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    UPDATE: Voting is up
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    Thanks, CountDoko!
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    Welcome to SimpleCraft

    SimpleCraft has set a precedent, with an amazing amount of hard work in a remarkably skilled design. The next era of the server builds on that achievement of the two previous years, adding even more to an already impressive server. An extended server shop. Accurate leaderboards for nearly every statistic. And ultrafast connection.

    Community (its just different here)
    Simplicity (copy paste the IP, log in, and play - no whitelist, no agreements, just easy)
    Reliability (weve run servers for over 2 years)
    Over 99% uptime
    No item-spawning, and no op for non-staff!
    Specialized Anti-Cheat and Anti X-Ray technology
    Custom-made plugins made specifically for our server
    Zero-tolerance towards cheaters
    Professional Experienced Staff
    Mature Friendly Players
    32 Slots
    4.1 GHz Intel Core i7
    8 GB of 1600MHz Memory
    256 GB Solid-State Server Drive
    Fiber-Optic Networking
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