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    Let's see whats wrong with Guess Who 2.1.

    1. The Secret Code book. When U Click HERE in the book it doesn't give you a book nd quit or anything.

    2. Guess Option. The Guess Option Is EXTREMELY Laggy. Doesn't Respond most of the time. Had to log out and log back in.

    3.When generating board it says 24/24 loaded when u press the button then it generates again.

    These problems all happened on a hosted server. Not LAN or Singleplayer.
    Please Fix or the game is like completely broken.
    Me and my friend both have a Mac and the server was hosted on a IMac Using Verizon Internet.
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    posted a message on PotatoCraft {Mindcrack-like} {Group Events} {UHC} {Latest Snapshot}
    IGN: yoshistory88
    Nickname (Optional): Etoshi
    Age: 10
    Skype: yoshistory88
    Timezone or Country: United States
    Why do you want to join PotatoCraft?: I want to join PotatoCraft because I want to play with other people on the minecraft community in peace and tinker with the new blocks and mechanics.
    What can you bring to PotatoCraft?: I can bring some redstone machines, Some farms,and maybe a minigame?
    Favourite block/s?: Cyan Stained Clay. I don't know why ,but it appeals to me.
    YouTube channel (Optional) and will you record (also optional): If you want me too I proably will do both. Youtube: YoshiPlaysMC
    Will you be interested in the community activities?: I proably will. Better Off If I know them
    Do you agree with our rules?: Yes, I agree 100%
    Have you ever been banned on other servers? If so, what for? (Don't worry if you have, you can still get on the server): No, I don't think so.
    Rank yourself out of 10 on the following:
    :cobblestone: Building 8/10 :cobblestone:
    :tnt: Redstone 9/10 :tnt:
    :DSWORD: PVP 8/10 :DSWORD:
    :DPA: Caving 7/10 :DPA:
    :DHOE: Farming 9/10 :DHOE:
    :ph34r: Pranking 10/10 :ph34r:
    :Zombie: PVE 10/10 :Zombie:
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    1. Name:PenguinStory88 2.Thanks!! Starter item packs
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