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    posted a message on [WIP] OncerMagic - Based Off the Show, "Once Upon A Time" - Need tester's, texture's and idea's!

    Hey! i just came across this and was wondering, if you still needed testers for this mod i would gladly help out and give as much feedback as possible i cant wait until this is officially out and ready to use. I am a big fan of OUAT and am currently exited for this project.

    Ideas to help out

    Add the characters in specific places (example: Captain hook would be near an ocean / Mr Gold in a pawnshop

    (and since im assuming there the looking glass item is in this mod, maybe add some generated builds like storybrook or Regina's castle in the enchanted forest)

    I know its too much to ask for but i believe that this mod would gain a lot of rep once its done

    Cant wait for Sundays new episode

    I want to test this mod out so badly

    Thats all i have to say Oncer out!

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