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    Forum Name: Zakacee
    What book are you on in the Series, or are you waiting for Thunder Rising: I haven't read any of the books. But may consider it. Are they good?
    Character Name: Blazepaw
    Character Age: 4 moons
    Character Appearance (please be realistic and detailed):

    Personality: Blazepaw is a shy warrior, loves to help, doesn't talk much. Depressed.
    Brief History (min 2 sentences, max 5): Blazepaw was born is a icey village raised by Torrpaw & Alipaw and at age 3 moons left on his own, he explored the world and trained.
    Family: Torrpaw, Alipaw
    Love Interest (remember - no mates or kits allowed for apprentices!): Exploring, Being alone, Drawing faint memories
    Cat Gender: Boy-Cat
    Other: N/A
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    Hello, I am looking for friends to play Minecraft with, I like playing SG,HG,Creative,Survival,Skyblock,PVP and Factions. Me and some other friends are working on a mega faction so theres that to. I also might wanna record some videos too. Please fill out this form below.

    First Name:


    Minecraft Name:

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    Nothing, I just restarted my computer
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    If I had to choose, MCUniverse or CaptainSparklez
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    Add me on Skype TehCookiesCm
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    Hello there, I am Zak, I hope I am posting in the correct category. Me and my friend David have made a faction on a server called Vicious Circle. It is a very nice server and we have a faction called Cookies. We are currenttly working on a 50 floor skyscraper with apartments on every floor. We currently make 3 floors per day because there fairly big, we have a work crew of 8 and we are working really hard on this, Right now we have 14 floors and we started on June 19th. We are big enough currently that we are recruiting new faction members to join. I will be posting photos at the bottom of this forum post as well the IP.

    We will not tolerate greifing or stealing, all mods do have the right to break into your house if they have a reason or think you are up to something. No cursing at the staff or members, no racist or sexual slures.

    If you would like to join please fill out the form below

    (Skype is required to join)

    1. Minecraft Name:
    2. How active are you:
    3. Have you ever been in a faction before
    4.Will you obey all rules presented
    5. Why do you wanna join the faction
    6. Do you have Skype, if so post your name.
    7. What is your time zone
    8. Will you be loyal
    9. Why do you deserve to join

    That is the fill out form.

    Now, we also have various rooms open, please also post in your comment what room, we have Apartments & Suites.
    Example: Room 1

    1. Suite, Floor 2
    Room 2.

    Room 3

    That’s all we have for now
    We are still processing all the rooms. Please leave the room name in the comment, you are also not allowed to ‘edit’ the rooms. This means no tearing out walls. You are allowed to edit the ceiling and floors only. And you do have the right to lock your chests, no worries about that. We advise you to private your room, and you also must be active, if you don’t show for 12 days you will be kicked and you have to fill this form out again to rejoin.

    We would love to see you join! Each entry will be reviewed carefully

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    Nice :Ham:
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    Amazing! How long did it take you?
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    Empire State Building.
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    Try CreativeCraft.
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    Very helpful for shops!
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    A Snow Mobile, or a Giant Snowman.
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