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    posted a message on looking to be a Mod/Admin
    What Position: Admin im already a Moderator
    How old Are You: 13, 14 in May
    Will you Stay On Server:Yes
    Are you Good At Building {Post Picture}: Dont Post What I build But I am Good With REdstone and Building Large Objects
    Have You Ever Been Banned From Server: No Im Nice
    Have You Every Had Experienced This Positon: Never Bur I Know I Will Be Good at It
    Are You Good with Grammer: Yes, but i type fast sometimes and it gets spelled wrong
    Can you make plugins: No but I understand them
    Can you Make a Website For The Server: No because there is already one up :tongue.gif:
    I am a good leader and a well respected person who likes to have fun and solve problems.People think I am funny, as an admin i will do great.
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