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    I don't have a following at all but I stream every now and then! Also have a youtube channel I upload streams to.

    Discord: Zachko#3005




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    posted a message on PotatoMC | Modded 1.16.3 SMP | Whitelisted | Communal 17+

    Hello, I just submitted my application!
    Discord: Zachko#3005

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    posted a message on New SMP Server [1.15.2][Vanilla][Whitelist][Datapacks][Casual]


    IGN: Zachko64

    Discord: Zachko#7298

    I love to build and work with other people of the community. I've been playing minecraft for almost 8 years now and am looking for a server with active members to hang with. I do have a couple people on discord who would like to join as well.

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    posted a message on Hurricane SMP (Pure Vanilla Whitelist, Everyone Welcome!)

    In-Game Name: Zachko64

    Age (Prefrably 14-16+): 25

    Discord Profile (Will need it for communication): Zachko#7298

    Timezone (Europe/Asia-Austrailia/Americas): PST

    Twitch.tv/Youtube.com channel (if you'd want to stream or record, not required): eh

    Speciality in Minecraft: Building, mapping, combat

    Can you use Discord Voice Chat?: occasionally

    How often can you be active?: Depends

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    posted a message on RedCraft SMP [Semi-Vanilla]{Starts Tonight}{HermitCraft-style}{Whitelist}{16+}

    My IGN is : Zachko64

    About me: Idk I like to hang, I get along with everyone. I like to build and team up in MC and make maps!

    Discord: Zachko#7298

    Thanks for reading!

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    posted a message on Xenon World Season 4 - Hermitcraft/Mindcrack like SMP server [NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR WHITELIST]

    -Minecraft IGN: Zachko64

    -Age: 25

    -Time zone (e.g. AWST +08:00): PST

    -Playstyle (e.g. Builder, redstoner, etc.): Builder, cartographer

    -What version you started playing(specify if its Beta, Alpha, etc.): I started on xbox 360 when it came out and switched to pc a little before 1.7

    -What you believe you could bring to the community: Development of a settlement, and friendly to others

    -Why you want to join: I'm looking for a fun and friendly community

    -Approximate hours a week you would expect to play: no idea, could range from 10-30

    -Discord (REQUIRED): Zachko#7298

    -Why Should We Consider You?: I'm friendly, and get along with others and I like to achieve goals with others

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    posted a message on --= Mughal Empire =-- Whitelist vanilla server 1.12 [ Looking for new Players ]

    What's your name? Zahf Mcgraph

    IGN: Zachko64

    Where are you from? Central Cali-forn-I-A

    How old are you? 25 / ancient

    What's your native language? english

    Anything else? I like to build and expand settlements and make maps or whatever.


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    posted a message on [NEW MAP] Elytra SMP: 1.13 Vanilla Survival Community (Whitelist)

    Minecraft username: Zachko64

    Discord username (including #___ number): Zachko2#7298

    Age: 25

    Tell me about yourself: I like to poke things with sticks, roll rocks over, and also poke rolled rocks

    Do you agree to follow the server guidelines?: of course.
    P.s. Sorry, I've done too many applications.[/b]
    But please consider me for your new server[/b]
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    posted a message on Closed Thread

    IGN: Zachko64

    Age: 20 somethiing

    Discord (Required): Zachko2

    Skills: Cartography, combat, building towers, charming snakes, feeding the homeless, exploration, boss beating

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    posted a message on 💎 Kakarin | Whitelisted Vanilla SMP | Looking For New Players 💎
    • IGN: Zachko64
    • Age: 25
    • Discord: Zachko2
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    posted a message on deleted

    ign: Zachko64

    discord: Zachko2

    what can you offer the server?: I can build, provide farms for food, cartography and help with bosses

    how long have you been playing mc?: 6-7 years

    why do you what to join?: I want to get back into mc again and play with some fun people

    have you ever been banned?: no

    do you agree with the rules? yes!


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    posted a message on The Gardens Vanilla 1.13-pre4 server | Vanilla SMP 16+ | 100% Vanilla, 100% Community-made | Discord server

    IGN: Zachko64

    Referred name (What we'll call you): Zachko

    Age: 25

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: 6-7 years

    How long can you be on the server, in general?: when i'm not working, possibly 2 hours each weekday and much more during weekends

    Favorite hobbies in Minecraft?: Building and cartography

    Favorite hobbies in real life?: Video games, movies, music, guitar, friends, drinking

    Plans/Projects on the server: Build a settlement and work with other community members

    Do you play other games? If so, which games/genre do you prefer?: I like too many to say

    Do you prefer a more ironed out experience (tight
    moderation, longer list of rules and scheduled events, more admin
    intervention) or a more hands-off approach (moderation if necessary,
    short list of rules and player-made events, less admin intervention) in
    terms of moderation/staff?: I like a more do whatever the hell you want but don't be an ass

    Do you prefer a more controlled community setting
    (mandatory teams, admin team focusing on teamwork and a tightly-knit
    community) or a more organic community setting (teams by choice, admin
    team focusing on issues and letting the community develop friendships
    and rivalries to their hearts' content)?: forcing people to do things isn't fun

    (OPTIONAL) Any pictures of previous
    builds/machines/communities/other awesome things you've done in
    singleplayer/other servers? (It's optional, but will boost your chances
    of being accepted):

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    posted a message on Making a whitelisted server just need enough members to join

    IN-GAME NAME (IGN): Zachko64

    AGE: 25


    Why do you want to join the server? I would like to get back into mc and meet some new friends

    What are your favorite things to do in Minecraft? Building settlements, houses and towers. Cartography, Boss battling

    How long do you expect to play on the server each week? Maybe a little bit each day, just depends

    How long do you see yourself being a part of the community (a month, a year, etc)? a few months minimum, just depends on the world and community

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    posted a message on || The World of Yesteryear || Whitelisted || Small Community || Hermitcraft-ish Inspired || 100% Vanilla


    What do you like to do in game?: Build towers
    Why did you choose us?: Seems like the best choice.

    What time zone do you hail from?: PST
    Any other questions:
    Bonus Points! Add some pictures of your builds.

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    posted a message on Small SMP Looking for Players [1.11.2] [Discord] [TimberlandSMP

    it says the discord expired

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