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    I just figured it out. The mod that is causing it is OpenBlocks. While I was looking through the code I found something that said, to sum it up in English "Players have luck, if their luck is below 1, the events start happening. Players lose luck if they are flim-flammed."

    So basically it is this:
    There are 2 commands that OpenBlocks adds regarding this topic, /luck and /flimflam. /luck <player> <amount> changes the amount of luck a player has. If you don't put anything for the amount, it will tell you how much luck that player has. You can do /flimflam <player> to as the command name suggests, "flim-flam" a player. This will lower their luck to the point that "Something weird happens around you". The only way to fix it that I have found is to manually raise the luck of a player. Say their luck is at -2000, to fix it, you could do /luck <player> 2001.

    I hope this was able to help some of you with this problem.
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