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    except if it did then one could just create an army of alts by opening a bunch of windows and changing their username in each one. if it had the ability to change uuid then it would be worse. best case it would work is if you are somewhere with your friends, your friends dont have minecraft but you probably do so you can log in to a bunch of computers, give then the username they want so you can join them on a world and not create a huge nation of alts

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    Quote from sam_23694»
    sorry to burst all your bubbles but the idea of a skybox wouldnt work because the sky itself is hardcoded meaning there is a bit of code somewhere saying 'make sky blue' so there isnt a changeable picture. the stars are also hardcoded but the only idea i can think of is make the sun a picture of the ringworld in shadow and the moon a picture of the ringworld in sun light. this still wouldnt work because you would have to resize the sun and moon to link up...which is hardcoded

    someone doesnt know about optifine or mods.

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