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    The shape and type of your trap is not all that important if you've made a working trap.
    What your issue I am guessing, if you've not already solved it, is mobs are just not spawning in your trap. either in caves nearby, or on the surface around the trap.
    Light up all the caves in a 150x150x128 box, with you at the center of the 150x150.
    My trap is dishing out 3650 items/hr, I am working with Beta 1.2_02, with no hacks, mods, edits, or any ******** of the sort.
    all by hand. with the stuff that came with the game, not even texture packs.
    and that 0 chunk thing you hear about? that's been fixed already.
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    posted a message on TNT too expensive?
    wow crap I am the ONLY one to vote for 8 sulfur / gun powder for a TNT.
    :GP: :GP: :GP:
    :GP: :sand: :GP:
    :GP: :GP: :GP:

    Sulfur Is no longer a problem for me, seeing as I get about a stack in 2-3 minutes. (mob farm dishes out 3650 ish items /hr)
    BUT SAND! that's a different matter. Sand used in explosives gives diminishing returns. boom. there goes 4 sand >.> a Finite resource, where Gunpowder/Sulfur is plentyful. build a farm? sure, go creeper hunting? sure!
    creepers keep spawning, sand doesnt.
    Unless a grinder of somesort to grind cobblestone to dust (sand) gets implemented, I am AGainst the lowering of sulfur cost for an increase in sand cost.
    "TNT is weak" that's the gist of something someone said here.... WTF!!??
    TNT is pretty dam strong. you can use 1 TNT to break up to 41 stone blocks. with only breaking 4 extra ones with your pick axe.
    "TNT is only good for making large rooms" is another gist I read... again. wtf?
    Ever hear of Driftmining? (not my favourite, but works well too.)
    as for traps and pvps well i'm not too experienced in those shenanigans, so I wont vouch for anything to do with that.

    TL;DR - TNT cost should be 8 sulfur + 1 sand. because Sand is finite, and Sulfur is renewable.
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    posted a message on Long-distance water flow on flat ground?
    this has bee solved already, however i agree that with mob traps, that DONT go downward, using signs / halfblocks (im partial to signs, as it does not increase the height of the canal.) to seperate them is a good thing to do.
    but I still prefer the step up after 8 to create a gaurentee situation that if they fall in, they cant get out, and have no chance to stop movement.

    btw, big mob traps are great, finally got mine to pump out continually, @ 3650 items /hr
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    that's a lot to quote, so i'm just gonna say this in a new part :biggrin.gif:

    1. guessing/assuming a cave is 'too far away to matter' may not be the best thing to do :tongue.gif: that's why I suggest to make that outline and work downward.
    2. gl on that going to another continent and making a trap there. pst here or send me a pm on how it goes, and especially if you run into problems/ how you solve them.
    3. That overhead picture of your 'world' was kick ass. no lie. was that done with a 3rd party program? cause that was awesome.
    4. your trap looks far enough away, though I 'm no expert. if that orangy line is 74+ blocks long, then I dont see it being TOO much of an issue, in regards to the spawn point.
    5. another off topic thing: I'd take screenshots of my trap if i could, but I have no idea where minecraft sends all my screenshots (80% of them were me accidently hitting f2)
    6. glad you find me running out of sand funny, i burned through an entire large chest of sand making tnt, and have about a largechestful of sulfur left after my testing.
    7. you've been busy with your world I can certainly see that, I think maybe i'll make a farm, and collect coloured wool for a couple of my projects, (yellow for road markings, and green for leaves of a mob trap shaped like a tree. (made of wood), and of course your docks remotivated me to make my pirate ship from wood planks :biggrin.gif:)
    8. Don't remember :biggrin.gif:

    HAs anyone else tried the cave hunting to any success like me? or is it space?
    If you experiment to fix it, report with your findings so we can help others that encounter this problem!
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from LBP_Rblx »
    For any monster to spawn, you need to be on difficulty Easy+, not peaceful. Also if you have torches around your mob trap, delete them so monsters will spawn on it or walk into it.

    Yet another hasty post.
    Please read the OP, and the comments before posting something irrelevant.
    your information about needing easy+ aside from being obvious is irrelevant because this thread is about monsters STOP spawning. THEREFORE, We can't possibly have been on peaceful to begin with, as NO monsters would have already spawned.
    2nd, depending on your trap (like mine) it is PREFERED! to have torches AROUND the trap, and not INSIDE it. this prevents them spawning on the wrong side of the traps walls.

