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    Quote from gavin4612»

    hi i sent in to volenteer for the team like 2 months ago and i have not got a reply

    I'll take a look real quick, sorry about that. I haven't been able to do much work on the website and keep up with stuff due to work and moving.

    Quote from sandycat90000»

    Will a light fury be added?

    Not sure entirely, but we are working towards adding all the dragons eventually.

    Quote from ninjaghost4327»

    Hi. My 11 year old is excited about the mod you are working on.
    He has ADHD and patience is not his strong suit. lol
    I have been trying to create dragon mob skins for him but none of the skin creators I have found worked well.
    Is there a skin creator that works well for creating dragons for Minecraft Java that does not require me to know Java coding?

    Hey, sorry about the super late reply, i've been having a hard time keeping up with everything. I'm gonna keep an eye out and see if I can find anything that works like that, although I'm not sure if there is, but I'll let you know. I am also going to take a look and see if we can figure something out like that when we eventually get to release, I'll be in contact if I am able to find something. Thanks for the support and say hi to your son from the team!

    Quote from gavin12467»

    is this mod still alive?

    Very much so, I just haven't been super active due to work, however our discord is a lot more active.

    Is this still in the works?


    Quote from darkflowerll»

    Hey there!

    I wanted to ask if we need another mod for it to work? :D

    Besides setting up forge, we are working towards being stand alone, however there are plans for expansions like storymode and such later.

    Quote from HeroOrb_»

    Why is it that every time I download this mod or from another site THERE ARE STILL THE SAME DRAGONS like all of the time

    I would like to ask when will the other dragons be added.

    As of right now, the official versions of the mod can be downloaded on our website httymd.com
    I do suggest not downloading off of some of the other sites as I don't like people getting viruses while trying to play our mod.
    Unfortunately however, as we are currently working towards the new version of the mod, we only currently have what was made for 1.7 and the dragons included, sorry.

    Quote from bob13357»

    Please add all the dragons because with the first one there was five or six so it would be wonderful to have some more variety

    could you post when you release it pls

    I will definitely be posting when we make our first release, and we have plans to release with every dragon in the HTTYD universe

    Quote from bob13357»

    Hey sorry big oof I mean could you please post her when it is out it would help people that don’t look every day on 9minecraft

    Yep, I will be updating when we make our first release, sorry its taking time we just want to make sure its good, and with our lack of coders at the moment its proving to be difficult.

    Quote from surviver2002»

    Can you tell us in which developing state this mod is? But also which features are planed/are contained in this mod?

    Looking for coders at the moment, we have some amazing coders already, but without more we are having a hard time working towards a release. and all of our currently planned features are shown on our website mentioned above.

    Quote from 37385»

    When will the HTTYMD for minecraft 1.12.2 release?

    not sure yet on a timeline, but we are hoping soon, and we are also going to be releasing for the newest version we can.
    Quote from DuckOnARug»

    I've been having problems with both the 1.7.10 and the 1.12.2 versions where there aren't dragons in the wild

    the 1.12.2 version isn't actually made by us, but I understand someone else ported it, which is awesome. Unfortunately the first version of the mod never made it far enough to have them actually spawn, but we will be making sure to update when we get there.

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    Quote from gavin12467»

    Hi when will this mod be released in terms of date or month

    In the words of Elon Musk: "Punctuality is not my strong suit". Basically I'm not gonna give a date or month, cause if I do, I'll be super far off, cause we have other stuff going on in life as well, and the mod is more secondary, but it will be eventually.

    Quote from phioenix»

    Can’t wait! I’m absolutely in love with toothless and the whole franchise so I’m glad to see the mod is coming back to life! Some suggestions I would love to see is dragon trapper forts in the world, a special land or something where you can find drago’s bewilder beast, and of course a portal in a waterfall in the middle of the ocean to enter the hidden world where you can find light furies.

    It would be cool to have the only way to get a night fury is to shoot it down and the only way to get a light fury is by having a night fury to attract her.

    Some breathe ice and water and produce sound waves

    We probably won't do that with the furies' but they will be rare, and hard to find.

    Quote from Fcomega121»

    I'm glad to see this mod being worked on again! I can't wait to see speed stingers on minecraft already! Wish you luck on the project! :D

    Thanks! We are glad to be back, I too can't wait till we have them in, they will be a fun one once they are.
    Quote from furrysaiyajin»

    and other dragons can't breathe fire or soundwaves like the speed stingers too.

    That's true

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    Quote from AzhanJaved1»

    Got a suggestion for the mod. Tell me what you guys think:

    ●If you spawn a night fury, there should be a chance of a night fury spawning with a single tail fin. If you tame that night fury, it wont be able to fly because of it's missing tail fin so the player has to craft one in order to fly.The crafted tail fin would work only if the player is riding the dragon. There could also be an automatic tail like the one in Gift of the Night Fury where the night fury will be able to fly on its own.This could be used like if your dragon falls from a certain height it will simply glide back to the ground but if you've equipped the normal tail fin or no tail fin at all and the dragon falls, it'll the try to glide but won't be able to do that properly and hurt itself (you can give the falling part an animation).

