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    Quote from Arcanamachi

    As good of an idea this sounds I think that the selection process was a bit too elitist. From what I have seen mostly only very popular Youtube personalities were selected. The invites only went out to 100 of those that attended Minecon, or are admins of this forum. Doesn't leave much room for the "kid" down the block that plays. My other concern is how much of the Mojang personnel are being taken off Minecraft development for this.

    Again my overall thought is this may be a very good idea for casual users, depending on the pricing, that want to build together and not pay tens of thousands of yen to do so.

    If your invited you get the realms button but you can't make your own server just join ones you are invited to I looked it up on YouTube and not many big YouTube personalities were even invited especially not picked.
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    IGN (Ingame name)- Ninjy
    Why you want to join- I want to actually work together to make some great things plus its just nice being able to trust the players your playing with and just have fun with friends. Also doing the custom maps sounds like a sweet idea!
    Any bans? If so reasons listed here-No
    Favorite food- Salad :3
    Do you record videos for youtube? If so will you record on this server?- Yes waiting for my desktop to get fixed up so I can start recording.
    Age- 16
    What super power would you want?- Control of Time/Telekinesis. Or Peter's power to have any other persons power he comes in contact with from HEROS, trololo!
    Nationality- American
    Something interesting about yourself- I have all four of my canines it's like I'm a wolf :D plus I've been training in parkour for a couple months now :3.
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    After seeing the monkey mines server on YouTube I really wanted to find a good sized server where I could get to know who I was playing with and be able to actually work together with them to make some cool stuff and just have a lot of fun. So I'm pretty much looking for a server like monkey mines close community who plays often and skypes and interacts with each other also I've been wanting to make a lets play so that's would be cool to do on a server like that it just sounds fun. Help me out please can't wait to start playing with some cool people.
    P.S. I am 16, a male, and I am mature but I like to have fun to in case you were wondering plus I have a lot of time on my hands cause I do online schooling and I'm not a hermit either in case you were wondering I've actually been training in parkour and free running with a friend for a couple months now.
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    IGN: Ninjy

    SKYPE: dustinsmith77


    LOCATION: USA, Pacific

    How often would you play: Through out the day it really depends on how much school work I have I'm home a lot considering I am enrolled in an online school.

    Why would you like to join: I've been looking for a server like this for a while now it would would be so much nicer actually working together with my fellow minecraft players without the fear of griefing. Plus it's easier to get to know everybody with a small community like this.
    P.S. Once my desktop gets fixed I'm hoping to start an lp soon so it would be awesome to record playing with everyone.
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    You should make an asteroids game that would be so cool
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    Perhaps it would be easier to update if there was more people working on this mod. I mean isn't there anyone that can help you code.
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    Builder App
    Age: 15
    Experience: I've built a range of many things. I have a creative mind and will often times change things around in the middle of a build to make it look better and a lot of my smaller builds are made up on the spot. I've been playing minecraft since alpha.
    Are you good with redstone? I've never made like a computer within minecraft but i'd say I'm pretty handy with redstone i made a connect four game once everyone on the server i built it on was impressed, and I'm always trying to learn more ways to use redstone. :D
    Will you grief? I would never destroy another's work as I wouldn't want my hard work to go to waste.
    Best style: I don't really have a style I just make whatever comes to mind.
    Will you listen to the Owner? Of course the owner is the boss.

    Admin App
    Age: 15
    Experience: I've been an admin on several servers where I actually started out being new and gaining the status from just being myself.
    Do you have good grammar? Indeed. I do make some typos sometimes though, and it's not that I have bad grammar you know its just a typo.
    Will you welcome new people? Of course i'll welcome people everyone should feel welcomed when entering the server
    Will you help people? Yes i'm always trying to help people it makes me smile after helping someone and i get sad when people are unhappy with me but i'm not a push over if someone is messing around when shouldn't haven't been then that's there fault but i will always listen to the whole story.
    Are you nice? I'd say so and that's what everyone tells me :D
    Will you listen to the Owner? Of course the owner is the boss.

    I will take moderator if I can't be an admin, but I would very appreciate being an admin thank you.
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    Quote from GolemNardah

    @XP_Ninjy, I will be using DropBox as a test next time i upload I didn't realize that everyone would need an account to get the file, i would prefer to just continue releasing it with Mediafire.

    Actually not everyone needs to have an account you just need to copy the public link and put it in your post and when someone clicks on it it gives the option of downloading/opening the file.(modloader, audiomod, recipe book, ect.) Risugami's mods uses dropbox!
    you can also download your files to another computer just go to the dropbox website and sign in then all your files will be in there where you can download/upload them you can get more free space by doing a little bit of stuff like reffering people and stuff. If you have it downloaded with your account you can access them strait from the folder in your computer.

    if you need to put a realy big file up to download then use mediafire!
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    Quote from melis256

    What is the difference between ModLoaderMP 1.2.3 v2 and ModLoaderMP 1.2.3 v3 ??

