming. But something still tugs at the back of my mind. Where is Arborlea? Why do I feel calmer here? And why don’t I remember anything? Another small worry pulls at the back of my mind. Yet, I cannot place why I feel it or the origin of the feeling. As I rise, however, I notice something nearby.

    A chest. I wander over and try to open the lid. To my immediate surprise, it doesn’t seem to be locked.

    These items were inside, along with a book, unsigned, with no author, completely blank save for one page:

    The worry in the back of my mind grows stronger upon this realization. Of course… nighttime is a bad thing. Very bad, but… why?

    For now, not too pressing.

    But, I must do as the note says. Something tells me my very survival depends on finding shelter before nightfall. Luckily, when I look around, another welcome sight greets me:

    A village is near where I’ve awakened. This must be my home. Maybe I had just wandered and fell tired. Or perhaps I merely hit my head. Calm again washes over my mind, easing the worry I earlier felt. However, smaller worries push my mind. Something doesn’t seem right. Why can’t I remember who I am? How could I fall so close to the village and yet have no one notice me? And, while I am glad to have found the shelter that the mysterious book urged me to do, what exactly is going to happen when night falls?

    I made my way closer to the village, but something still did not seem right. While the village has people, none of them seem to look at me with recognition in their eyes. Moreover, they don’t speak in words like myself, but seem to communicate by making noises or sighs periodically. Something is not right. I cannot be from this village. One of the villagers must have seen distress in my eyes, as he walked over and took me to what I assumed was his home.

    He seemed to be very accommodating. As I walked through the village, the people were communicating, and running about their tasks. However, as the day seemed to go on, I noticed they would seem a bit nervous. Was it because a stranger entered into their midst? I am not sure, but as night approached, they hurriedly made their way into their homes, and even here, some of them have made their way inside, looking about with a sense of fear. It is very unsettling.

    My own voice speaks to me inside my head, clear as a bell.

    My third night here will see horrors unleashed.

    I brush it aside, for now, and try to sleep. Tomorrow, I shall try to get my bearings and look around a bit.
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    posted a message on Keep inspired from Bowser's Keep from Super Mario RPG
    Done in creative mode over the past couple days. The inside is still very bare but I plan on fixing that and posting as I continue working.

    Daytime shot:

    Nighttime shot:

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