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    Quote from BigAlanM

    This island is in a HUGE ocean with nothing but Mushroom Islands for THOUSANDS of blocks in any direction.
    It is at -596,-491. The nearest island is straight south at -640,-360. \
    The next nearest is at -1976,-1144 to the north west.
    The nearest land is to the northwest at -5084,-8064.
    The nearest land to the south is at -776, 11052.
    Whats the seed?
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    Quote from Nickmaz

    Very straightforward, as the title says, i am now accepting requests/ideas for new mods. Any requests no matter how big or small and i will work on the mod.

    Once the mod is complete, i will make a topic in the mod section and describe everything and include a download link.

    You will get credit for the idea!


    Edit: i probably should have included in the original post something about my modding experience. I have been doing general coding for 3 years and minecraft coding for about 6 months. I have also done modeling and texturing for about 5 months.
    Maybe you should get someone to help you. There are a lot of people asking you to make mods. I cant because I don't know how, but maybe you can find someone.
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    I made a topic yesterday (it would be two days when the post is approved) that asked someone to make a mod with tornadoes and wind and maybe lighting rods and hurricanes! Do you think you can make a mod like that? :steve_shocked:
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