    v2 is for forge just use all the latest versions
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    Hello im having problems with the player spawners on my server when someone gets killed the spawn at the spawn and not at the play spawner instead you have to leave the server and then get back on to spawn on a player spawner. can anyone help me out? ALSO SAYING YOU MOVED TO QUICKLY :( (HACKING?)
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    Dude this is really sweet finally some one is doing this this! hey it would be sweet if i could help out with this sto get the process going a bit faster plus I'm organizing a deathmatch server with sdk's gun mod and i'll use these on my server plus it would be awesome to say i actually helped out plus you would be put on my post. we could add eachother on skype i'm am looking for a map making crew!
    My Post: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1096381-xp-gamers-deathmatch-server-sdks-gun-mod123/
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    XP_Gamers DeathMatch Server [SDK'S Gun Mod!][1.2.3]
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    posted a message on XP_Gamers DeathMatch Server [SDK'S Gun Mod!][1.2.3]
    Moving Too Quickly?
    theres a bug where you have to leave and come back to spawn at a player spawn/when you try to rejoin it say you moved to quickly hacking? then it looks like the server gos offline then its back and then you can join. i can't really do anything to fix but think about it its like a respawn delay.
    (Mod's Fault Not Mine!)
    No Hamachi Required
    A new deathmatch server there realy isn't anything here yet witch
    is the cool thing the first few people to join can help create the maps.
    I am currently hosting the server on my computer so the server won't be up all the time
    unfortuatley but it will be up most of the time. I know for a fact that SDK is working
    on making his Gun Mod bukkit compatable so until then we don't have a way
    of making teams so pretty much just random free for all spawns and
    stuff if you want to organize a team game make it so, I will also
    organise events as well like team battles capture the flag
    and things like that. I have to go to school from 8:00
    2:20 Pacific Time so i won't be on the server then
    and it might be down I am sorry for this.
    No Donate Button ATM
    Sence you can't realy donate money do me a favor and start working on making team
    skins and classes for me that would be great!
    Please make youtube vids!

    Click on the box in the bottom Right corner of the
    post to make its reputation go up!
    Server Information
    :Diamond: Welcome to XP_Shooters Death Match! This is an intense pvp based server.

    :Diamond: This server is currently operating on SDK's gun mod v1 MC 1.2.3. In order to connect and play on this server you must have SDK's gun and utilities mods installed onto your personal client. If you do not have a working copy then you will be logged out of the server shortly after joining.
    :Diamond: This server will have close to daily map switches as soon as I get some m
    :Diamond: There will be special events held in the future. These activities will comprise of games such as capture the flag, Juggernaught, and Zombie Apocalypse. These future games may require you to work with a team or alone.

    Weapons USED on the server
    :GP: Weapons and utilities that work and are used on this server are: AK47's, MP5's, Sniper Rifles, SG552's, Gatling Guns, Desert Eagles, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, Laser-Guided Rocket Launchers, Frag Grenades, Flash-Bangs, Sticky Grenades, Night-Vision Goggles, Scuba Tanks, Parachutes, and Telescopes.Weapons NOT USED on the server

    :GP: Flame-throwers are not used because of the griefing and lag potential of oil fires, oil is the ammo that the flamethrower runs off of and can be laid out in a strand (much like redstone ore) and lit on fire, causing lag and annoyance.
    :GP: Smoke Grenades are not used because they act more as lag-bombs then smoke grenades. All though these can be used in a strategic manner, they're just really annoying.
    :GP: Grappling hooks are not used because you would strategically grapple out of the map, causing map generation. Map generation would mean lag, and no one wants that.

    Rules that everyone must follow

    :VV: Use of any mod that would give you an unfair advantage over other players. These include mods that would allow climbing, flying, or increased speed unless authorized by a admin or OP.
    :VV: Impersonation of an admin or OP.
    :VV: Use of a flame-thrower, smoke grenade, or grappling hook.
    :VV: Being in possession of any type of weapon/player spanner.
    :VV: Being an unpleasant participant of this server and/or offensive over use of "curse words", sexism, etc.
    :VV: Not having fun

    Server News
    :RedShroom: This is a very New Server And is in Need of Map Builders And players!

    Significant Users
    :GoldBar: Ninjy - Maker/Currently hosting

    Contact Us!
    problems/legit questions? other stuff :P
    :chestfront: [Owner]Ninjy - [email protected]

    Want to Help?
    Heres some things to consider

    * = required
    *Do you want to be apart of the Team?:
    Choose one of the Groups if so.
    *MC Name:
    *Stuff you have built[pics please]:
    *Are you a redstone wizard?:
    *Can you host 24/7 server?:
    *Can you make banners?:
    *Can you make skins?:
    *Time Zone:

    Donation Goal
    Amount and Date
    :Bacon: Donation Checkpoint:
    :Bacon: Date for amount to be reached:
    :Bacon: Prize:

    :Bacon: This section shows the donation checkpoint that we are presently trying to reach. If the specified amount is reached by the goal date then we will host some sort of special event.

    Make Some!

    Server i.p.:
    MMTS Status <Not Real>
    This thread was weaved by Ninjy a lot from
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] SDK's Mods [v1] *Aug 18th ModLoaderMP Updated*
    Quote from Ninjaboy00


    but then how would you tell they got hit? (about the last suggestion) I don't understand how quickscoping works, to me it sounds like when you zoom in the player model has the gun up to his/her face, and no I think pressing Z once is fine, and WTF ARE HITMARKERS!?

    when aiming the accuracy would in theory get better in the process of aiming so while you are aiming and the gun is getting close to you the accuracy should become good enough to hit the target without fully looking through the scope. watch some call of duty quikscoping on youtube.
    Dude hitmarkers are [size=large]marks[/size] that appear around the crosshair indicating a [size=large]hit[/size]. hence the name [size=x-large]hitmarkers[/size]
    Have you every seen a first person shooter CoD for example?

    he should make it so you can choose between holding the button or just pressing it for zoom.also i think zoom should be somthing like the c key because its close to the thumb and can be pressed while holding space.It would be realy nice if he worked on making the aim more smooth while aiming!

    give this post some reputation
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