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    Not a great way to advertise your server. All I read was the money, And that's not what servers should be about
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    Quote from Calibrix

    Hello! This is a brand new server that opened 19/05/13 at 2am, I haven't played Minecraft in ages and I felt like getting back into it, so I bought a server ^_^

    The land has been completely untouched apart from the spawn, the server has a few good plugins to get started, but I will start coding plugins unique for the server when I finish my final exams.



    I'm open and up for suggestions for plugins if requested :D


    The server currently has no Moderators, I am recruiting.

    The server also currently has no Admins, I am recruiting.

    Me, Calibrix ^_^

    Come and try out the server! If you don't like it that's completely fine, I would like to know what I can or stop to improve the server, I'm completely open to suggestions, let's make this server a good and friendly on ^_^

    IP is at the top in the big letters if you couldn't see it^^ ;)

    (P.S I'll sort the look of this topic out soon, I'm not good with graphic and shizzle).

    I can vouch this server. OP's nice also.
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    Quote from jamesst20


    The point of this server is to build a city all together. What is different from a creative server is that you actually need to find, make and get your resources to build. The is 2 worlds. 1 where you will build the city and the second to find and get your resources.

    A huge good point is that you will never ever get griefed in this server. We have the plugin 'GriefPrevention' which means you delimiter a plot and build on it. You can also let your friends build on your plot.


    - JCommandEssentials
    - GriefPrevention
    - WorldEdit(Trusted member only)
    - WorldBorder
    - MyWorlds
    - BKCommonLib
    - PermissionsEx
    - ModifyWorld
    - WorldGuard

    It's an OK server that has potential. The server could of used more testing before release. Or at least a different assortment of plugins. As the plugins have broke and the server is on "Lockdown". But If this gets fixed soon, This server would actually be enjoyable.

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    Quote from TheMosk_

    Brand New TexturePack for Minecraft 1.5
    • Pictures

    • ChangeLog

    Some textures have been made

    • Banners
    Still workin' on it.
    • Download and Install
    Download Texture pack from Here
    Go to %appdata%
    Open up .minecraft folder
    Place downloaded zip folder into texturepacks
    • Support

    love it. followed
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    Quote from BurgerGuugar


    [center]IP: N/A[/center]
    [center]SERVER VERSION: INDEV ; MINECRAFT VERSION: 1.4.5[/center]

    [center][b]SERVER RELEASE: SATURDAY; DECEMBER 8, 2012 - 12:00 PM CST[/b][/center]


    [center]Welcome to Sonata, an ambitious Minecraft RP server! Join other mature roleplayers in creating a unique and adventurous experience. In the world, players have a chance to explore the lands and establish their character as anything they'd like. In a new land where leaders are still being established, some may rise to the top as governors and mayors of their own built cities and towns; though others may choose to be miners, blacksmiths, lumberjacks, tavern keepers - and for those who are less physical; writers, artists, musicians, or politicians. Enjoy a great roleplaying experience while maintaining quality Minecraft gameplay.[/center]




    The New World, Pt. 1
    It was a stormy evening in Rentor. The grey clouds covered the sky as far as the eye could see. If one looked out over the sea, they could see the crash of waves out in the distance, and the occasional bolt of lightning. Rain poured down, pattering on the narrow cobbled streets that were normally full of merchants, carts, and passerby. But with the rain coming down so heavily, not a single soul could be seen down the roads. Windows were boarded shut, families trying to keep the warmth of the fireplace contained in their homes. But something else was out of the ordinary here: a young boy, only 13 years of age, was sprinting down the street, his breeches rolled up to avoid being soiled by the muddy puddles in the road. His overcoat, socks, and buckled shoes were all waterlogged, for he had been running for a while now. He held his tricorne hat on his head, keeping it there in fear of the high winds blowing it away. In the other hand, he carried a letter of great importance: one that, he did not know, would shake the very foundations of Rentor.

    The palace loomed in the distance. Duncan was almost there. Finally, he came to the steep, cracked stone brick stairs winding up to the palace doors. He took a deep breath, readjusted his clothing, and began to run up the stairs, nimbly keeping his balance like a cat. Soon he had climbed three flights of stairs, and only the last remained. Within seconds he had leapt his way up, finally reaching the heavy oak-and-iron doors. Two men stood at guard, their red coats dry. Duncan stepped under an awning to finally get out of the rain. One of the guards saw the boy’s red coat, and stepped aside, allowing the boy to approach the door. Duncan grasped the huge, iron ring on the door, which was in the mouth of a huge, snarling lion’s head. He shuddered. The tales he had learned of lions from the exotic men who came from the Southlands had always scared him. Swallowing his fears, he knocked three times on the door. He waited a few moments, and finally it creaked open. There stood an older man, dressed expensively but simply. He raised an eyebrow at the soaked young boy.

