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    Please help animate the Harute Gundam, I am trying my best, but can't seem to get it to work. Slider null_149 is activates sniping mode visor, Null_131 activates Trans-Am mode (glowing red effect). I want both to activate for animation: run.vmd. Null_146,Null_147,and Null_148 are booster options. Slide them all the way over when you first open the model. in mmd. Null_154,Null_155,and Null_156 are transformation sliders. I want the sliders Null_148, Null_147, and Null_146 in the default position for fly.vmd/flying.vmd only and Null_154, Null_155, and Null_156 activated for fly.vmd/flying.vmd. It is an amazing model, very detailed. Five stars to Zefai for making it. Here is the download, it is usually hard to find so I hope it helps other people on this thread : https://bowlroll.net/file/56498: Here is the movie it's in: Sorry I can't find anything else that shows it in action...

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