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    Quote from Hakumisoso

    An a10 can max out minecraft easily. I used to have an a4 (mobile) and it maxed it out at 768p with 30+ fps
    Was your test at 768p?

    Read my thread I list everything in there. If it was an older version that would be why. Mojang has managed to make Minecraft run poorly on just about all devices.

    Maxing implies max settings and a solid 60fps.
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    Can you get us a model number of the computer.

    If you are willing to spend a little extra you might be able to do a decent upgrade for around 150$

    If you are lucky you might have an AM3 socket and a open PCI-E socket.

    A very easy way to get model numbers is by going to a run prompt and using dxdiag. If you don't seem to be able to find it simply hit save information and upload it all to pastebin and I or someone else will be able to get the information.
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    Quote from Gregrs

    Explain the A10-6800K than....

    It can record @ 60 FPS on maxed. It can play without fraps at around 100....

    Because the A10-6800k is a desktop processor. If you have not noticed we are talking about Laptops.
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    Quote from Tezliov

    It should max out minecraft at 60+ FPS.

    Pure and complete bullcrap the A10s have a hard time getting close to 60fps.

    See my thread it covers benchmarking under several situations.

    I am not saying this is a bad laptop, saying it can 'max' Minecraft and get above 60fps is a false claim.
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    posted a message on Do you use a third-party theme?
    On Unity I just run the stock theme it ships with, on Gnome3 i might run a flat grey or block theme.
    Windows no I just a lightblue and grey color theme.
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    Quote from SeaWry

    Been so sleep deprived, not bothered to write a response.

    Wheezy earned it's name honest, but I remain loyal given its stability and I know my way around in it.

    Fedora would be interesting.

    Hum, wonder if anything will change without DPM on FOSS. I doubt anything would really, if marginally slightly maybe.

    Sadly such is so, though 3 different compares would be interesting.

    It is what debian is for a stable platform, that means sometimes they are slower to get features that might improve performance.

    I might do fedora not sure, RHEL and Ubuntu/debian distros are the only ones I have ran before.

    DPM enables the GPU to use boost states and downclock so it should be a gain in performance. My laptop runs much hotter without it.
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    Quote from SeaWry

    Would be interesting if you tested on another Linux distro, such as Debian Wheezy.

    But from what I know, Minecraft is a YMMV game all the way.

    Interesting results though, but given this is java and its universal capabilities, not all out surprising I would say on that part.

    Display drivers maybe another interesting thing given some FPS averages.

    Debian Wheezy would result in a much lower FPS due to Debian being based around stability they use older Xorg drivers and Linux Kernel.

    I might load up fedora and test it.

    Even then I was surprised by some results I might do more considering using BFS rather then the CFS.

    Also worth mentioning I forgot to in the op I manually enabled DPM for the FOSS drivers in the Kernel to improve battery life and performance.

    Doing more tests is a pain as the only decent way to get FPS measurements in most games and log it is to compile an OpenGL tool to do it.
    If there was a less time consuming way to measure performance I would probably be more interested in running tests with some different configurations.
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    I have seen a lot of people promoting Ubuntu or Linux in general as being more efficient. There are other benchmarks out that test a variety of things and I will link these.

    I wanted to test some things I initially was annoyed by these people claiming how amazing Ubuntu/Linux is. I was surprised actually by my results.

    All testing was done on my Lenovo laptop.

    Specs and information

    Windows 8 64bit
    AMD Catalyst 3.11
    Sun Java 7_45
    Minecraft version 1.7.2

    Ubuntu 13.10 64bit
    AMD Catalyst 3.11
    Linux Kernel 3.11.6
    OpenJDK Version 1.7.0_25
    Sun Java Version 1.7.0_45
    OnDemand CPUFreq governor used

    Java versions

    I tested first OpenJDK and then Sun Java under Ubuntu both have the same performance.
    In order to maintain level playing field I ran Sun Java for the test comparison to Windows.

    Minecraft settings

    The test was done on a 300 block long minecart track running on a Minecraft server. I don't know anyone who plays single player MC so I felt it would be best to try and match how most people run the game.

    The game was running in fullscreen on both operating systems.

    The Numbers

    Ubuntu 13.10 Numbers
    FOSSDrivers Avg:34 Min:29 Max:39
    AMD Drivers: Avg:45.39 Min:35 Max:60

    If you are an open source purist or for some reason think things are inherently better because they are open source you are going to run the FOSSdrivers.

    Windows 8
    Firstrun: Avg:34.9 Min:23 Max:53

    I have noticed with my laptop all games run better when I force them to run only on 1 or 2 cores. Also if I disable Windows from throttling my CPU.