    I capitalized/set to bold, important things for you seeing as how you don't care to read information, (do you even skim?) and head straight to a hasty response.
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from secretasianman »
    I too am experiencing the same problem. ill be getting somewheres around 3000 drops per hour, go afk, then come back and find that my inventory isnt anywheres close to being full. im currently testing out whether or not putting yourself into a perpetual minecart while your afk will help this decrease in spawning.

    did it, no dice.
    you can go ahead and try it, testing something over again in different settings is proper procedure in experiments.
    tell me how it goes.
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from Nihilias »
    gimme your sulfur please. =]

    anyway.. went into my trap today after reading your post... noticed a bunch of mobs spawned in there and were dieing in my drowning pit as they should. I don't have much time today to sit around and see how long they keep spawning, but seeing all those creepers made my day :biggrin.gif:


    all my nearby caves around my trap are either filled in, lit up, or to far away to matter. But after sitting in my trap for about an hour.. spawns reduced pretty noticeably, so i guess mine isn't fixed. got a stack of sulfur so im happy :biggrin.gif:

    im thinking about building another mob grinder far away from my spawn point this time... where a new area hasn't been generated yet. Saw a really interesting idea for a 'sewer system' for a small town some guy had, and it gave me an idea to incorporate that system with mobs instead of items.

    I would gladly give you some sulfur if it was possible, I have over 40 stacks now. and have run out of sand (>.<)

    I noticed you said "or to far away to matter" are you 100% sure that they are a good enough distance? cause to what I'm seeing now, even 1 SMALL cave can mess with spawning algorithms.
    also HOW close did you build this trap to your spawn point? I read somewhere that your spawn point has something of a debuffer/deadzone around it. THAT could be detramental to the trap if that information is true.
    good to hear plumbing has given you inspiration for murder :biggrin.gif:

    Also: IF you are going to build your trap somewhere not yet generated, I suggest making one out over a lake, under a lake, in a lake, over a sea, under a sea, or in a sea.
    Make a 150x150x1 wall of cobble stone/any block. and systematically eliminate any caves underneath.
    the water at sea level will cut down a lot of lighting/cave hunting that you will have to do.
    also, though I'm sure you know this, (im posting this so it doesn't come bite me in the butt D:) dont place your trap in the MIDDLE of the trap when you've cleared out all the caves. put the collection point there.
    and a boostercart system to get you there >.> in case you get asploded @[email protected]
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    K guys I am thoroghly confuzzled.

    I was showing a friend my trap, and he got the idea of using a 3x3x3 grid of tnt.
    I had extra so i said ok.
    blew a BIG cavern under my trap.
    and heard moaning
    hm. well I went looking for the zombie/s, and found a lone zombie in a small cavern (maybe no more than 40 blocks big, with most of that just jagged path to a 3x3x4 room.
    killed him, and lit that bugger up.
    went to show him my trap, and wow, lots of items.
    I do NOT know if either A. making a lot of room under my trap, or B. lighting up possibly the last cave under me. had ANYTHING to do with letting items spawn.
    I ran a test last night and items flowed in for 2 hours straight!
    Curious as to why this was, I just ran a test today. and here are the results.

    turned to peaceful, found 47 bones, 65 feathers, 61 arrows, 12 string, and 43 sulfur in the canals.
    so After draining fullly I started up the test.
    10 minutes: 613 items. (3678 items/hr)
    20 minutes: 1212 items (3636 items/hr)
    30 minutes: 1823 items (3646 items /hr)
    36 minutes - cant get anymore sulfur
    40 minutes - cant get anymore feathers arrows or string
    40:40 minutes - last stack of bones finishes.
    Full inventory.

    Conclusion from these results?
    In the time it's taken me to type all this out (clock says 52m has elapsed, and i've been tossing out stacks of feathers and bones & arrows, items are streaming in non-stop still )
    so: if items are continuing to flow in, then monsters are continually diying therefore spawning.
    if the spawning algorithm was not 'fixed' for everyone. then It may have been what I did,
    So, Is it possible, that a SINGLE BLEEDING CAVE could have buggered up the spawning algorithm for my trap?
    or is it perhaps that opening up a massive crater below my trap had a slight affect on things not spawning?
    I don't know. anyone have any thoughts or tests that they've performed that they'd like to share?

    lol I am actually thinking about what to type before my timer hits 1 hour, my sulfur count at 1 hour is:....
    828 sulfur :GP:

    TL;DR - after opening up a crater with 27 tnt, and finding a very tiny cave with 1 zombie in it, my trap seems to be steadily pumping out items now. thoughts?


