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    Hunger Games 2
    This is my second map of hunger games , wich is better than the first one.
    You are now in the ruins of the district 13! Will you survive?
    I made this map alone, it took me a month.Enjoy it!
    It has the ruins of the district 13, and the Petrified forest( it isnt in the hunger games, i invented it)
    its already updated to 0.6.1, i added also a new área, new chests and parkour.

    Download Link---> http://db.tt/mAf6pSeT

    if somebody could make a review or lets play i will apreciate it so much!

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    Bienvenido a los forums!
    Trata de subir screenshots , asi los demas podran ver de que se trata tu mapa, y si sabes ingles, subelo en ingles, porque la mayoria de los posts son en ingles, o ponlo en los 2 idiomas.

    si tienes alguna duda preguntame.
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