    “Yessss?” he asked with a long, drawn-out sigh. Duncan fuddled with the buttons on his coat nervously.

    “I, well… I have message for her majesty.” He showed the man his letter.

    “Hmph. Well, come inside, then.” The old man gestured a gloved hand behind him, and opened the door wider, allowing Duncan to see the palace’s interior.

    Inside he saw a beautiful sight: majestic tapestries decorating a long hall, stained glass windows on the sides, and large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, with candles lit, giving the huge room a warm glow. He could only imagine how beautiful this place would be on a sunny day. He took a tentative step inside, onto an expensive-looking carpet, and saw a coatrack nearby. He took off his soaked overcoat and hat and hung them up. The elder man signed for him to follow, and so Duncan followed him through a door, and down a hallway decorated with portraits of past rulers of Rentor. It seemed like the hallway was an endless history of Rentor, but they finally reached a wooden door with an iron lock and chain. He could see light coming from beneath the door, as well as voices. The elder man reached through his pockets, finally procuring a key. With it, he unlocked the seemingly elaborate lock on the door, and pushed it open. Duncan followed him.

    They emerged in a circular room. Directly across the room, he saw a young woman sitting on a throne. At first he wondered about her identity, but then it hit him: she must be Queen Lavina DeGrey. He quickly fell to his knee, bowing. The woman spoke.

    “Geoff, what is the meaning of this?” She had a bitter, jaded tone to her voice.

    “Well, your majesty, the boy claims to have a message for you. It must be important, if he came all the way here through this vile storm.” Geoff stood with his hands behind his back, but Duncan could see he was nervously tapping his foot. Lavina sighed.

    “Well, let’s see the message.” At first, Duncan just stood there. But Geoff hissed at him, and Duncan realized he was to present Queen Lavina the letter. He cautiously stepped forward, slowly, one foot at a time, and handed the letter to her. She took it in a dainty, pale hand. She took a letter opener from a nearby table, and cut the wax seal on the envelope. She unfolded the parchment, and began to read, her eyes darting from left to right, slowly moving down the letter. A smile began to alight on her face, something Duncan thought she might have been incapable of. Finally, she set the letter down, and looked at Duncan.

    “Thank you for bringing this news to me. I have another job for you… you’ll be rewarded well for it. I want you to go to the shipyard. Tell them to assemble four clippers. We’re going to the New World.”


    [center]The people of The Kingdom of Rentor have been sent by their Great Queen, Lavina DeGrey to the New World. Promised with a new land to build a life in, they have set sail for this wondrous, New World, not aware of the misery that awaits them.[/center]


    [center]Queen Lavina did not send the Colonists without a watchful eye, however. A section of Rentor's guards have been given the task of going to the New World and acting as the Queen's eyes and ears across the sea.[/center]


    [center]Rentor thought The New World to be unpopulated; they were wrong. The Zayn Peoples have been living there for generations, and have established a peaceful way of life. This will not last, though, because the arrival of the Colonists and the Redcoats have brought tension between the Natives and the newcomers.[/center]



    [center]While the server is not going to release until this weekend, apply now so you won't have to later. Also, don't forget to join the website for important updates![/center]

    [center][b]READ THE RULES AND INFORMATION[/b][/center]


    [size=large]Out of Character[/size][/center]
    [b]Minecraft Username:[/b]
    [b]Country of Residence/Time Zone:[/b]
    [b]Do you understand that this is an RP (roleplaying) server, and as such you will be expected to participate in said roleplaying to the best of your ability?[/b]
    [b]How did you find this server? If you were invited, list your referral(s) here:[/b]
    [size=large]In Character[/size]
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Physical Description:[/b]
    [b]Extra Information:[/b]

    [size=5]Out of Character[/size][/center]
    [b]Name:[/b] Steven
    [b]Minecraft Username:[/b] Grass_Block
    [b]Country of Residence/
    Time Zone:[/b] USA, Eastern
    [b]Do you understand that this is an RP (roleplaying) server, and as such you will be expected to participate in said roleplaying to the best of your ability?[/b] Yes
    [b]How did you find this server? If you were invited, list your referral(s) here:[/b] MCforums

    [size=5]In Character[/size]
    [b]Character Name:[/b]Thomas
    [b]Age:[/b] 23
    [b]Gender:[/b] Male
    [b]Profession:[/b] Building
    Bio:[/b] He was raised at a small home town, Not a normal town. But A building town, Looking for a new place to build. He jurnied over to a new land. The land of Sonata
    [b]Physical Description:[/b] Tall, Hansom. Friendly to all. Blonde hair.
    [b]Personality:[/b] ^, Nice to all others. Gives rather than receive.
    [b]Extra Information:[/b] He is busy most all the time building, Most of the time.