    This was just my opinion and i could'nt have elaborated it more than this. I know that the mod just resurfaced and is still in development but i think it'll be a cool feature. pls tell me what y'all think

    its not a bad idea actually, kinda like it. We will have to look at it and see what we can do with it, thanks!

    Quote from gavin12467»

    are you adding more dragons then there were before if so can you tell us what other dragons you are adding

    and can you post spoilers for the dragon models

    we are going to be adding all dragons from the franchise and series

    Quote from mariozolani223»

    Make dragons breathe fire

    Make every dragon breathe fire

    they will

    Quote from direwolf_noku»

    hai how do I get this pack

    its not yet out, but it will be
    Quote from surviver2002»

    When will this mod be released and for which minecraft version?

    we arent sure when exactly, but it will be for the newest version available to code on

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    Sorry i have been gone for so long everyone, life came up, been working through it, but I am back, we are going to start work on the mod real soon, so stay tuned!!!

    Quote from HellJoke»
    I come from the main page, but still can not, writes the page is not available

    ok, it is looking like for some reason my hosting service isn't available in some countries, i'm gonna port the info here soon

    Thanks for taking up the challenge again with this mod. My two young sons, both with autism, absolutely love the mod. They are both looking forward to new dragons and features being added in the future. They play it every day. We appreciate the effort of you and your team/s past and present. Cheers.

    Shaun (Dad/Tech Support to HarryMinecrafter1 and DinoDanMiner).

    thank you so much!! this is just the reason I wanted to come back to this community and this mod, its just so great. Hopefully we can get a version out for your sons soon, thank you for being an awesome dad!! (send me a PM and i can send you some info on our server we are starting before the mod is launched, i'm sure your sons would love to play on it)

    I am a huge fan of HTTYD and I am so happy that this mod is being revisited and revived!

    Quick question, do you think it would be possible to create a PE version or to make it downloadable onto iOS in the future?

    I'll have to look into that, I am not 100% certain if we would be able too, because they run on two very different coding languages, and not a whole lot is possible in the bedrock editions of minecraft with mods, but we can definitely look into it

    Quote from leararai»

    Of course, I'm sorry...But unfortunately, I also can not go to the site. He writes that the page is not available. Do you have a solution to this problem? If not, could you briefly recount the contents of your progress? And write about when the mod will be released?

    It appears my website isn't available in some countries, i'll start porting it here soon

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    Quote from HellJoke»

    I can not go to the site, says that the page is not available

    interesting, you should be able to navigate to those pages from the home page linked in the first post.

    Quote from Dushess74»

    Ok, wipeout complete, i'm here again.

    welcome back!

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    Quote from flowmation»

    I would love to see some of the water based dragons added to this mod and the bewilderbeast as well

    Things I would love to see and where they should spawn/be

    Bewilderbeast (ocean)

    singetail (forest)

    seashocker (ocean)

    Deathsong (Mountains)

    skrill (mountains)

    nightterror (caves)

    changewing (forest)

    speedstinger (snow)

    sentinal (mountain)

    screaming death (Revines/mountains)

    triplestrike (plains)

    smothering smokebreath (Caves)

    eruptodon (mountains)

    I know that is alot of dragons but it would be nice to see them in a minecraft mod

    and please give the dragons good animations

    Most dragons, if not all, will be added with time. I am more focusing on the base code for the mod in the first few versions, and figuring out everything behind getting the dragons to work. But as time goes on, i will add more and more.

    It's great to see that the mod is being worked on again. I'm so excited! ♥️🐉

    Same! I am really excited to continue working on it!

    Quote from Torch444»

    Glad the mod is being revived!

    I've been there when the mod was just starting, and it greatly saddened me when it became dead.

    Hopefully this works out!

    Same here, was always rough knowing it was just dying out there. glad to be back
    Quote from HellJoke»

    Hello, are there any updates or new models ?

    not yet, I just barely revived it, You can check our progress and our planned roadmap below



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    of course! It is my pleasure.

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    We will add the bewilderbeast with time, although it is not the top priority. We are first focusing on making sure that the code is written correctly and efficiently.

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    How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon 2
    By ZephyraNF, Lacy99

    FYI: The mod is not yet up for download, we are currently in the process of rebuilding and porting the old version of the mod into the newest version of minecraft

    First Created back in 2013, How To Train Your Minecraft Dragon, the original How To Train Your Dragon Minecraft mod is finally returning after going into limbo for a year and a half. We are rebuilding from the ground up in the newest version of Minecraft, adding even more then the last version of the mod. Due to us starting from the ground up, we are now considering this HTTYMD 2. Please stand by as we begin to sort things out and return dragons to the world of Minecraft.

    Please visit our website (linked above) for more information
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