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    One of the gripes I have with Minecraft is the lack of a proper 2-sword playstyle. Not only are shields practically required now, but there is no way to do a 2-handed DPS build. The support, for some reason, isn't there.

    Getting two swords of the same type is redundant. You can't use both of them at the same time. Just how hard is it to swing two swords against things with little armed combat experience?

    While the attack speed nerf was warranted, the lack of sword-block really isn't, especially when you can't roll or sidestep. I propose the addition of a quick sidestepping mechanic, a form of movement where you either double-tap your side movement buttons, or press SHIFT and tap one of your side movement buttons.

    This should allow an agile form of movement that can deal with the new skeleton speed, coupled with the removal of sword-blocking, even without a shield. Since this form of defense is not only hard to execute, but is also constrained by tight spaces, the player should be rewarded by being able to stab both swords at once, if they choose to play that way.

    Granted, shields will still be useful in places where you might not want to throw yourself to one side.

    Alternatively, the player should be able to parry attacks, by hitting the right-mouse button. By parrying an attack, a player negates the damage from the attack and knock all projectiles away. However, only the direct damage is negated; splash damage isn't.

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    Quote from Isaac_John»

    Can you review my map? Here's the link to it:


    It's a parkour/adventure map, but it's mostly adventure. ;) If the parkour gets too hard, you can always go into creative mode (/gamemode c) for that part. ;) All the details of the map are on thread linked above. Also, this map is singleplayer.

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    Quote from Wiciu03»

    Vid will be added tommorow so busy now. Btw why you doing a video if you don't like this map. I don't reeeeeeeelly need it. Btw2 Look on sign, because you don't read lots of things (/spawnpoint). Don't be a hater and don't do a video to hate somebodys map. I'm now thinking about adding this vid...

    If there are no haters in this world there will be no incentive to improve.
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    Fix your image links. I'm LPing this.

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    Quote from KinanQeBadre»

    Thank you very much! i have just a thing i forget to mention..

    i'm doing the map in survival mode, but when i'm building i set the game /gamemode creative (ofc when i finish i set it back to survival) but can the player changing it ?

    Loop /gamemode 2 @e
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    Quote from KinanQeBadre»
    div class="quote-body">

    Hello everyone i need some help from you guys..

    First of all i'm creating a big adventure map .. i need some help in some points!

    Now i'm having trouble with:





    now my questions:


    How to set the time always 3PM ? i'm doing /set time 3 .. but after 20 mins it's comeback to night ?

    /gamerule doDaylightCycle false


    I want the weather always sunny, i'm doing also /weather clear but after 20 mins it's back to snow/raining

    Loop the command.


    How i can remove mobs from my map ? i only want them in some points ?

    /gamerule doMobSpawning false


    How i can make blocks for player unbreakable ? like i don't want someone to destroy the map.

    /gamemode 2


    Give me some commands that i will need in my custom map :)

    Many thanks!

    -Kinan Badre

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    My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWs87LHfUo7vWDHXjkfaw8g

    Feel free to ask me to review or play your map!

    I am good at:


    Adventure (story-driven or otherwise)


    I am ok at:


    I am bad at:

    Parkour (I can still do it, though)


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    The Ender Inferno is a structure placed on the ground. It forces things up, even if the thing it forces up has wings.

    Pictured is an Ender Inferno generator. The exact specifics is up to Mojang, but I think it should require parts from the Ocean Monument, Ender City, and a Beacon to balance it.

    Ender Infernos are 4-wide and 8-tall entities which randomly spawn in the End, after the Ender Dragon is defeated. They move slowly through the air, burning anything that touches them. The Ender Inferno's heat also forces air to rise, propelling anything in or up to 30 blocks above it 10 blocks higher. This behaviour extends to players using Elytra.

    If they or whoever is burnt by them touches water, the inferno/residual fire will explode, dealing 6 damage (3 hearts) of damage.

    Ender Infernos can also be generated by the structure pictured above. It will spawn a stationary Ender Inferno if an Ender Pearl is offered to the Beacon. Ender Infernos spawned by the structure will initially push entities 3 blocks higher, though this number can be increased by offering more Ender Pearls.

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