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    Hi guys! Thanks for clicking on my topic, so I'll tell you my request now.

    The Narwhal Mod!

    This is a mod that simply adds another sea creature, the Narwhal! The Narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, and if you need more info, I'll link you to the wikipedia page at the bottom of the post.

    Narwhal Behavior and Appearance:

    The narwhals behavior should be simple. It roams around in snow biomes under the ice. (If that's too hard for you, you can make it anywhere in the water, but if you do that, an AWESOME added bonus would be for it to hunt squid)It would also be passive. Around 5-6.5 hearts should be good as well. It would drop the:

    Narwhal Tusk!

    The narwhal tusk is dropped from the narwhal (1 in 50 chance of 1 dropping) and can be used to create the narwhal tusk dagger.

    :: :: ::
    :: :: :Ham:
    :: :|: ::

    Where :Ham: is the tusk.

    This dagger would deal 1 heart of damage, and would only have 30 durability uses. So basicly, this dagger is half of a wooden sword. There are several reasons you would craft this, and here are some:

    2x2 Crafting Grid
    Can be crafted with one log
    Easy to craft


    You've heard of clay soldiers right? Well you know how you can customize your soldiers? Same with this, expect in the crafting grid!

    Flint: Sharpen the Sword! +1 heart damage
    Slimeball: Poison! Half Heart damage for 2 seconds every .5 seconds
    Diamond Block: Increase the dagger's ability to a diamond sword, also changes the hilt of the sword to diamond encrested. High Class.

    That's all I can think of...Add more stuff if you want! And thanks for reading, as I would love to see this mod!

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    posted a message on Minecraft Code Freeze In Effect
    My favorite addition? Everything. Notch and Mojang have been so grateful to us. :)
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    posted a message on Easier Stronghold And dungeon finding?
    Quote from nebetsu

    I have an idea: Take an enderpearl and craft it with blaze powder, resulting in an "eye of ender". You would take this item, throw it in the air, and it would lead you to the stronghold. PS: It would have a small chance of breaking on throw.

    (Sorry for DPing) OMG. BEST. NINJA/SNIPE. EVA.
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    posted a message on Minecraft's Slowly Turning into an RPG
    Quote from FireroseNekowolf

    Now these ones irk me.

    Does it have a plot or story? No. Steve the magical bunny runs from Professor CreeperPants and Dr. Enderman
    Does it have quests you must complete? No. Oinkers the Pig: Help me find my missing snout! "Ok!" says steve, *updates to 1.8*
    Does it have antagonists? No. Professor CreeperPants and Dr. Enderman, DUHH!
    Does it have goals? No. GET. MOAR. DIAMONDS.
    Is it linear? No. http://www.terraria.org/ (Kinda a Pun)
    Are you playing the role of a character? No. Steve the ShapeShifter!
    Does it even have an end point? No. Ultra Hardcore Mode, DUHH!

    This. Let me fix that though :3
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    posted a message on Fixes to all your problems!
    OK. We have all seen the "Mooshrooms r stupd" thread. I mean come on. The 6 year old doesn't even know English, yet we agree? Here's my ways to deal with some of the things that are "stupd"

    Problem 1- Mooshrooms are useless and dumb
    Dumb? Maybe. Flippin' Awesome? Oh heck yeah. Useless? NO! From one Mooshroom, you can get Beef, Mushroom Stew, Mushroom, Milk, and Leather. That's five resources from one cow. (To get Beef and Leather, shear the cow; to get shroom stew, milk it with a bowl")Tell me that's not useful (BTW, the mushroom island biomes are extremely rare, so you probably don't have to see one anyways)

    Problem 2- NPC's are ugly
    Yea, I will admit they are. But it gives an eerie sense that you aren't on earth, but an alien planet. Still don't like him? Solution One: Deal with it Solution Two: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=minecraft testificate reskins

    Problem 3- Snow Golems? Come on Notch.
    Yeah, at first glance, they were pretty dumb to me. But then I realized, they can be used to create complex traps. There is a good thread that shows these possibilities, I will link soon. Or, you know, they are optional, sooooooo.....

