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    Awesome! Just put up the update to 1.0.2 and 1.1.1, making waypoints more functional by allowing for them to be buried by up to 10 blocks. Previously, a buried waypoint just embedded you in the burying material.
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    Zenotek 1.1.1
    From the Stone Age to a Redstone Utopia, In Style!
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    *What Minecraft version are you submitting this for?: 1.7.10 and 1.7.2
    *Mod Name: Zenotek
    *Link to Mod: Link
    Mod Author: Zeno deSaqqara
    Availability: Available
    Forge Compatibility: Required
    Description: Adds several new blocks and items, from early game decorative to late-game redstone-interactive and teleportation systems.
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    nice mod. :steve_wink:
    though it doesn't really have to do mutch with tech i recommend renaming it zeno's constructs.

    Eh. It depends on what you view as tech. I'm planning to add significantly to the endgame phase, adding more blocks and more ways to combine them. Perhaps a certain configuration of inscribed blocks might act as a unit of memory?

    The part I'm really caught on right now is whether or not to start adding stuff like teleporter patterns, or patterns that make major non-redstone-logic changes. Is that the sort of thing you guys'd want?

    Besides, the -tek suffix does not have the same meaning as the word 'tech'.
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    Quote from RAAM

    Nice mod

    Thanks! I used to make one called Zeno's Mod, so I've got a bit of practice. Most of the good stuff from the old mod got included in this one, in the earlier stages.
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    Aesthetic and Functional

    Requires Forge

    Zenotek is a mod that brings you from your first steps in the stone age through to your redstone-based endgame utopia while still maintaining the feel of vanilla Minecraft. We don't add any crazy new tech systems to learn, but instead build on the ones that already exist in Minecraft.
    Here's a quick walkthrough of the things you can make. I'm working on grabbing and editing pictures to go with it, they should be up soon.
    The Stone Age
    Your first steps into a new world always focus on finding shelter for the night. In this regard, we've got you covered. Thatch is a block make by crafting four reeds together in a square, and makes a good roof. It also burns in a furnace, smelting four items.
    Once you've gotten your hands on some iron, you can also make thatch out of harvested tall grass. It finally has a use!
    At this stage, you can also build mudbricks. Mixing some water in a bucket (top left in the crafting grid) with four dirt blocks (bottom right) makes some mudbricks. While not the greatest blocks ever, they dry to dried mudbricks, which are as hard as rock. Good for those creeper-resistant houses.
    The Classical Age
    Tile blocks can be made from two pieces of flint on top of two cobblestone blocks. They're a classy floor, and a bit more resistant than cobblestone is on its own.
    You should also look into making a chisel. Craft a stick with some leather to make the grip, then add an iron ingot to make your first chisel!
    Using it on stone will produce some classy carved stone, and using it on stone bricks makes some ancient-looking cracked stone brick. Useful for those hard-to-get aesthetic blocks.
    The Blatantly Hedonistic Age
    So you've been mining a bit, and have uncovered plenty of rare resources. Thinking of using some to make classy storage-blocks? Why not carve them into worked blocks, for a nicer look?
    Just craft a diamond with a grip to get a diamond chisel. Using it on storage blocks turns them into worked blocks, and immediately returns one of the block's material to you. (Uncrafting the block later will return the other 8). It's not just good looking, it also returns resources to you for more practical purposes.
    You may also notice that you can use a diamond chisel on obsidian! Carved obsidian has some practical uses: it retains the strength of regular obsidian while also being able to be moved by pistons.
    When you carve obsidian, you'll get back some chips of obsidian. Using them in place of flint in the tile recipe gets you tiles that have obsidian's resistance to explosions!
    The Zenotek Age
    To enter this age, just craft a nice emerald chisel. You'll have to combine an obsidian chip and a diamond to make the grip for this mystical chisel, and then add an emerald to complete it. WIth it, you can make even classier carved blocks out of the various storage blocks. But that's not all!
    Try throwing an emerald into your crafting grid. You'll notice that it can be converted to 32 emerald dust. Now what do you do with emerald dust, you ask? Craft some of it with redstone dust, lightstone dust, and a block of worked obsidian. You'll get a block of Inscribed Obsidian: The mobile power-providing properties of a redstone block combined with the light-giving properties of a glowstone block and the blast-resistance of obsidian! It's also got some other neat features that we'll get to in a second.
    Say you were to try the same recipe, but with the finely worked obsidian instead of the normal kind. You'd get a block of Finely Inscribed Obsidian. All normal Inscribed Obsidian in a 5x5x5 box centered around a block of Finely Inscribed Obsidian cease to give out power, as it is drained away by the superior block due to mystical and eldritch powers. In turn the Finely Inscribed Obsidian outputs redstone power directly proportional to the number of normal Inscribed Obsidian blocks in its radius.
    Now if you try crafting an emerald on top of some redstone dust on top of a block of Finely Inscribed Obsidian, you'll get a Finely Inscribed Obsidian Core. Cores are very useful: for one thing, they point in one direction based on the angle you place them from. They only output power in that direction. How much power, you ask? The sum of the power outputs of the Finely Inscribed Obsidian blocks in a 5x5x5 cube around them! They even do this without draining the power from those blocks. Note: the power output side is the one with the emerald on it!
    With all of these new toys, all of which have obsidian-level blast resistance and all of which can be pushed by pistons, I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with!


    Now With Pictures

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