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    What is your In-game name?:


    What are you looking for in The Bulwark?:

    Unity. I've been with other clans that I felt weren't as together as they should be.

    Why do you play Minecraft?:

    For entertainment and to meet new people. I've met a majority of those I know online from the first Minecraft server I ever joined and I still talk to most of them.

    What are you proud of doing?:

    Ambitious. When I first saw redstone mechanisms like the 3x3 piston door, I instantly wanted to make a 7x7. I saw a large castle with deep details, I wanted to create a more compact version with still extreme detail

    What do you enjoy doing?:

    Designing/building. I've always had a bit of fun making layouts for cities and such.

    What would you want others to think of you?:

    Sensible, and logical, someone to be trusted.

    How would you approach a dispute?:

    Analyze the situation, be objective, and pick a side if need be.

    What experience do you have of organisational politics?:

    I have been in a few other clans and some smaller enclaves of people. Some of which I've stepped up as a leader in for a short while.

    If an unbeatable danger was threatening you, what would you do?:

    Ensure the safety of those involved, and then work the problem, Something is only impossible if you don't try.

    What does the concept of Heroism mean to you?:

    Being willing to sacrifice for what is right for all, not just one person or a singular group.

    What does the concept of Nobility mean to you?:

    To be a model for others to follow.

    How much of yourself do you put into your creative projects?:

    As much as i feel it needs and then some, varying depending on the project, such as it being large scale and requiring lots of time and effort or a simple, small house that requires only a few minutes.
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    Alright guys I'm here for TWO REASONS:

    Reason One: A Census is being conducted to figure out just how many active players we have so we can find out what our situation is.
    the form is simple, all you have to do is put your in-game name, time zone, and that's it! Crazy right? Well not maybe crazy but it's pretty easy.

    Reason Two: I'm also here to announce that a clan meeting is coming up and the AM's are in need of information such as when you guys are able to get online and participate so we can set a date and time. Thank all of you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you at the meeting!

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