    Using CCC I forced the CPU to run at 2300mhz or higher and then forced Mc to run only on core 0 and 1.

    Secondrun: Avg:41.684 Min:26 Max:60

    Windows 8.1 with affinity set to all 4 cores and the CPU able to downclock and not being forced to run at full speed.

    FirstWin8.1run: Avg:48 Min:36 Max:60

    AMD did claim they worked with Microsoft to improve frames on their APUs looks like they did.

    If you want a look with a lot of difference applications look here.

    Just an interesting look at OS performance and the performance of my laptop in general with Minecraft.
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    Quote from fm87

    This is outdated info, around the time of WotLK they developed their own in-house linux distro for better synergy with their in-house development and customer service tools.

    It is only on their database servers from what I know this is still true.
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    posted a message on What are the actual costs of MMO servers?
    The server cost is still ignoring the networking side of this. You can't just get a linksys router and some old Cisco switch you found the local high school throwing out. Even the older Cisco equipment I use setting up networks costs more then my Car.
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    Well just some information this is a bit out of date as Blizzard has redone how the servers operate. Just to give an example of the complexity of the servers Blizzard uses for World of Warcraft.

    They have an authentication server acting as the login. You character is then stored on a database that is only for characters. Each continent is on its own server. So each could go down as long as your server stays up you are fine, all loot items are on a separate database server this is why sometimes the world server could be running fine but looting could take up to a minute. Battlegrounds are hosted on their own separate battlegroup servers. If you go into a dungeon you are running on an instance server that is separate from your world servers.

    Note these are logical servers and not all physical. Each could be made up of more then one blade especially in the early days.

    So that means we have
    Login server
    Player database
    Item database
    World servers
    Battlegroup servers
    Instance servers

    Each of these could have been made up by multiple server blades like this one.

    The database servers run Redhat Linux.
    WoW’s infrastructure includes 13,250 server blades, 75,000 CPU cores, and 112.5 terabytes of blade RAM.
    This data is several years old and the game probably runs on even beefier more expensive hardware.

    Running MMOs are not cheap it is why you see so many fail even if you get enough sales that would be considered good with any other type of game it is nothing because you need the cash to run the server infrastructure for the game.
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    Quote from fm87

    Android (and mobile in general) multithreading and multitasking is terrible, largely in part to Java. Neither app will perform well at all and will lag to hell, regardless of phone specs.

    This also kills your screen space, and is not possible due to how mobile platforms work.

    Developing mobile apps is enough of a pain as it is, there is no need to make it even worse.

    You might with how out of date your phone is. However for a long time apps will use the JIT compiler and then save the compiled version of the app. I think in Android 4.0 is when Android started doing ahead of time compilation on the phone when you install an app.

    I doubt many of your apps are sitting on your phone in java bytecode.
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    posted a message on Idea for the Oculus Rift.
    That or you could just go Airsofting in a forrest and not need VR.
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    posted a message on ATTN All Windows 8 users - 8.1 is now live
    Quote from Satharis

    That's completely opinion based, VHS is widely cited as having won the format war because of a few reasons, one of which being the fact you could record two hours of content on VHS vs betamax. There was more important things to people and companies than just "it looked better."

    Is that bad? Who knows, honestly thats as opinion based as anything else, but it happened, so oh well.

    That's a completely pointless and flawed view. Hybrid cars are more expensive to manufacture, more expensive to service and replace parts in and often suffer from limited travel distance depending on design. They're not a universal solution like you pretend they are and yet they ARE being adopted, it takes time for things to become mainstream.

    Again, expense, I'm start to notice a pattern here of you being clueless to economics or the fact that it isn't simple to just instantly swap something or that it might actually be -worse- to use it in certain situations as was the case with betamax.

    DC transmission is significantly more complicated than AC transmission and replacing entire powergrids with it would cost even more money for no real significant financial gain. Why tear something down and replace it if you won't get something better? Oh, that's right, you don't.

    It's a failure from a sales perspective because people do not like the product, there are a myriad reasons why a product may not sell well and Win8 is selling well because people do not like it. You're using the same dumb argument Linux fanboys do for the adoption of Linux as a mainstream OS. "Oh, its better than Windows, people are just blind." No, it's called you being -wrong- and not at all understanding the points of the problem.

    I like how you're using a comparison of flipping a few config options to someone telling me to download a 3rd party program that basically imitates the start menu feature from earlier versions of Windows, not to mention it doesn't fix the fact the UI still sucks by itself.

