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    posted a message on Elemental Kingdoms [Serious Roleplay] [Kingdoms] [WIP] [Alpha] [Hireing Staff/Builders]
    PART 1(IG)

    Age(Wont affect app):23
    Would you say your trustworthy?:Yes
    Why would we want you on our server?:Great with redstone and doing detail work on buildings, I'm also a pretty good roleplayer
    What is your definition of roleplay?:Filling or playing as a specific role in a story as if you were that role
    Have you read the rules?:Certainly

    PART 2(IC)

    Characters Name:Xaliave
    Faction:Adeptus Mechanus (New faction if I may petition it, I elect myself it's leader)
    Family:Not one of significance
    Special Skills:Working with technology and enchantments
    Diseases: None
    Personality: Uncaring, unaffected by the events of life, grim, black sense of humor
    Apperance: Full red cloak with gold trim, aged face which is half covered in a
    Life Goal: To refine my personal skill at my craft
    Class: Artificier
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    posted a message on Anyone have any awesome/terrifying/weird dreams?
    >mfw almost everytime I wake up I rember having vivid and awesome and exciting dreams and how I just want to get back to them but as soon as I try to reflect on them, almost every trace of there memory is gone. All I remember is that it was really cool

    feels bad
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    posted a message on So I just got into emulating...
    There are loads of games, essentially any major title has been ported, the rest of the Spyro series, Chronotrigger, the orginal FF games, Doom, Gex, just loads of them. I would also recommend finding a n64 emulator and possibly emulators for older machines like the NES and SNES.

    As for the best controller I currently use a http://www.logitech.com/en-us/gaming/controllers/devices/rumble-gamepad-f510 and it's great. Alot of the emulators support rumbling and its exactly like playing on a PS1
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    posted a message on Favorite block to put redstone on
    I tend to use colored wool. If your making large mechanisms in redstone it's beyond helpfull. And if your making said large mechanisms its probably in creative mode so you don't have to worry about resources, even in survival if your to the point where you can make large redstone structures, you can spare a couple stacks of wool and dyes to make it so drastically easier to build circuits. If your not making circuits though I'd go with what ever fits, usually wood if its an external mechanism or stone if its some what hidden or internal. But in the end its really just what you think looks good.
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    posted a message on Tetris in minecraft : Is it possible in vanilla?
    I bet you could also use physics affected blocks like gravel or sand in some way. Maybe have gates that connect to a memory modual and for a certain input they release 1, 2 or 3 of the sand blocks and then they stack to make the tetris peices and then have, I don't know, some sort of sensor on the bottom that will feed into an AND gate that will clear the blocks if all the inputs in the AND gate are on. It's quite possible. Another alternitive is to make actual pictures that cycle through, theres a mod that makes repeaters instant so you really wouldn't get much lag, but since you'd need to make ROM it'd be more complex. It's a great idea though
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    posted a message on Redstone Guide v1.21
    Fantastic guide! I'll have to dive into it a bit more but from what I've read it covers everything
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    posted a message on What have you been banned for?
    I've played for about a year and I've been banned from a server once. I was on a large island and someone else was building there asked me to and I quote "build less ugly structures" I promptly errected as many lava towers, dug outs, netherack and mossy cobblestone structures, mob spawners, ice pits and waterfalls as possible all the way up to his castles wall.
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    posted a message on A question
    It was certainly the difference in versions and not computers. Just backing up what others are saying.
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    posted a message on Looking for a well established server
    My brother and I are looking for a well established server which encourages serious RP, and a balance between PvE and standardized PvP (Meaning, random killing is a no go). Actual mature player basis (Preferably 18+ or at least with out 13 year old children saying they're mature, and then proceeding to make lava fountains and dirt huts while killing people because they want a 17th set of diamond armour)and iConomy or some other sort of economy or currency mod is a plus. Should also have a class system of some sort and plugins which enhance the RolePlaying experience. Server should have either a white list or an in game character registration system.

    I've Tried ImDeity and Shadowraze, which both claim to be RP servers but are nothing of the sort. I'm looking for a server which has an in depth focus on your character as a whole as well as one with liberal building rules and very little benefit to donors. If the server is so cheap you need to pay to use the /home command, then I'm not really interested.

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    posted a message on Exiled Gaming [GOOD BUILDERS] [Anti-Grief][Dedicated][Events][5 YEARS AND GOING!]
    This server is great, lot of nice things and good players for the most part. Congrats
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