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    Quote from crazy jackel

    i think that this is a great concept but maybe before thinking about the mobs them self think about the drops and the other important factors to shape mods
    for instants lets say i have a witch well she should drop a wand
    what does the wand do?
    how much health does she have?
    whats her special ability if she has one?
    think about those factors and ask about them first
    anouther thing will this boss have a weakness
    if you understand reply back

    I understand completely. Detail is very important and I understand that, but details come after the big thing first? xD

    Quote from Rundas777

    I posted this earlier. My boss idea: Giant Spider Jockey, shoots elemental arrows, with spider and skeleton spawning arrows.

    I REALLY like this idea! That'd be perfect!!! :biggrin.gif: Like, spawns the blue spiders also? :biggrin.gif:
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    I honestly think boss mobs should have a different looking door, only unlockable by a key found in a secret room of a stronghold. And then once unlocking the door, the camera pans to the boss mob, hidden by darkness, except one body part. (Eyes, Legs, etc.) I also think that boss mobs should be HUGE. Like the giants that never got put into Minecraft, except a unique look. They should be really scary, and music should change depending on what boss it is. And the door to the boss room should close and lock until the boss is defeated. Honestly, I would love to have epic boss fights like this.

    I also think "mini-bosses" should come into the abandoned mines. Not nearly as big or bad as stronghold bosses, but still a pain to kill, but yet still rewarding.

    Tell me what you guys think :smile.gif:
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    Maybe palm tree wood should make 2 wooden planks for every piece of palm tree wood you get? Because when I see a desert area, I always think dry, not many resources, but maybe just a good place to build? Idk that's my opinion. But very good idea surprised nobody else has said anything about this :tongue.gif:
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    Quote from wendeborn8

    one type of enderman should just teleport immediately right as you see them. another should be peaceful, but loom like normal endermen, but they just stalk you

    Maybe a friendly Enderman? Not necessarily "tamable" because...taming an Enderman would be...awkward haha. I think there should also be a Nether version of Enderman?
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    So I played the pre release, and though the Enderman are pretty creepy, they could EASILY be a lot more creepier! I thought of the following ideas:

    • When nearby, Enderman whisper creepy sayings (Ex: "Go away. Go home. I will ruin you." etc)
    • Have them shreak in fear when you stare at them, and have them very slowy start walking towards you, than once you look away, they scream a terrifying scream and sprint, teleport, etc.
    • Some Enderman will sit there bobbing back and forth, almost crying, until you startle them. (Yes...L4D witch...creepy.)
    • Maybe different types of Enderman? (Ex: Blue eyed Enderman sit down and cry until startled, Red eyed are just agressive with anger, etc.)
    • Maybe a Nether version of the Enderman? Like...dark red tinted and just filled with anger?

    I just feel like Enderman should have more emotion to them. As if they are lost souls. Ghosts almost. Need to find a way back to being normal again? So they are frustrated and sad about life? When I see Enderman, I see a lost soul. That are trying to take revenge out on fellow Minecrafters to make them feel better :biggrin.gif:

    I also saw this video, that has Enderman whispering and creeping on you. It scared me haha :smile.gif:

    Let me know what you guys think :wink.gif:
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