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    posted a message on Fatal error occured (4): Permission denied: connect
    Recently my Minecraft's news page in the downloaded version doesn't load and when I try to sign it I just give me "Fatal error occured (4): Permission denied: connect" after I try to log in to play in the downloaded version. If I try to play in the browser I get froze on whatever page I was last on and it just says its loading. After about an hour of loading it says that the page crashed. I've uninstalled all my javas reinstalled them, allowed javaw in my firewall, redownloaded Minecraft, deleted my .minecraft folder, and tried using the portable version for pc so I wouldn't have to use java. Could anybody help me? I don't want to have to boot my pc just to play Minecraft again.
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    posted a message on McBans - Discussion
    I got banned on a server using MCbans for building a swastika (thats how I make the dimensions of a square) now whenever I try signing into Minecraft I can't connect to Minecraft.net. Think these might be link or anything?
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