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    posted a message on Documentary of Mojang Available!
    so whats the total amount of vacation days taken?
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    posted a message on creepers killing team
    I dont think sssssssso
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    posted a message on Hunger and thirst bars on Realistic Difficulty
    Quote from 76q309


    That aside, I've got mixed feelings on the idea.

    It would add a new application for food. (+)
    It would make the player devote more time to food gathering. (-)
    It may add a new use for Milk. (+)
    It may reduce the amount of inventory space available for building materials, tools, etc. (-)

    You're correct on the food gathering.. perhaps food decay as well as having some food poison elements.

    also...should feature a weight system, that way you cant go around hauling 1200 rocks... or if you do so you will move slowly and go through your hunger/drink quickly...

    also needs to require sleep from the user, maybe though foods such as cake would temporarily increase energy due to sugar... but would decrease quickly after the initial gain... nutrition system should be added too.
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    posted a message on Hunger and thirst bars on Realistic Difficulty
    Quote from Korthos

    Everybody thought of this before you.

    sadly, this.
    also, we have milk in the game for drinking...
    being in desert biomes should increase the need for drinking quite a bit, and mining/chopping wood/anything should increase hunger based on the amount of work being done, walking costs less than mining and farming costs less than mining.
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    posted a message on ►►► Minecraft NEEDS Anti-Aliasing ◄◄◄ [POLL ADDED]
    do eeeetttt
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    posted a message on Castle City Gateway Design
    seems interesting... but this is not what the support forums are for.
    Support forums are for issues such as bugs or problems with the game/paying for it

    edit... how about that giant tower and each level has a wall.. and water comes down from the tower and flows through each level...
    my idea now!
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    posted a message on My house attacked by sheeps and cows o.o
    PETA is hacking your server
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    posted a message on Double clicking
    bump because out of all the horrible issues to affect me, be it graphical errors, crashes, etc, this is the one bug that is truly a game destroyer
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    posted a message on Double clicking
    Still happening in 1.6.6
    my specs
    3.4ghz quad core
    4gb of ram
    5850 amd radeon video card

    its not hardware related, that I can say for sure.
    Would like to be able to play minecraft, currently unplayable due to constantly double clicking, adding extra blocks, etc.
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    posted a message on ★ Empyrean ★ - No Whitelist|Hardcore|PvP| by DarkTideGames
    #1 In-Game Name
    - ZachUSAman

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 18 America

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - MC.net

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - 'Cause I want a server that's dangerous and fun.

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - I did.

    #6 Have you logged on to DarkTide at least once?
    - I did!

    #7 did you copy paste this application and its answers, and only modify them slightly to fit age/name?
    You bet I did! :SSSS:
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    posted a message on 17,280 blocks of dirt and what to do with it.
    great wall of dirt.
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    posted a message on Modders Kicking Notch At His Own Game
    Notch will open source the game, but after hes done with it.
    Of course modders are going to be better than devs at their game simply because they have more time to spend on the projects. I'm sure notch could do the things modders do, but its not what he wanted to do nor would he have the time for a stable release of them.

    Power to the modders though, thanks for making a great game better.
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    posted a message on 2 dif. slime ball recipes
    how about slime blocks are blocks you can stack stuff on, but you can walk through them perhaps? or trampoline effect.
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    posted a message on ZachUSAmans suggestion list!
    So I went through the stickies and while most ideas were already taken (curses!) some have not been, or my idea is a modification of it.

    farm fences- now i know that this has been suggested, however for this idea, its different. what a farm fence would be is a well, fence, but with a twist. sheep, cows, and pigs who are within these fences will not despawn if you go far away, and cannot leave the fenced area.
    in addition to this (possibly) livestock would respawn after a certain amount of time. fences cannot be built upon, and can only be built on dirt.
    another idea is a garden fence. this is much like the farm fence except that sheep, pigs and cows will not enter this area and have a party all over your crops >.<

    Berries: ok, i know this one has been done, but I'd like to perhaps use this in combination of a few ideas.
    first of all, they would be growable, you could plant a berry and it would grow. for looks, they would appear to be like a leaf texture except with a few larger dots on them colored for which berry they represent, much like ores.
    the berries would come in a few colors, red, blue, green, and yellow. and would be edible for health and powerups.
    blue berries- faster swim speed and longer breath duration as well as healed for +1 hp
    green berries- anything you plant will grow faster, and better crop yields as well as healed for +1hp
    red berries- damage resistance equal to +2 armor as well as healed for +2hp
    these would be only temporary buffs, and you could only use one at a time., and there would be a cooldown for using these, and the buffs would be non stackable.
    in addition to this, they could also be used for dyes and combined to make dyes, for example, you could take a blue berry and a red berry to make a purple dye. or, you could use 1 red berry and 2 blue berries for violet dye.

    also, would like to add that Zoythrus is the one who posted the idea for powerups before me (lucky charms), and that ibeatyou9 posted the idea of berries/dyes before me.

    feedback wanted.
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