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    posted a message on Renatus - Aurora Reborn | 99.9% Vanilla | 24/7 | Mature |
    Age: 17
    Why join: SMP is best and I can't stand servers that have 5,000 plugins.
    How long have I played: 2 months iirc.
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    posted a message on ♦Minecraft Junkie♦ Public|24/7|Grief Free|99% Vanilla
    I really want hey0. Server needs colored names!

    @imod How many mods are there other than you and purp?
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    posted a message on ♦Minecraft Junkie♦ Public|24/7|Grief Free|99% Vanilla
    Well its great to see the server is running flawlessly again. Server needs more mods on. Are there any mods other than imod and purp? You two seem to always be on at the same time and off at the same time. It's scary not having any grief protection there half the time.
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    posted a message on KaKaKa [temporarily closed]
    12/20/2010: imodatlife created the new thread for this server. Redirect all discussion at viewtopic.php?f=1025&t=110695

    Welcome to KaKaKa.

    We are a survival sever, dedicated to having a blast. Nobody on our server spawns items, not even our admins. Why do we do this? Because frankly, seeing huge castles and random buildings gets boring after a while. We like to keep things as close as possible to the single player, without sacrificing protecting against greifers.

    In order to survive on the server, you will need to join a community, where like minded players are working for a common goal, to survive. Of course, if the community grows large enough and has survived for long enough, it can become a town, then a town can become a city, and so on. With each community upgrade, all the members of the community get a special perk that cannot be acquired any other way. What is it? Thats for me to know and you to find out :tongue.gif:

    Come on and join!

    If you are reading about the technical admin spot.
    What I need is somebody who knows their way around java, and can write plugins for hey0's mod. Also, you will need to be able to do general bug fixes for the game, such as the block lag problem a while back. Please do not tell me you know how to write them if you don't and don't think you can fool me by ripping of a open-source plugin.

    Also, please only apply if you work well with others. I don't care if your the best out there, if your not pleasant, then I want nothing to do with you.

    Application for the tech admin slot.
    Note: THIS IS NOT FOR ADMINISTRATOR POSITION! ONLY FOR TECH ADMIN! If you are not a programmer do not post for the spot!
    Real Name(just the first name):
    Some previous plugins you have made: (names, and links)
    Why should I choose you:

    Other than that, come on have some fun, and start building. Our Website is http://imodserver.46.forumer.com

    Ip: kakaka.dyndns.biz

    (I'll be adding more to this post later)

    Like us? Leave a comment saying so!
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    posted a message on KaKaKa 24/7 [Dedicated] [Survival] [Tech Admin needed]
    Am I the only one having connection issues or is the server out right now?

    I keep getting "Connection timed out: connect" when I try to rejoin.
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    posted a message on Craftmine : [Whitelist][PVP/PVE][Shops][iConomy][AntiGrief]
    ign: ZEFFER13
    I enjoy mining and building things. Mostly mining.
    Passion for :Diamond: and :GoldBar:
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