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    posted a message on Philippine National Railway Addon for Bedrock Edition

    Philippine National Railway Addon was created by Akihiro Akagi, you know him as Zenjo'oh Sama in Minecraft Forum, it replaces the dull minecart with Japanese Electric Trains operating only in the Philippines. The difference is the trainset is 3 cars long and fully eletrified, in reality... PNR is non-electrified and the trains hauled by a diesel locomotive. The reason why I decided that to the addon because this is possibly the PNR would look like if President Duterte declared modernization to PNR train. As of now, only KiHa 350 and Series 203 is available and available in colour blue or white. I also decided to add Kasukabian's City Construct Addon since you need that when constructing a railway.

    Suggested Station Size

    66 blocks long, make one block space between the rail and the platform. Make sure the arch is 6 blocks tall, because the train is 4 blocks tall and above it is the wires (iron bars).

    Download the addon at Wikia

    The reason why I decided to direct you to Wikia is because I don't want to waste my time coming back to this thread to update the download link and do the same thing on Wikia in case Update 2 comes. Also you can get the full information about the addon at that site.

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    posted a message on Where can I get more train packs for Real Train Mod?

    I tried looking for them and I find is useless garbage, where can I find more train packs for the mod?

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    posted a message on Create your own train Addon for MCPE
    Create your own train is an Addon for MCPE, it has a unpainted train replaces the minecart. It's also allow you repaint the train in the addon file. But I will only allow you to do that for private use. You will need to PM at my instagram @dpr.glodelania if you want to publish your costumized train or if you wan to use it on a server. There is a txt file that gives you some instruction how to paint the train rightfully and some restriction like don't edit or reshape the windows, wheels and doors unless your you're a pro-pixel artist and pro at editing the model file.
    The reason why I created this addon is to create more train addons easier.

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    posted a message on Tagalog Language Addon for MCPE/MCW10 - COMING SOON!

    I'm making a Tagalog Addon, the first Tagalog Addon in Bedrock Edition which I will release on Early 2019 at Minecraft Forum. I also made testing to this addon and screenshot it for you to see. Keep it mind some translation that has been changed will change again in the future.

    On these screenshots are the very first example, but like I said, it will change again.

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    posted a message on Digimobs(1.1.5) Re:Code-Awakening Digimon in Minecraft!

    I wish there was a PE Version of this.

    Is this work on Full release 1.13?

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    posted a message on I need a Cold Taiga Buffet Map (End Biome Style) for MCPE

    Since someone has port custom flat worlds in PE, Why not Buffet Maps too since Custom Flat world and Buffet Map Worldtype are not yet added in MCPE and let PE players like me do a test. Since I always wanted a Sky Dimension to PE. So, someone please port it. Thank you.

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    posted a message on Snow Flat World

    I need a snow flat world that snows instead of rain, can someone make it on Java and port it to PE?

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    posted a message on MCPE crashing

    This version seems to be fine, but when I install one of my personal texture pack it crashes when I'm trying to open my world, somebody help me please or else I'll have to go back to

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    posted a message on Skin pack loss glitch?

    You mean the 4D Skin Pack? They have been patch.

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    posted a message on Digimon Digi-Code Addon

    This addon is created by a Youtuber named Zenjo'oh Sama also known as Akihiro Akagi by his real name. This addon allows you type in both Japanese and Roman Digi-Code (Digimon's Alphabet). Before using this addon, please check if you have a Japanese Keyboard that allows you to type full-width Roman letters. If you don't have one, then download any Japanese Keyboard with Full-width Roman, I recommend Google Japanese Keyboard. Before starting the game, change your keyboard from your default one to Google Japanese Keyboard.

    This addon replaces Katakana characters and Full width Roman Letters, once you're ready, type Japanese words without using Hiragana or Kanji. The reason why I replace Full-width Roman Letters is if I replace the regular one, it would cause the game to be unreadable. I didn't bother replacing Hiragana too because it would delay the release and I think it should be enough.

    For Japanese Players, please change your game language to English.

    Download Link: https://glodelania.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon_Digi-Code_Addon

    The link will bring to the addon's article where the actual download link is there.

    Youtube Video:

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    posted a message on Rilu Rilu Fairilu Skin Pack

    Rilu Rilu Fairilu Skin Pack is a pack I created, based on the anime, Rilu Rilu Fairilu. It has 40 skins to choose from. Most of them are Alex (3 pixel arm) skins. The pack is also available in Japanese, Korean and Russian and all you have to do is to change the game language to the languages I mention.


    Download it: Click here

    It will bring you to the main article of the skin pack in Wikia where you'll find the download link.

    Update 2.0 - Fixed Karen Hanamura's texture on her Fairilu form and corrected Arisu Hanazono's texture on her Fairilu Form. More Fairilus might come soon.

    NOTE: Do not edit anything in the pack, if you need the skin.json to create your own skin pack then you are free to do that, just don't reuse the skins in the pack. Please credit me and add this Minecraft Forum Link when making a video.

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    posted a message on Manila Rail Transit

    Manila Rail Transit is a MCPE maps that remakes all the rail lines of Metro Manila including the plannes stations and MRT7. The Map was created by Zenjo'oh Sama also known as Akihiro Akagi by his real name.

    Download Links: https://glodelania.wikia.com/wiki/Manila_Rail_Transit

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This map was created in, you need to be in that version or the latest to access it. This may lag or crash for all low end users, please keep that in mind. I suggest turn off your wifi and turn anything needs to be off at the Video Settings of the game. The link will lead you to the Official Map Article in Glodelania Wikia. The actual download link is in the article.

    UPDATE: Right now, MRT7 is the only ridable line, The rest will be constructing soon, I'll start working on MRT3 by October.

    A Joyride Video will be make at Zenjo'oh Sama YT Channel

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    posted a message on Buffet Map for Bedrock Edition

    Since some people have start porting customized flat world. Can someone start porting customized buffet map to bedrock if possible.

    You can start with this combinations

    1. Jungle Biome - The End Generating
    2. Ice Spike Biome - The End Generating
    3. The End Biome - Overworld Generating
    4. Plain Biome - The End Generating
    5. Desert Biome - The End Generating
    6. Infinite Ocean Biome - Overworld Generating
    7. Infinite Snowy Desert (Cold Beach Biome) - Overworld Generating

    If you haven't know. This is the newest feature in Java Edition so far.

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    posted a message on [FLAT MAPS] Blafbello's flat maps

    How about a snow biome flat world

    Biome: Cold Plain


    Grass x1

    Dirt x10

    Stone x20

    Air x4

    Lava x4

    Bedrock x1

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    posted a message on Why I can't move minecart in

    The recent betas have more flaws than this like sudden texture errors which makes everything lava-like colours and unable to place banners infinitely in creative mode.

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