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    Quote from Gurkudrengur »
    I've been having the same problems most of the people here are having. I've followed all your instructions to fix my problems, but I still cannot open the .bat file, and the mmm_mods folder does not appear.

    my minecraft app is in the same folder as all the mmm files, I've created JAVA_HOME thing, value is the full directory of java.exe location, I've edited the .bat file, full directory to java.exe like you said.

    is there anything I'm missing?

    I'm currently using TFC mod manager, but the description for this manager sounds a loooot better and I want it to work!!!

    This didn't work for me also, so I'm just going to say it doesn't work at all.
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    I have a seed of a monster spawner at sea level :smile.gif: PM if you want the seed because it is too vulgar to be posted in the forums.
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