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    Yeah i was really confused.

    or they meant the 3550 and added the K by mistake.
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    Quote from Christoi

    Oh wow, I didn't notice that. I was wondering why I couldn't find any other the GE 7970's...In that case, there really is little point going for a GTX670. I shall edit the spreadsheet then...

    Also, the MSRP of the 7970 GE was originally $500, so I just assumed it was still that way.

    Well its not a "true" GE its XFX factory overclocked version but it runs at the same clocks as the GE so I consider them the same.
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    Quote from Christoi


    The 7970 is 440$ not 500 AMD has stopped making the release version of the 7970 soon the GE will be the only one for sale and its the same price as the original 7970 I have no idea where you pulled the 500$ price out of.


    440$ ghz edition.
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    Quote from Tangletail

    I actually use my ram to the max... but now I see why most of the people whom uses an AMD processor gets viciously attacked on a forums. But I will take the chance on my motherboard, and as far as the 7970 went... I was planning on getting it, though right now it appears a good number of manufactures were having problems at the time when developing it, and the good ones priced near 400, to 500.

    I will just overclock my 7950 later on when it comes to it.

    Uhh there is actually quite a few people here who have AMD cpus and the time I recall being called a fanboi was by you calling be biased towards Intel.

    Wolf got attacked because he was being biased heavily so and you for the same reason.

    Quote from Stormcrown

    Not sure where you guys are getting "$40" for upgrading the 7950 to 7970, more accurately it's about $100.

    Because the 7970 is at its lowest price (For the worst manufacturer) $440. The lowest price for the 7950 is $340.

    You can get a GTX 670 for a good $50 - $100 cheaper than the 7970.

    For top of the line cards on the 7970 It's $480 to $530. This is the price point for the GTX 680. You are moving WAY beyond his budget at this point.

    I'm PUSHING his budget by saying 670. Going about $60 past it. With the 7970, you are going even further. Reaching $150 over his current budget. A 7970 would bottleneck his rig at the CPU.

    It is 40$ from the 670 to the 7970 and worst manufacture uhh what are you on XFX is one of the best if not tied for best.
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    Lots of images and benchmarks incoming.

    Crysis 2 is about the only game AMD takes massive loses in.

    See the AMD cards can run FXAA just fine but it still looks like crap.

    on 670 vs 7950 the 670 is flat out faster but its more expensive and the 670 is priced just below the 7970 a card that destroys it.

    Not to mention he said he will be doing render work.
    Nvidias compute performance on the 6 series line sucks.

    I am not sure what he uses but luxmark is pretty common.

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    Quote from CodofMC

    Huh. Now I'm regretting buying an AMD graphics card lol. Oh well, I didn't really feel like waiting for the GTX 660 and GTX 660Ti.

    Except you forget AMD cards can use FXAA but I have no idea why you would want to it looks like ass.
    It honestly looks like a blur filter rather then AA

    MLAA 2.0 has a performance loss but in games like skyrim where my CPU is the bottleneck I lose nothing.

    FXAA has to be built into the game too MLAA can be enabled in any game as long as you have an AMD gpu.
    TXAA I have yet to see in a video game so I call BS on any claims made.

    The 670 is a **** deal

    For 40$ more you could get the 7970 and beat the gtx 680 in performance in most games.
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    AMD is manufacturing things all over GPUs at TSMC in Taiwan
    its 32nm is at GFs Dresden plant and its newer 28nm APUs will be made in NewYork USA.

    AMD is already making PD cores for Trinity and its being sold so its not a matter of the Arch running into issues and getting delayed they just have to make some minor tweaks for the desktop.
    It is also on an old process that AMD has had a lot of time to work with so the chances of something cropping up there minimal.
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    Don't get an 8150 its a stupid decision for two reasons.
    I am not going to waste my time on telling you why an I5 is better your just going to ignore it its better and this is coming from a person who only owns AMD brand CPUs and GPUs atm.
    IIRC don't you have an AM3 CPU stick with that for a month or two and get Piledriver AMD is not that far from releasing it.
    If Trinitys CPU performance is enough to go on Piledriver combined with Win8 should game just as well as an I5.
    Trinity clock for clock core for core is 10% faster then BD combine that with PDs L3 cache higher clock speed and the optimizations MS made in Win8 for the arch its going to be a lot better off then buying a BD even if it means waiting a good month or two.
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    Quote from TheFieldZy

    Looking good, sorry I couldn't have been a part of it.

    If you know anything about programming I think someone should do a small write up of good links for different languages ect.

    An Article of Different anti malware tools ect would be good to have too.
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    My prediction is VIA will rise again and ***** slap Intel and AMD.
    In reality.
    Intel has always been much larger and had a lot of money yet AMD is holding its ground.

    AMDs future is fusion and buying ATI is defiantly paying off.
    Intel is a two years from catching up to llano let alone trinity.

    Intels GPU only shares the same die and processing tech.

