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    Hi everyone,

    this is the official thread of Ambersyell, a project from The Realism Society building team. For now 2 years we have been working on a huge realistic city project we've named Ambersyell, our community has shared a few screenshots on Reddit, Imgur and PlanetMinecraft and are now trying to reach a larger audience by posting on here, we are hoping you will all enjoy our hard work. Unfortunately there is no download available to our map as of now but builders and I will regularly post screenshots and updates of our progress here.

    Project info

    Ambersyell is a massive Eastern North-American inspired city built on a 30k x 20k custom WorldPainter map. It is the capital of a fictive island nation called Esterlon which counts 2 large metropolises, the other being our older city Huntington. Our project was started back in 2017 and now counts multiple neighborhood & areas such as East-Warrendale, West-Warrendale, Seacrest, Downtown and Kirkland each with their own unique feel and style (Suburban neighborhoods, Industrial areas, ports, etc.) We estimate at least 500k man hours have been put into the project so far (and many more to go!) by our many incredible builders that have come and gone along the years.

    We have also created our own Resource pack, TRS 2.0.1, which we use on this map.

    Here are the most recent recent project renders:

    Additional info:

    Our main project leaders are Nammerbom, Stupidrainbows, AlphaRebel, Jessegator and myself.

    Notable builders: Cam_777, ZePuncakeGawd, Whiffdog, Romi, NikolaT3sla, Des9301, greenmallow, Coolcalvino, Dannie.

    Our Discord server: https://discord.gg/tYZBrE8

    We do also accept builders!

    If you are a city builder and are interested in taking part , but as the server advertising rules are strict we suggest either asking on our discord or direct messaging me or a builder in the thread.

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