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    posted a message on [Official] DivineRPG Minecraft Survival Server
    I posted a application :).
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    posted a message on Joypad Mod - USB Controller, Split Screen [over 350K downloads]
    Thank you so much i have been watiting for this for 1 year and a half now this allows people to play with there friends without having a high end pc
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    posted a message on Looking for builders
    i have recently took up animating if you are a good builder i would like you to build most starcraft 2 units for me NO buildings just units i may also contact you for other projects
    in game name:
    pic of something you built:

    P.S i will send you a personal message if you are chosen containing my skype name P.S 2 do not call me on skype it is only to tell you when im online
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    posted a message on Minecraft Modding Made Easy (40+ Videos!)
    Quote from karlthechao12

    ... Well, I would have to say its a little bit pointless (for me anyway) because I think most people who don't know how to mod know no java what so ever :\

    I do not know java , i do not know c # yet x2robbie2x has helped me with his tuts create a mod i have been atempting for 2.5 months... GO CHECK HIS CHANNEL OUT!
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    posted a message on Need Help
    i have i fair amount of knoledge (i know i did not spell that right) regarding scripting i have tried many times to make a mod and every time mcp gives me a parsing error or i did not put ; and then i fix that and it gives me 100 errors regarding all other minecraft files exept mine!

    i do not know how to fix this and if someone would help i promise you the most epic storyline featuring the ender... please i really need help i have tried fixing this
    for the past 4 months (P.S i have latest mcp v5)
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    posted a message on Minecraft Capes! [Multiplayer Capes/Cloaks][www.MCCapes.com][Cape Gallery] + Transparent/Animated!
    How did you get it on 1.0.0 mcp doesnt suport 1.0.0 yet
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    posted a message on Ordo Imperator Novum - Recruiting
    Minecraft.net username:Xxx_ShadowxxX
    Experience in SMP:i have little experience with pvp but a ton with minecraft multyplayer so i would like to get more into minecraft pvp
    Other games you play:to many to list but i play xbox and pc
    Have you read the rules:yes
    Are you in any other clans:no
    Why do you want to join OIN?:becuase think i will tribute to your clan and i am on regularly unless i am playing a marathon on xbox
    Tell us about yourself: (2-3 Sentences) i am a non agressive person unless someone bugs me enough i joined minecraft nearly 1 and a half years ago
    Why should we accept you?: becuase i would help the clan build get food and fight and i would like to become part of something
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    posted a message on ♛♛EMPIRE-CRAFT♛♛[24/7][80SLOTS][ONLINE]
    In Game Name:Shadowclaw
    Time zone:(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)
    What faction:The Shaolin Wolves
    Do you accept the rules:yes
    Why you wish to join:ive realy wanted to join a server and i want to play with other people like having neghbors also i would like to join a clan or faction this server has both :iapprove:
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