    Trinity brings us into stage 2
    Kaveri early next year brings us to stage 3

    By 2014 AMD says when you look at a die of an Excavator based APU you will not be able to tell on the die whats the GPU and whats the CPU.

    No need to worry about AMD getting pushed out of the market anytime soon.
    Trinity was ready in February of this year but AMD delayed the release until Llano sales slowed down AMD is on top of the low end market.

    I have not seen anyone do it in this thread but I feel the need to point it out.
    Why do people compare Piledriver to Haswell it makes no ****ing sense Piledriver is out ATM in APUs and will be out for desktops in august.

    Haswell will go up against AMD Steamroller not Piledriver.
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    Quote from CodofMC

    Many people use benchmarks to show that there is little difference between an i3 and an i5 for gaming, but aren't those benchmarks recorded in singleplayer mode? I'm almost certain the i5 will be a great deal better than an i3 once you play BF3 on multiplayer on a large 64 man map. I believe it depends more on the game since we know that games like Skyrim and Starcraft 2 are more CPU dependent.

    I5 is actually quite a bit better for BF3.
    From the toms fourm

    -With HT on, average FPS of just under 60, frequent slow-downs and occasional stuttering - was getting really annoyed.

    -With HT off, average FPS around 85 and NO stuttering, and smooth game-play.

    The games loves multicore CPUs this is why Bulldozer does well in it but the game dislikes Hyper threading.

    Starcraft however seems to make usage of Hyperthreading and it helps it keep up with I5s but I don't see any scaling beyond 2-3 cores.

    Skyrim seems to not make usage of the extra cores.

    We seem to be getting there but games are still not making use of more then a few CPU cores.
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    After looking at some prices I think my idea would be very possible for the Nexbox (Next and Xbox combined).

    A micro PC AMD Trinity A10 is only 480$ with a good bulk deal MS could easily get the next gen A10 into the 400$ range thats not terrible They could make the CPU and its heatsink soldered together then have a lever that lets you pull it out.
    Microsoft could have a custom one built by AMD maybe a beefer built in GPU.

    · APU AMD A10-4600M (4x 3.2GHz)
    · HD7660G
    · 1 TB Disk
    · 4GB/8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM
    · 10W Low Power Consumption

    That's basically what I think the Nexbox will be.
    With the nexbox not releasing tell next year it could be running a Kaveri maybe a custom one for MS that uses the 8 series GPU rather then the 7 series the desktop will be getting.

    That's my prediction anyway that we will see a micro PC like that become the nexbox.
    This would also mean no porting required for developers and games are optimized for AMD hardware so everyone wins.

    Even more reason to pick the name nexbox the built in dictionary for Firefox corrects nexbox to Moneybox.
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    {formatting is a bit weird}


    Monitors is what you will receive most of your computer’s output with. While almost all monitors you will see are LCD, There are many types of LCD screens and many different specifications of them.

    What are the different types of Monitors?

    Well lets start with the different types of screens.

    LCD- Liquid Crystal Display.

    LCDs work by having the pixels change color and then having a backlight illuminate the pixels.

    TN- Twisted Nematic
    TN is very cheap has a very low response time. This is the most common type of monitor due to the low cost. Unfortunately the price comes at a cost TN have lower viewing angles. They also lack the color quality of other types of panels. TN also does not require as bright of a backlight as other LCD technologies making it more energy efficient.

    IPS- In Plane Switching
    More expensive slower response time than TN. IPS also has many advantages such as better color quality and accuracy. This makes it often used in jobs who work with photoshop or do graphic design. IPS also has much larger viewing angles. Many have high response times making them undesirable for gamers. Response time for IPS has improved a lot in recent years and is catching up to TN. There are also different types of IPS panels.

    E-IPS- Enhanced In Plane Switching
    The cheapest of all IPS technology at the cost of a lower viewing angle and
    reduced color quality
    S-IPS- Super In Plane Switching
    More expensive then E-IPS but provides better color quality
    and larger viewing angles.

    LCD BackLights

    The backlight is what make the screen light up. There are two main types.

    CCFCL- Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp
    Similar technology to a lightbulb inefficient compared to LED.

    LED- Light emitting diode
    Not to be confused with OLED screens this is just a backlight.
    More energy efficient and generates less heat and allows thinner displays.

    LED- Light emitting diode
    Rather then just have the screen backlight by a LED the pixels are made up of an Red, Green and Blue LED. This means it does not require a backlight and allows true blacks to be displayed. While phones are using AMOLED Active Matrix Organic LED screens for a couple of years now this technology has not hit desktops. Samsung has demoed a few Organic LED screens but no one currently sells them.

    3D Monitors

    Nvidia has its own proprietary 3D technology the monitors for it are expensive and you need to use Nvidia glasses and have a compatible Nvidia graphics card it will also work with any other active monitor.

    AMD cards that support HD3D use an Open Standard and should work with any 3D display device. For games you will need software offered by Iz3D or Tridef.

    If you are looking for 3D set up and are more budget oriented it would be better to look at AMD GPUs due to the fact it can use any 3D monitor competition has pushed prices down.

