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    We all know that Sony and MS will never let us import stuff on to their systems, but is there any reason we can't remix what we've already purchased?

    4J what I'm asking for is a menu IN GAME that let's us pick and choose our favourite blocks from the texture packs we have purchased.

    So for example I could use the grass from Steampunk, the woods from Natural and the paintings from Modern to create my own personal texture pack.

    Since we still have to purchase the texture packs to sample them neither your revenue or Sony's is affected and maintains the integrity of Sony's platforms.

    Please make this happen as it would allow for an expanded creative element that is missing since we cannot choose from the nearly infinite resource packs our PC brethren can

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    Hi I'm an older (21+) player and I'm looking for a fun no griefing Realms server to Join.

    I love repairing, building, growing the villager towns and seeing what fun new creations people can come up with

    IGN is Yanahlua
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    Name: John
    Age*: 21+
    Username*: Yanahlua
    Location*: Ontario Canada
    How long have you owned the game?*: PE for 9 mos, PS3 6 Mos, PC 2 Mos
    Previous experience on realms/servers*: Lot of community work on PS3 and recently started playing Tradercraft on PC version.
    Why do you want to join our community?: Honestly I really liked all your rules. It seems like the sort of place a happy Unicorn like me could fit in fine.
    Have you ever been banned or removed from a realm/server?: Once got auto kicked for flying when I got stuck in a block that glitched due to lag, but other than that nothing.
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