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    LZAnarchy is a semi-vanilla anarchy server that allows hacking, griefing and duping.
    Server does not have moderators or admins, but lag machines will be taken care of! Either by leaking coordinates on our reddit or by removing it.
    Server is set on hard difficulty and is for the most part lag-free, at least we try our best to keep it lag-free.
    Server is running with a new, undestroyed (yet) map.
    We are running on version 1.16.1 and try to keep it always the latest

    IP: anarchy.lznetwork.cf

    Join us. We are looking forward to see you.


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    LZAnarchy is a new anarchy server that aims to keep running always on the latest version. This is a pretty new map, un-destroyed map... I think it will not stay like this for long. I will now give you a quick description of the server:

    This is a server without admins, moderators or owners.
    We hope to keep this map forever, the first one was reset due to lack of players...
    So it is on you keeping us alive by sharing this with more players.
    Remember anarchy was, is and will be the best game mode ever.

    Join us. IP: anarchy.lznetwork.cf Version: 1.16.1

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