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    posted a message on France to legalize same sex marriage and adoption
    Quote from swampshark19

    First of all, I don't support homosexuality, but don't hate people that are homosexual, but they are selfish. They are selfish in a way because gays CANNOT naturally reproduce, thus if everyone is gay, no more humans.

    If the child sees their parents as an example, they would think it is normal to love people of their own sex.

    Your logic if flawed.

    You just created a scenario that's impossible, used it as a justification and an arguement, and his logic is flawed? So, we're selffish because we want to love the people we have every right to love? If love is a human emotion why is it the only one that has laws and restrictions?
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    posted a message on Why is gay being uesd as an insult?
    I'm sure that when people use the word gay as an insult they may not entirely be thinking about it themselves.

    There can be a few explinations at how people view it as an insult:

    1. People have a tight comfort zone and when they see something different they mark it as wrong and unacceptable so they find anyone with the trait to be an unacceptable person.

    2. People have a fear of gays and they kind of just throw the word around, possibly in an attempt to overcome this fear.

    3. Some people don't exactly think when they say an insult. For example, if someone called another person a ******* and the person (who got called *******) asked they guy if he knew what it meant, he probably wouldn't know. Some people can hear this insult thrown around among their friends so their brain begins to register this as an insult even if they're not entirely thinking of the meaning. Basically bad influences from peers.

    4. Society sucks.
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    posted a message on CONFESSION TIME! what was the worst thing you or someone you know did in school
    I don't remember what grade I was in, but it was sometime before fifth. I threatened the life of another student with a pair of scissors in the middle of class. He had been harassing me everyday of school that year. Every single day. Teachers always tell you to just go to them if someone picks on you, but they never did anything so I couldn't take it anymore. The school didn't even punish me because they knew that the kid was torturing me, but did they punish him ever? Nope.
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    posted a message on So when is 1.8 coming out for the loyal fans?
    Yep, you "loyal" players just sit back in 1.7.3 while all of us "heathens" run around finding bugs to report, but i guess you wanted xp orbs destroying your servers in the final release?

    Not downloading the pre-release doesn't make you a better person, but if you believe it does, it makes you a worse person.
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    posted a message on Xp + Multiplayer unfinished + 1.8 Pre-release = UNHAPPY INTERNET
    Quote from Spectrumized

    It's fine I guess if they want XP orbs to do something in 1.9, but currently they are 105% worthless in the 1.8 update. That is like if they added Melon seeds, but didn't have the coding to allow you to plant the vine, but with XP it can destroy servers.

    If someone goes on a massive mob-hunting spree for a few good nights, never dies, then gets creeper'd behind the back, GG for that area. Are we really going to have to just make it part of our daily cycle to jump in lava to get rid of XP orbs (Assuming they burn at all O.O)

    Yes, they do burn. We've pretty much made it a rule on the server I play to suicide in the incinerator after monster hunting/food hunting trips with empty inventories.
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    posted a message on I think the meme "I dont want to live on this planet anymore* would be correct here..
    I honestly don't see what the issue with not knowing what they are.

    "Hey, did you hear about some of these great entertainers back in the middle ages? No? THEN OUR GENERATION MUST BE ****ED UP."

    Entertainment gets old and dissipates and new forms of it come in. It's not wrong if people don't remember the same entertainment styles and forms from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc years ago.
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    posted a message on Is call of duty a disgrace to FPS's?
    Quote from jmlport98


    This seems to fit better for the way you were going with this.
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    posted a message on Things you can learn from video games.
    Firing from the hip is ten times more accurate then aiming down the sight. (Fallout3/NV)
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    posted a message on Why do people love COD so much?
    Why do people play CoD?
    Why do people play any Valve game?
    Why do people play any Battlefield game?
    Why does your opinion matter so much that the reason for playing a game differs?

    It's because they WANT to and because THEY CAN.
    The people who look down on ALL CoD players are just as bad as the fan-boys who fight to the death to defend it.
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    posted a message on What do you never want to see?
    No modern guns

    I guess a blunderbuss would be slightly okay if it's not overpower or overranged.
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