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    posted a message on Would you rather have survival or creative mode installed first
    Creative. Preferably a full creative and not the one they currently have (with more blocks, flying, etc.)
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    posted a message on I miss the old damage noise.
    The last one sounded like a guy coughing or something.
    The new one is more unisex, since there's no voice to it. It makes sense to have it instead when you consider that.
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    posted a message on MW3 Or Skyrim?
    Quote from oliver123459

    call of duty is more fun and skrim is for people with no lifes who play for 300 hours and don't have friends

    From your post count, it seems that you simply made an account just to defend your precious MW3. I think you sir have no life (although to be fair, mine's not much higher :sleep.gif:)

    As for the topic at hand, it really is an unfair question, MW3 or Skyrim, simply because their two completely different genres of games; it's really all about preference. Do you like FPSs or open-world sandboxes? Real-world or fantasy? hours of multiplayer or hours of single player? It's really more about what you like.

    Of course I believe Skyrim is better though, and mainly for these reasons:

    1. Skyrim is a legitimate, massive upgrade from Oblivion. The graphics, the sounds, the combat, pretty much everything is better than it was previously. From what I've seen of MW3, it looks exactly the same as MW2, and the people who've played it that I've talked to say there's nothing that's massively improved.

    2. Probably my biggest reason: for $60, Skyrim gives you a rewarding single player experience that can last at least 50 hours (and can go much higher). MW3 only has a 4-5 hour campaign and Special-Ops (and survival and that other stuff.) The only part of MW3 that has replayability is the multiplayer, and since I don't have XBox Live Gold, that would be $60 for a 10 hour experience. And even if I did, I might as well be playing an MMO like WoW instead, since I still have to pay for a subscription. So really, Skyrim is more for your money, and that really matters to me.
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