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    posted a message on What is the scariest sound have you ever heard in Minecraft?
    When I FIRST started playing the full version of Minecraft, my friend told me to go mining for coal and iron, so I did... I couldn't see where I was mining because it was so dark (I mined in a staircase way, like most people do now so I knew how to get out) I heard freaky ass noises and got out of there as fast as I could. I didn't go mining for a while after that lol.
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    posted a message on outline command is not on the new worldedit update
    Quote from Villanelo

    ... and why don't you ask in the worldedit forum? That would be the logical place to ask questions about an external program, don't you think?

    You took the words right out of my ... keyboard? Lol.

    Even the bukkit thread for Worldedit would be better than asking here...
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    posted a message on Anybody else getting "Bad Login"?
    The server servers are probably messed up again, we just gotta wait it out.
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    posted a message on Mushroom Islands: Too Rare?
    The only complaint I have about mushroom islands is the stupid friggin mooshrooms swimming aimlessly into the middle of the ocean as soon as you find one of the damn islands. They should be "attracted" to mycelium or whatever it's called, and try to stay away from "normal" or crafted blocks.
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    posted a message on Supernova Gaming Need ops
    I hope you know, adding the port ":25565" to an IP isn't an alternative IP. That's the default port for Minecraft, and if you don't include it, the game assumes the default port, adding it on is pointless.

    Getting random people from a forum to come on your server and be an OP is a bad idea also, most likely you will end up with a griefer that will just world edit the entire map into lava.
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    posted a message on Selling iMac to buy a gaming PC, need help on the price.
    I'm not sure on the retail price of it, but I would say maybe 10 or so % less than retail. I'm really no expert on pricing stuff though.
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    posted a message on Why doenst Mojang invest in better servers?
    Quote from JoseTheInfinite

    If they were upgrading, they wouldve told us in advance.

    *Keeping hopes up*
    Maybe it's a surprise early christmas present? :)

    OT : I really agree they should...

    They could just do what tons of other companies do, get servers in a different country.
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    posted a message on Feedback on my skin
    I don't personally like hair being in the hat layer, but other than that it's fine.
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    posted a message on failed to login:error
    This happens all the time, servers being down or not. :/
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    posted a message on Halo 4 The Win
    Quote from Homem Pigman

    Your only problem is not paying attention to the dialogue that explained all of this, in the very first level.

    There is also more information on the books, where you find out
    They were an underequipped sect led by Jul' Mdama, Storm rebels was the name I think. If you have read Halo: The Thursday War you you can see that Jul ended up on a Sangheili colony populated by a Great Journey-obsessed people after escaping Trevelyan (Onyx). Due to the manner of his arrival through a forerunner portal he is looked up to by the populous.

    In addition, in the book the Didact is often referred to as hating humans and wanting their destruction. Jul of course wishes this too and would naturally hunt for Requiem in order to awaken the Didact and ally with him. (I believe the book hinted that he had found possible coordinates too).

    Also, Jul Mdama is actually secretly an atheist, but he uses the old belief to rally Elites around him to aid in his fight against humans, whom he desperately despises, especially after he was help captive by them in the Thursday War.

    Lol, I like Halo, but I'm not going to read a book on it. Okay, maybe I would, if I happened to come across one or something...

    As for not paying attention, I don't recall skipping any cutscenes, but hey, things happen. I've only played through it once so far, so it's understandable I missed stuff.


    I get the hate for console FPS, I dislike mostly all of them...
    You say that playing an FPS with a controller is comparable to that picture? So it's awesome? Okay. *Shrug*
    Slow like a paper slug? Well, in Halo 4 they introduced running! Killed easy? So, you are mad because you are a ­ing noob at the game? Understandable, people tend to dislike what they are bad at.
    Btw, I didn't really expect to cuss like that, lol. I'm not editing it out, because I agree with what I said.
    Only two weapons... I don't like this also, but as finland said, it's not like he has a magic pocket of some sort.
    I agree it wouldn't be hard for them to just add some more magnetic spots on his armour for weapons to attach to, but maybe they will in Halo 5!?

    BTW, your level design picture is broken. I for one think they could make the levels a bit more comprehensively. I guess it's their way of making the game seem less linear. Linear looks really weird typed out, I even googled it to make sure it's the right word for what i mean... :/
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    posted a message on Call of duty Vs. Halo
    I like Halo better because I like the continuing story line, where CoD seems pretty random... There's more to why I prefer Halo over CoD, but the Halo fans a few posts up have explained it pretty well.
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    posted a message on What is wrong with my server?
    The problem is likely with Hamachi, just portforward instead.
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    posted a message on If Santa were real Would everyone in the world be on the Naughty List.
    It depends on how judgemental santa "is"... My thoughts are that mostly everyone would be.
    Likely, I would be too.
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    posted a message on Whats your favorite item in Minecraft & Explain why.
    I always try to have my hotbar with at least 1 empty slot so I won't have to hold an item.
    For functionality, I like efficiency 5 anything else Diamond Pickaxes, because they work for chopping wood, digging, and mining.
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    posted a message on Halo 4 The Win
    It was pretty good, the only thing I dislike about it is how lacking in information the story line was... Why are the Covenant enemies again?
    Writing this reply made me want to go find out on the halo wiki, so I'll just find out that way I guess. :|

    OOooh, also, I wonder why it seems the Covenant has lost the ability to speak English!? In 3, they were pretty fluent, but they seem to have gone back to the way they were in 1, only speaking few words and mostly animalistic noises and/or their own langauge. What's with that? It's only just over 4 and a half years later...

    The wiki doesn't have much information on Halo 4 (or at least what I specifically want), does anyone here know why the things I listed happened?
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