    A hack does exist for Nvidia cards to let them use the cheaper passive monitors I have not tested it and it could come with other issues.

    Both technologies have issues in some games but work fine in other it is very much in its infancy as a technology and you will pay the price of an early adopter.

    If you want to set up a multimonitor set up you better make sure your GPU supports it.

    AMD supports the 5 series and above. For its highend cards AMD supports 6 monitors with displayport to know for sure look up your graphics card here. You can mix and match monitors.

    Nvidia surround
    Nvidia supports only supports 3 monitors with a single 6 series card or two older cards in SLI and required exact same model of monitors. To know what configuration your graphics card supports look here.

    What specs should I look for?

    There are several things to consider such as Resolution, Response time, screen size and connections.

    Resolution is the measure of how many pixels are on your monitor more pixels mean a higher detailed image.
    The current standard for resolution and the most popular 16x9 ratio currently is 1920x1080p.
    While the most popular for 16x10 is 1920x1200.
    While there is nothing wrong with 16x9 resolutions they have less vertical space and many people prefer having 16x10 unfortunately this comes at a price hike and for most people is not worth spending the extra cash.

    Response time
    Makes moving images smother most TN panels are 2ms but anything between 5-1ms is fine. Gamers should lean to getting lowest as possible but 1ms is quite a price increase and not worth the improvement over 2ms. For a person just browsing the internet it really does not matter.

    Screen Size
    Larger does not always equal better as really large monitors will make the pixels larger and could make the monitor look worse up close. If you have a chair at a computer desk you should be looking at monitors around 23in. You will need larger if you plan sitting further away from your monitor.


    VGA- Video Graphics Array

    The oldest video connector you will probably ever come across.
    Majority of Video cards do not ship with connectors for these anymore and the majority of monitors lack ports for them. An Adapter can be purchased to connect to a DVI port.

    DVI- Digital Visual Interface

    Very common connector most graphics card ship with connectors with an adapter it can become a VGA or HDMI output. It is being replaced by DisplayPort and HDMI.

    HDMI- High-Definition Multimedia Interface

    Basically just DVI but also transmits audio most TVs and game consoles use this interface. Only 1.4 and above support 3D also supports Ethernet over HDMI but I have not heard of anything that supports it.

    Display Port

    One of the newest and arguably the best connector. Video Cards come with ports for it, but not many monitors support it yet. It can send audio and video at higher qualities than HDMI and supports 3D. It can transmit to multiple monitors with 1 video cable making it very useful for multi monitors set ups.

    Also worth mentioning don’t pay extra for gold plated connectors or monster cables it's all a gimmick to steal your money.


    Dell (Only their IPS panels)
    View Sonic

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    Quote from TheRacker

    So would games then be advertised as, "Battlefield Bad company 3, requires xbox 720 tier 2 or higher purchases to run"

    AMD tried to do something similar with the vision tiers.

    Lets assume Microsoft went down the APU path and did not want to be a ****.

    They could make A6 the base line and require all games to be at least playable with this then say A8 for best experience.

    Then over time say 4 years after release move A8 to be baseline for games.

    The only issue I see is say they go with Trinity and then we have Kaveri so they add A12 for the A10 Kaveri.

    But this makes issues with having different CPU arch so I could for see computability issues.
    Not to mention telling users their A10 does not work for the new game even tho its performance is not that far below the A12 but because of an arch differences. Maybe just hope developers don't use say a new instruction set or something.

    How I would do it if I was trying to do it.

    At release you would have the
    A2 250$ Would be equal to desktop A6
    A4 350$ Would be equal to desktop A8 Upgrade kit would be 100$
    A6 450$ Would be equal to desktop A10 Upgrade kit would be 200$

    For 2 years after release all games would be required to support the A2 or they would not be aloud on the Xbox.

    1 Year after release the next gen would come out.
    Calling it an A12 would give the illusion that that its faster then the A6

    AA2 Would cost 200$ at release. Performance would be equal to A4 Upgrade kit would be 50$

    AA4 Would cost 300$ at release. Performance would be equal to A6 Upgrade kit would be 100$

    AA6 Would cost 450$ at release. Performance would be faster then anything of last gen Upgrade kit would be 150$

    This means if you purchased the A4 one year later you could pay 100$ and got the same thing the guys who payed 450$ at launch got for the same price.

    Then once the AAA version comes out this tend keeps going

    Every year the min requirement bumps up A tier. Game devs can still support the old tier 2 if they want but Microsoft would no longer require them too.

    This means take AA*2 equal AAAA or A*4 = AAAA so the number of A is always the performance.

    On the dash there would also be a tool basically can I run it that people who are unsure could just look up the game to look

    This is how I would do it if I was MS but who knows at this point

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    Quote from 999Catfish

    I think they might just allow them to upgrade it them-selves, putting the parts in there and then un-locking them would add more cost for them to build it.

    Doubt it.
    Think of it this way assume the 360 sold same price and came with only 1 CPU core usable and you payed more to get the others.
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