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My most favorite country


I'm an Android Freak

I like their products and stuff

My best Phone company

16. Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest

Favorite / Main search engine (Did I mention they own Android?)

That is all

Now for the TL:DR's (Fun Fun)

1. Disney

2. Anime

3. Doctor Who

4. Minecraft (Everyone's favorite game)

5. Deadmau5 (He's awesome, I have 2 wristbands of him)

6. The Beatles (I'm a big / Huge fan of them)

7. Technology (I'm a freak at it. I know everything about computers and Phones. Except for Apple products.)

8. Video Games (I do Xbox 360 and PC For Minecraft only)

9. Chick Fil A (I'm in love with them very much.)

10. Windows (Been with this OS for a very long time since I was 3).

11. Microsoft (They're a good company, they have the best stuff ever)

12. Japan ^^

13. Android (I own a Samsung Galaxy SII. Very moderate at it)

14. Samsung (As it says under the picture)

15. T-Mobile (Says it under the pic)

16. Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest (Social Media sites I'm on. Links on Part 4.)

17. Google (Says under the pic. Yeah I know, Google comes up with funniest and craziest stuff ever.)

18. Vocaloid (Looking for a pic of it)


Hey there, Names Ryan. Most of it has been explained in the interests part. I live in Orlando FL (Its okay and all. But I'm in a crappy area) the Solar State. My favourite attraction is WALT DISNEY WORLD (Happiest place in all of Florida).

I'm almost a Senior in High school, I got held back in Kindergarten (Reason for that. Didn't want to work, learn, of course had very many mental problems with that one kid. Yeah been a great year dealing with that stuff.

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska (The cold state). My father is now retired from the Air force, we've moved to different places every 4 years and a year after he got retired, my mom and dad got divorce (I will not explain it further from what my mom and sister tells me. So its very personal in our family).

I'm a very smart, loving, intelligent, nice , happy, postive, you'll get to know. I'm a very hard worker and I'm good at communication, eye contact, and corporation. I know right from wrong (Mostly I do wrong sometimes and I'm trying my hardest to the right). I'm a very thoughtful, and funny person you will get to know (Randomness is what I am "its true").

Now the Important stuff you need to know about me:

Alright, here are some importance you must know about me. So bare with me on this part as I try to explain myself.

Please understand that I have a few mental problems such as Mind loss, the way I think, weirdness, doesn't make any sense, I don't like to deal with people who are Trolls, and Grammar Nazi's (That will get you on my bad side which I highly recommend you don't go into. You won't know what I'll do to you. All I can say is; it involves raging and a lot of swearing).

I do try my best to correct myself such as grammar.

Sometimes when there's a fight or a tough situation I get very stressful depending on how the situation is, please do not over stress me or else everyone in the household will cause an even bigger problem. I really don't like to see that happen to me at all. If it gets worse for me; there's a chance I'll just block you permanently and not deal with you any further.

Now, I'm not ignoring anyone, or careless to you all. Its just when I don't expect a reply from you or anything. I'm less likely to talk to you more often then what you think and you have to reply it or else that'll happen. I'm not being mean or anything, I'm just letting you know what to expect, understand, and lookout for. I suggest you reply when you can, otherwise, good luck for me talking to you. The more you interact with me, the more I will talk, care, have my trust with you. Simple right? Good.

So now you fully understand about the importance of me and you know what to lookout for. By the time you got to this point, you've pretty much know everything about me. I may be rude and annoying sometimes, but I'm still the a very nice guy. As long as you're on my good side, we'll get along very well.

Ways you can get in contact with me: PART 4

Skype: "Contact info"



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