    Post some of your problems, and I will find some ways to fix them. I may have sounded harsh in these but these are because people keep on saying these and I'm ticked. I will try not to sound as harsh when you post yours.

    EDIT: I'm not whining about how people whine. I am stating some things that people say are dumb, and fixes and solutions for them. That is all.
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    posted a message on I prefer 1.8 instead of 1.9
    OH MY GOSH! Mooshrooms are supposed to be a joke, for those who have a sense of imagination and humor. Plus, when you milk them with a bowl: Mushroom Stew. Shear them: Normal cow, AND two mushrooms. Tell me that is useless. Like 5 items from 1 cow. ( Beef, Shroom and Shroom Soup, Milk Bucket, and Leather)
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Aether Collaboration Mod - V1.02 - NEW MOBS, FIXES, ITEMS AND FEATURES!
    Quote from Hyomoto

    This mod is popular, sure. New item slots, mobs, blocks, dungeons, a new dimension. I get it.

    So I'll say it. This mod is ****ing lazy. I don't get what kind of simple-minded twit installed this and decided it was 'amazing' or considered it remotely good enough to be a part of official Minecraft. Take away the mobs and dungeons and you have a texture pack and a custom terrain generator. Woot.

    Holystone tools, are you ****ing kidding me? Gravitite? Hey, here's a version for you, we call them stone and iron on the surface. A purple texture is only good enough to fool the brain-dead. I wrote a synopsis for you:

    Enjoy these fun features! Texture-swapped blocks, texture-swapped tools, texture-swaped mobs with wings! In the Aether we use Aether wood to make Aether tools and Aether coal in our Aether furnaces to make Aether pendants for our Aether chests.

    I get it, I'm in the ****ing Aether.

    "Hey man, you don't get it. It's like Minecraft but if you fall off you die."

    No, it's like the creators thought regular Minecraft wasn't good enough so they removed the floor and changed the texture pack. Falling off is more of an inconvenience than anything, kinda driving home the nail they think the surface is inferior and exists only as a barrier to get to a better dimension. That's the reason they added beds to the Aether right? Now you don't even have to leave. I mean, after all, the Aether has cows too, but these ones have wings!

    Seriously, I know all the biggest supporters of this mod never thought to analyze what they were looking at but the best parts of this mod don't need another dimension to exist, it only justifies the useless, redundant, palette-and-texture swapped pastel additions and lack of bedrock.

    You're welcome.

    Man you're a hater-tater! I like how you said "Take away the mobs and dungeons (some of the best parts) and you have a texture pack and a custom terrain generator. Woot.". Think you could make a better mod? Guys this mod is awesome, and you guys should keep it up. Can't wait til' 1.03 is out and it's all good with 1.8.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Survival: Pass it on
    Sweet thanks! I finished cobble just now, but it's late here, so I'm heading to bed.
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    posted a message on Want to play 1.8 Early? Here's How!

    EDIT: Crap. I posted first and nothing else so I could be first, then you ninja'd me.

    Actual INFO: This is EPIC! But, .net won't load so I can't do it :(
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    posted a message on [0.5] Sunnycraft [16x16]
    Try this one-DOWNLOAD
    SunnyCraft!(Logo goes here)

    Description: Sunnycraft is a mixture of realism and a cartoon. Think Jolicraft mixed with SMP's revival.

    Totally Awesome To-Do List: (In order)

    Every single block of terrain.png
    Terrain (Sky, Boat, etc)
    Basic TP Needs(Title, Icon, etc)
    Mob Skins
    I may (MAY) make a font, but Imma ask FiftyNiner if I can use his :biggrin.gif:


    What You Can do to Help:
    Make an Epic Banner/Logo
    Suggest Some blocks
    Instead of flaming, motivate!

    Credits: The FiftyNiner-for donating his awesome font: The FiftyNiner TP HUB

    Thanks for coming to Sunnycraft! I would appreciate if you gave me your feedback. Feel free to ask questions.
    Enjoy, and Have A Sunny Day!
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