    4 hours, and still going strong, I'm begining to think That the 1 cave I had was messing with the algorithms. :*(
    anyone else have any luck with their tests?
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    posted a message on What is the most efficient mob trap in Beta 1.2?
    just got lucky where my stuff is continuing to spawn (been having trouble with stuff not spawning.)
    I left this on for about 1.5 hours and my trap netted me 18 stacks of sulfur. *(no spawners or mods/edits or hacks or crap like that)
    My trap is a sky trap based roughly on Keirshars design.
    I only have 1 full room, and sorta room made, and im getting a fair bit of items. my item/hr isnt all that important, as I only keep the string and sulfur. even got a leather piece @_o
    in the time it has taken me to type this out (about 2m) I have gotten 37 more sulfur. huzzah!


    making bout 3650 item/hr.
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from Obibital »
    Quote from spudcosmic »
    1: is it dark enogh
    2: are you atleast 24 blocks away from the trap and nowhere near your spawn?
    3: are you playing above peaceful?
    4: are there alot of unit caves under you?

    if one of thease is true, thats why

    Do you even try to read the conversation before posting?

    I've been having spawning issues with mobs in my grinder as well, its kinda bumming me out since its a new model i just put together. If anyone finds out why ill be sure to try again with the new "rules".

    there doesn't seem to be a thumbs up option, but you sir, are deserving of one.
    too many seem to just post without reading, thank you.
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from erikmagic »
    Well, I have the same problem. Btw an other problem I have is: when I use inventory editors, I can't put mob spawner. When I do, there's a pig in the mob spawner and nothing appears. :Coal:

    Is this spawner your issue?
    this thread was not about using 'spawners', mods, hacks, or w/e
    It is about the spawning algorithms not spawning.
    I don't know about anything about using programs to give myself stuff, If i did, i wouldn't be so concerned about mobs not spawning and me not getting my sulfur :sad.gif:
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    Quote from Chuato »
    Well, the 30 min of working is mob spawns that happened before you walked by. Afterward, the mobs spawn further away because there is a 5 chunk area around you that does not spawn mobs. about 40 chunks are spawned around you, and only 35 of them are able to spawn mobs. You do the math, each chunk is 16 by 16 by 128, and that's pretty far away for wandering without noticing you.

    sorry, as chezz pointed out i didn't specify EXACTLY what my trap was,
    my area is 150x150x128, with everywhere but my boxes lit up (to my knowledge)
    I don't care if the furthest ones dont 'notice' me, since they fall into a water canal that they cant get out of (excluding spiders) and they will fall into a lava trap which kills them.
    perhaps having a 75 block radii rectangular cube isnt big enough?
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from Nihilias »
    Quote from Chezz »
    All changes since the game entered beta should be in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=117374

    *points at self* that's where i came from, but no one seams to know whats going on there either.

    as for myself, im playing on a single player map. I've put a somewhat detailed post on my mob grinder in the thread you mentioned. Im obeying all the new spawning rules as i understand it (might be missing something... wouldn't surprise me). Just nothings happening... so im guessing there's a bit of code related to this problem that hasn't been noticed, or its a bug.

    Really though.. im just wanting all that sulfur to help with digging out a large chunk of land out for a project i've had on a hold since this problem first appeared... so until this gets fixed, or solved.. or whatever... *picks up a half ton of stone pickaxes*

    NOOOOOOO!!!!don't use stone pickaxes! they are sooooooo slooooooooowwww.
    use iron, or make a diamond pickaxe.
    mmmmm diiaaaaammond :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Why are Mobs not Spawning?
    Quote from Szpw »
    Perhaps your difficulty changed if your not seeing any mobs. Peaceful difficulty has no mobs.

    Thank you for for advice, however reading the OP would be helpful. as since Monsters CANT spawn on Peaceful, Monsters CANNOT STOP spawning after awhile, as they would never have started.
    If you have any helpful advice I'd be glad to hear it.
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    Quote from Chezz »
    Are there any players standing within 24 meters of the spawning area? I believe that for both single player and multiplayer, mobs will only spawn if they are within a 144x144 box of the player, but more than 24 meters away.

    Mob spawning data can be found in this thread:

    I'm not an expert on mob spawning, but I haven't seen any of you above give very good information on your spawning areas. Give exact dimensions, and say where you are standing if you want help. Say if you are on a multiplayer server, and state whether anyone else is in the area.

    The thread linked above is locked (since it was in the alpha forum). All changes since the game entered beta should be in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=117374

    If you have results that are different than what is there, then post there. People who take spawning very seriously should be watching that thread.

    Sorry Chezz, I suppose your not familiar with Kiershar's work.
    My sky trap is on a lake, singleplayer, I stand in the middle at ground level, the trap is spread out at the top of the map in a 150x150x128 box (so the distance between me and the trap is around 40). I have lit up all the caves I've found, and decimated any land that I clipped when I made the box outline of where monsters spawn.
    I get about 500 items / hour, for about 30 ish minutes, then monsters and farm animals stop spawning.
    I don't know how much more specific you'd like. but being single player, I have not calculated anything with other players, assuming they dont jump through onto my offline play :tongue.gif:
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