About Me
I'm a human Enderman who does mod reviews, map reviews, adventure maps, and animations.

My pets are FarLander, who is a male, full black horse, very dependable but loves to joke around.

And there's Ember, who is a Female, EnderWolf, She can be stubborn at times but she's still a good companion to have

My Weapons of choice are Scythe and Sword

My Scythe is a Dual Action combat Scythe with the given name of the "Midnight Fang", capable of Compacting onto my belt, shooting arrows, Flinging me far distances, and able to withstand the weight of 100 Iron Golems at once.

My Sword is a Multi-Form Katana with the given name of the "Ender Rosa" (Named after my GirlFriend's MC Character), This sword has multiple forms, it has a Great-Sword, Normal Sword, Dagger, Twin Blade (Like able to split into 2 swords), Rapier, Double-Blade, and a Compact mode where it can compact onto my belt along with my Scythe.

Things I like


Scythes (Literally i'm a scythe freak, any time i see one i have to geek out :IHOE: )

Pizza, Cookies:Bacon:, Brownies, :Bacon: Steak :Bacon: , Hamburgers, uhhh.... must i go on? =3

:grass: Minecraft :grass: , Halo 4 (Wish i had X-Box Live), Onigiri, Roblox, Pirate101, Wizard101

The best minecraft minigame i'm good at would have to be Skyblocks
Location The End

Profile Information

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