    This is my 1st real RP server, I hope I did the application correctly :D
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    He said it would come out last wednsday. Wtf
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    Quote from Youngy798

    I have being playing Minecraft from around beta 1.6, I have loved the game and was fascinated by the amazing and complex landscape. Since 1.8 the terrain has become dull, repetitive and just boring.

    During the 1.7 and older realesed, the maps were amazing with randomly generated mountains in all biomes, not just in extreme hills. The terrain used to be different and always new, instead of all the maps looking the same. When did minecraft become a realistic game? It hasnt... So why should the terrain be?

    Overhangs and huge mountains were fun to explore and beautiful to look at. The randomness in the maps was breathtaking. I have come across so many ocean biomes in 1.2.5 and the maps have no diversity.. All the same, biomes seperated by colours and blocks. No more mixing of forests and mountains, no more exploring. The new features are good and have improved the game but the terrain has been sacrificed. A huge part of Minecrafts appeal was the unreal and fantasy based landscapes, that many older players miss.

    We have lost beaches, back in the old versions (1.7 below) You spawned on a medium sized beach with trees and other materials around you, now all you spawn in is either a boring forest or an ugly swamp biome. Remember gravel beaches and sandy beaches? Beaches now are a peice of sand on the edge of a steep hill. Instead of a flat beach will small hills leading from it. Spawning on beaches made the terrain feel peaceful and made the game feel exciting.

    The colours of biomes and now dull and boring, they have no brightness to them. This is a key feature in the older minecraft where the grass was green and animals would keep on spawning making you feel happy :D
    Now all we have is bluey green grass and dull green.

    Jungles were a good addition to minecraft because they showcased everything good with the old terrain. Hills, lakes and trees... All in one biome.

    Minecraft now has a consistency to it, the biomes are all uniform with no variation. Please if you agree with me repost this and make it become known :D

    More posts like mine :




    Thanks for reading this and taking your time :D

    I highly agree, The need to separate the biomes into there own part, then randomly generate land within that biome.
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    You can join this server without a membership application, but you wont be able to build/destroy anything.Whitelist application's are below the pictures.


    /warp creative to go to creative to go to creative world!

    Server holds 43 people without lag!
    Welcome To VoxelCraft

    Server Specs:

    1536MB RAM

    SDD drives

    Server information:
    We are a faction/PVP server, You can join in game and create a faction right off the bat, Or simply join another faction if you wish. The server has jobs as of right now, only on job. There will be more added down the road

    Whats to come soon?
    We are planning to make a hunger games world also a jail world, for the other types of gamers out there that think plain old minecraft is bland.

    1. No Spawn camping (Ban)
    2. No Hacking (If you're caught you will be kicked once, second its a ban)
    3. Keep Cursing down to a minimum
    4. No exploiting Minecrafts various bugs
    5. No hacked clients (InstaBan)

    Donation Information:
    We need money to keep the servers running, If you would like more information on how to donate, please ask Grass_Block in-game.

    Owner: Grass_Block


    Parkour (will update monthly) so it stays fresh!


    Member Application:
    What can you bring to this server:
    Do you agree to the rules:

    Staff Application:
    How long have you been playing on the server?:
    What would you do if two players were fighting and you had to ban one of them?:
    Previous experience?
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    Quote from Alvarez96


    Welcome To The New Server Of TruPvP!

    This is a brand new server that was made for the players to enjoy 24/7!
    We are a Factions PvP server aimed toward bringing players together and planing strategical attacks on your Enemy Factions!

    We also added MCMMO to add a little Flair into the gameplay! With MCMMO you have skills that can grow resulting in great power!

    The skills included are:

    Here are our Rules that we STRICTLY ENFORCE:

    No Hacking
    No Cheating
    No Unfair Mods

    Remember All Below is accepted:

    TnT Cannons

    and all the other good stuff! :wink.gif:


    I'm the Owner/Admin


    Can I apply for moderator? IGN: Grass_block
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