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    posted a message on The Horse Update: 1.6 Is Now Live!
    yay.... yet another patch that doesn't feature mod support, so glade they spent all this time on horses, now that btw guy is going to make a better than horses mod that wont work with any other mods......

    goes back to 1.5.2 since mods just barely started updating to that version....
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w23a Ready For Testing!
    Looks for official MOD(not plugin) support, doesn't see anything....

    To be honest i dont care about added "features" anymore, all the features i want are in mods, all the junk Mojang addes is just boring, let the community make the features, support mods officially.

    Also i kinda dont want MC updated because its such a pain to get everything updated, then you have modders that will update to the latest build and drop support for the older versions of MC.
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    posted a message on Official Crafting Dead Mod
    Are you all going to release the server.jar?
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][SMP][Forge]Baked Goods Mod Beta - Unique Food in Minecraft!
    download link to drop box is broken.
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    posted a message on 12w40a Snapshot Ready For Testing!
    Quote from HariboTer

    What a ridiculous game is Mojang playing with the mod API?
    I mean, it's absolutely ok if they need to spend a lot of time into it. But instead, they focus on doing features which would be easily implementable with a good mod API and, on top of that, keep saying "Mod API delayed again [*harhar*] but next version for sure" (but then stay totally quiet about it), thus making a mockery of mod leaders who don't want to update their mod (because "Mojang said the mod API comes soon").
    Actually it's a sad way of developing, they're fooling the community as well as they're fooling themselves.

    Again, I am not impatient and I'm happy that they're doing something like a mod API, just the way Mojang is doing it is very wrong at the moment.

    This is pretty much all i look for when i see an update, I really dont care about witches int he forest, thats honestly something that a player could have added. While i do love content, the game is open enough that they need to embrace the player community, similar to how valve and blizzard have done with the source engine and the custom games that SC2 has built by the community.

    The only thing not having a dedicated mod api does is make it so that you have broken mods ever update, i really hate updates because half of the people too stupid to click no update and then dont want to hassel to downgrade just to play on a cool modded server.

    I'm tring to get into learning both java and modding the client, while the server side is way easier if i just stick to bukkit, i would like to get some mods on the client to help upgrade those server mods.
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    posted a message on Clay Soldiers Mod v. 3.0.0-alpha.3 (MC 1.12.x) / 2.0.0-beta.2 (MC 1.7.10)
    This is a pretty cool mod. hope to see SMP support one day.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]SSP Mods in SMP – Explosives Plus v3.3 b2
    JSN Man rocks, just wanted to say
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    posted a message on RumbleGoat-[BC/IC2/RP2][Bukkit][Residence][Economy][PvP]
    Server: Rumblegoat
    address: mc.rumblegoat.com
    website: www.rumblegoat.com
    ts3: ts3.rumblegoat.com:5163 pw:goat
    WorldMap: map.rumblegoat.com
    Player Limit: 40
    Project Status: BETA
    Free/Pay/Donation: donation server
    Positions: Tester/Player, Player/Mod, Player/Admin
    Server Specs: Duel Quad 2.5, 8GB Ram, 5GB for MC
    MC Version: 1.1.0 (we are waiting for plugins, mods to be updated)


    I'm working on a new industrial/build craft/redpower2 server. I'm currently looking for beta testers to generally just play the game but to also submit any issues they encounter. Right now i have a team of 3 that assists me with the server administration. Let me first state that We are not a full fledged established server, We are a new start up in test/beta phase. If you would like to get involved in the beginning now is the time.

    One thing to mention, even though we have mods that make automation very easy, unattended automatons are not allowed, if you want to farm trees, plant them in the ground and wait for them to grow. If you want to make a cake factory thats fine but your not allowed to make a factory that gets milk,sugar,wheat and spits out cake with a push of a button.

    Yes this is one of those "install 60 billion plugin" servers, well actually just 6.

    The install information can be found here:

    IC2 wrenches have a 100% rate
    Dungeons have been patched to drop records if you find them.
    IC2 Reactors output 10x more power (100 EU per uranium at 1.0 eff)
    (CASUCS are not possible since they blow up what ever they are connected to)
    Players can Own/Control Land
    Owned land can be set to disable pvp or enable it in regions that have pvp disabled.
    Players can rent land from other players.
    Players can buy/sell land to/from other players

    Stealing/Limited griefing is allowed, Excessive greifing and generally trying to make some one else play experience is not allowed. You can protect your self with the residence plugin or having a group join with you.

