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    The stone brick is not catching fire.

    The way fire works is it catches :air blocks: above and outward from it on fire. If there is wood above or near that air block it will catch.

    All you have to do is put full blocks of stone here, and you should be fine.

    see screenshot.

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    posted a message on My terrible modded survival house, hoping to get some advice on how to improve it.

    1. Stairs, upside down and other wise.

    2. A triangle roof.

    3. Anything to make the walls not flat.

    4. Different materials just to start.

    5. Slabs along places.

    6. Windows. (not a full block either, use panes). Light blue or blue stained glass would look great. Easy to do since you can get lapis fairly easily.

    7. Since the body is wood, I would recommend a brick stair roof. Use some of that clay in the water right below your house to get clay and break it down into brick. Or stone brick stairs would be good too. EG: Bake cobblestone in an oven to get stone, then make stone bricks, then stone brick stairs.

    8. Darker wood for the framing, use spruce or dark oak wood upside down and right side up along the base and top to indent and break up that flat wall.

    You can do amazing things with upside down stair blocks.

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    I just have been making general improvements here and there and things I have been meaning to do for awhile now. This is all done in survival, hence to this thread.

    Built a bridge.

    Before :


    Then I worked on extending my wall some and building another two towers.



    Then I worked on putting up a new beacon for my son due in December. I have a beacon for each child at strategic places.



    I also worked on my roads within the castle grounds.

    From the front before:


    View from behind castle, day:

    View from behind, night:

    From the side at day:

    From the side at night:

    View from a distance, front:

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    posted a message on What have you done recently?

    Been working on my castle for the last 20 days. Still growing. Done in hard survival.

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    posted a message on First creative mode house attempt


    You got to start some where. My first houses and builds were HORRIBLE compared to a year later.

    You are doing a lot of things right. Lots of different materials, it is so good!. You furnish everything really nicely. I was really impressed with the shower and kitchen areas and the garden. How do you open those iron doors? I did not see any activation for them, buttons or plates etc.

    I still need to make a point to use more birch wood. I still have yet to use it, but it looks really nice next to dark woods.

    Only thing I can add is that you make use of upside down stair blocks and half slabs. for over hangs and to add depth to your walls or roof.

    A square is still a square no matter how big it gets or the materials used. Break up some of that blockiness.

    Of course be proud of your creation, now start improving. However, I think your strength lies in interior decorating, it looks great.

    But overall you are on the right path to doing amazing stuff.

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