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    I need Some staff for my new server please have an application like this:



    How Long have you played:

    Have you been a staff before:

    About yourself:

    Why should we accept you:

    Message me on discord @Xcc14#5977

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    Hey, I’ve got a realm that will be starting on the 29th off March at midday in the UK. It will be a Vanilla Java Realm on 1.15.2 Java Edition. It’s a Eu realm but open to all.(preferably for a more mature audience).It is Hermit-Craft style. If your interested, add me on discord @Xcc14#5977 to get started

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    IGN: Xcc432

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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla Survival Realm (No cheats) (Hermit Craft Inspired)



    I have been practicing building for 2 years now

    Been playing for 4 years

    5-6hours a day depending on if busy

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