    Client/Server Mods:
    ModLoader for minecraft 1.1
    ModLoaderMp 1.1 v2
    Forge 1.3.1
    BuildCraft 2.2.12
    RedPower 2.0pr4d
    Industrial Craft 1.64
    BC-IC2 Cross over mod. 1.18

    We are not trying to be the #1/Top/Whatever server, We are simply a server intending to have fun. players are rewarded by playing, We don't give handouts and don't set the server on cheat mod, admins/mods are required to play legit unless working on a public structure. Players that join at this point will have the benefit of providing feedback on the plugins for this server and help in tailoring the servers play experience. This is neither intended to be a cash cow, we accept donations to help keep the server running, all donations are used strictly for the server costs.

    If you made it this far just go to Rumblegoat.com and click on the Recruitment link at the top or click here: http://www.rumblegoat.com/apply

    White listing generally takes a couple minutes after application to site is accepted.

    We run McMyAdmin set to 30 minute map saves and 3 hour world backups.

    See the website for more information.

    Now running Custom Radio Based Chat plugin made by me.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Poll; Sneak Peek of the Jungle
    some one should start a poll on if people want mod support and multi threaded servers.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0][SMP][BUKKIT]Server Currency v0.5.2[WIP]
    Yes it would be nice to have a "Disable mint" flag in a config file so only the server can spawn the money at least.

    or better yet if you could add bukkit permissions

    something like "servercurrency.smelt.cancraft" "servercurrency.smelt.cansmelt"

    something so that the server admin can give "plates" to certain people or that you can assign the ability to make the die to one group and the ability to actually make the money to another.

    That would let some players with "banks" in other currency plugins use this.

    Also i would like the ability to change the currency names.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0][SMP][BUKKIT]Server Currency v0.5.2[WIP]
    It would be pretty awsome if this was able to intergrate with IC2 since they already have a coin there.
    Quote from Jsn_man

    I'll look into it. There are an absence of sufficient tutorials (or any, for that matter) that I was able to find, so I shall not be moving to Spout for the Bukkit portion of the mod anytime soon. You tell me when you find an API with actual instructions.

    OMG that is awsome, i hate spout. you rock dude for standing up for your mod.
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    posted a message on Minecraft News - Version 1.1, Pocket Edition Updates & More
    Multi Threaded server..... nope
    Mod support ....... nope

    oh wow, more rpg stuff...
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    posted a message on [DEPRECATED] [1.0.0] Minetographer 0.7.7 - Detailed Map Renderer
    Quote from AlphaRebel

    Just gonna put this here.

    So far the map size ends up about 2x the size of the game world so if you have a 100MB game world you need about 200MB of storage some where on the web, how ever thats not what is going to get pulled every time some one looks at your map its what ever they zoom into.
    Quote from BigAlanM

    I originally had problems getting MC to run last month and one of the things I did was to uninstall and delete all versions of Java and then install the latest 32 bit version.

    I found that my MC crashing problems were due to not having FOV set to "Normal". Prior to that I was lucky to get MC to run for as much as ten minutes without crashing. Now MC runs just fine on my machine.

    Right now, 10:05 EST 12/15/11, Minetographer won't go beyond "Initializing" so I'm going to reboot and try again.
    I'll report back here shortly.

    EDIT: 11:40 EST 12/15/11 OK, I found out why some worlds won't map.
    I've been saving copys of my worlds by copying the world folders and renaming them.
    I got too many in SAVE folder so I moved a bunch of my earlier saves into a sub-folder. When I first ran Minetographer it searched the MC Save folder AND sub-folders for saved world folders and made folders for them in it's own output folder. Apparently Minetographer can't process a world whose folder is not in the first level of the MC Saves folder. I made a copy of one of my saved world folders and put it in the first level of the MC Saves folder and Minetographer built the map with no problem.

    BUT, it then crashed before opening the map in FireFox. I had to double click on the map.html file to get it to display.

    EDIT: 0805 EST 12/16/11 Changed "directory" to "folder" to be more modern. Sorry, I lived with DOS for a LOOOONG time. :wink.gif:

    update to Java 7, that fixed allot of problems on my XP machines.
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    posted a message on Twilight forest Seeds
    Try one of these


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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Mine Upside Down 0.3 - the other side!
    congrats, once some of the bugs are worked out this would make a awsome addition to a SMP Server.
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