    This is my prime issue with the argument "change it" it's like having a car, you buy the car, the design of the car sucks, someone says "well go have the car changed, pay for a mechanic to modify it." Do I really need to explain why that's a bad argument? Why does the car have said problems at purchase? Why should I consider it the same car if I modify it to not even resemble the original car? Why does my changing the car to resolve its problems suddenly make it a good car? to me that sounds like the design of the original car is a failure and I'm going out of my way to fix the car and might as well sell a new car myself.

    Obviously this doesn't translate that well to an OS but the point remains that the argument that you should fix something for someone else, is a tired and pointless one and has no real backing to it other than your own personal affection for the "car."

    Oh I love people who passive-agressively assume things because they're upset their argument is so full of holes. Personally I use Firefox because I tried Chrome and -didn't like it- shocker, people can find problems with programs other people like! Astounding!

    I fail to see how any of this has relevance to the topic at all besides you looking for mud slinging points.

    Yes, that's one of the most widely cited reasons for their failure, they're trying to copy and then steal Apple's mobile market by being lazy and attempting to make a "one size fits all" OS, and there are so many practical problems with that idea that it is almost pointless.

    Apple has made it perfectly clear the only thing they care about is the mobile market anymore, realistically they barely make anything from desktops or even laptops anymore, a good 80% of their profits come from phones and tablets. The fact Microsoft is sacrificing their user experience to try and force design views on the public is a good example of a reason to -why- Windows 8 is crashing hard. When my mother, or my little brother picks up a laptop running Windows 8 and says they cannot figure out how to use it, you know it sucks.

    Yes you've made your personal bias quite clear, whereas I'm just explaining my problems that I ran into while using the stupid thing. I'm not a conformist, if something is awkward to use it is awkward to use, simple as that. No opinion is going to make it suddenly simpler to use.

    Oh and if you like the design so much, I challenge you to use Win8 without using the search bar -at all- because that is what the above article pointed out very clearly, when you have to use the search bar to find something you are failing as a UI designer.

    You said the person was wrong about windows 8 being fine as an operating system, because it did not sell well. That is not an argument against it. Notice how you could bring up other issues with them rather then just they sold well therefore bad.
    You missed my point I am saying that your claiming windows 8 is bad because it is not selling well is wrong.

    I did not passively aggressive assume something. I was simply taking your line of thinking and applying it to other parts of the OS.

    'windows 8 is bad because I have to download something to fit my usecase.'

    Windows 7 is bad because I have to download firefox to get a decent browsing experience
    Windows is bad because I have to download separate office applications to get a decent office experience.

    Windows 8 is not selling well because it is not worth the upgrade from Windows 7. Heck most of the world is sticking with Xp still it does not make Windows 7 an awful product.

    The fact Ubuntu ships with a decent built in office and browser does not make it superior to Windows 7.

    I like the start screen and I don't think it sacrifices anything, Windows 8 has done well mixing a touch component and allowing me to use the desktop.
    I have seen some users pick up Windows 8 and not have an issue. You can't always pick up a new UI and work it 100% efficiently, I used Gnome 2 up until this year when I switch and am perfectly fine with Gnome 3. I am faster with Gnome3 then I was with 2.
    It took some relearning, I also had to relearn Firefox a bit to use tabs on top. I fail to see if the UI is faster to find things with why it is a problem to get used to it.

    Yes clearly both Unity and Gnome 3 are awful UI because both rely on the usage of a semi-search bar to make finding applications faster. I actually would rather Win8 worked more like Gnome or Unity I hardly use the search function in Windows 8 so now who is making assumptions :P
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    Quote from Satharis
    Good thing Windows 8 sales don't reflect your opinion.

    Because consumers or companies always pick the best products that happen to sell well. Betamax was superior to VHS yet VHS won. Hyvrid cars are better then normal ICE for most applications yet they sell like crap. HVDC can send electricity over longer distances then AC yet we still use AC for long range electric transmission.

    It is a failure from a sales perspective, but that says nothing about the product its self.

    Quote from Satharis
    I shouldn't HAVE to download anything to have a not-retarded UI. "if you don't like it, turn it off/ignore it/mod it" is one of the dumbest arguments on the planet.

    You right everything ever should work out of the box and never have any config options to fit more then one use case. I assume you think other browsers are stupid and you don't ever install anything but the stock applications on your phone?

    Microsoft is doing exactly what Apple and Canonical are doing convergence of the user experience across all the platforms. I actually like the user interface and so do many other people. Just like to some extent I like Unity on Ubuntu.
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